Breaking Bad - - Part 11

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Yeah pretty much. :csad:
am i the only one hoping they'll put the full jesse pinkman video confession as a special feature for the DVDs or something ?
I don't know if they're putting his on the DVD's, but I know they're using Walt's fake confession.
season 3 was the best season for me. aside the fly episode.

final episode coming up. what a journey its been since 2008 when it launched.
The Fly episode is great.
Not enough sick #teamwalt Heisenberg action.
I've never understood some of the hate "Fly" gets.
It comes after a sequence of 3-4 pretty intense episodes, plus it's bottled. I think it just took people by surprise as being a slow-paced, introspective hour when perhaps they wanted more high-stakes tension.

I think it's an amazing episode. One of the best character studies.
I've never understood some of the hate "Fly" gets.

i just love the irony of the fact that the director of one of the most disliked episodes also directed one of the most loved and hyped about episodes. lol
3 & 4 have been my favorites, thanks to Gus Fring. He kind of lifted to show to another level for me (when it was already amazing to begin with).
Gus went god level in S4. His slashing of Victor made me watch every episode that came before it because I needed to know why that happened. Then one night, I catch "Salud" on TV and Gus just..****, man. S4 is probably my favorite.
Didn't know fly was an unpopular episode. Thought it was fantastic personally. It's all contaminated. Love that moment, especially now after ozymandias.
I always skip Fly when I watch the show over. It's a boring episode if you've seen it a few times.
I always skip Fly when I watch the show over. It's a boring episode if you've seen it a few times.

I thought it was dull as hell the first and only time I watched it. The ending's nice after Walt's been drugged because he says some moving things, but everything up to that point is a total borefest.

For me, every season has gotten better as the show has gone along, so I'll say 5>4>3>2>1.
I think if the Fly episode was earlier in season 3, it would've had a better reception. As it was, like mentioned, it was coming in right in the middle of some intense storylines and felt like a detour. If it was closer to the time of when they start working in the lab, then that'd help or even if it was in the first half of season 4 maybe. I really like the episode but even I usually skip it in rewatches since it doesn't move the story along all that much.

4 Days Out is what I consider to be the best bottlecap episode they ever did. You can watch it without a lot of background info on the show and get into the story of two cooks who may starve out in the middle of nowhere
The Fly episode always felt like a space-filler or intermission episode to me. Like as if they had an idea for the episode a long time ago and just threw it in towards the end of Season 3 because they couldn't figure out where to put it. I didn't hate the episode but I can understand why some wouldn't like it.
Do you think Gus would've really killed Walt's family?
Maybe not as extensively as he was threatening but I could see him offing Skyler to be on the safe side.
Ah I see. Damn. I always thought that Walt was overreacting. Still, Gus even warned him and put up with him for quite long even though both were manipulative.
Gus would have most definitely killed Walt's family IMO. A common theme throughout Seasons 3 & 4 is that he always find a loophole to exploit without going against his word.

An example would be what he did to Andrea's brother in Season 3. Jesse asked him to stop his men from using children to sell drugs. Gus did just that by killing the child. In a nutshell, you can sum up his actions as "I kept my word that I wouldn't use children to sell meth, but you never said anything about not killing them."

A similar scenario would have probably happened with the White family. "Jesse, I kept my word that I wouldn't kill Mr. White but you never said anything about his family."
Man 2 days away and we shall have a brand new thread to destroy too. I think this one will be on of the Hype's best threads as new people find it and come to see what we all were saying when it was going down, kind of like a time capsule. And we were there!!!
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