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    The foremost thing i can't stand is the fans, critics and the people who praising CW as the best superhero movie but BvS the worst of its kind, while both sharing many similarities, but CW got the pass and BvS got censured severely.

    1. reason of the main plot
    in CW i suppose it is to sign the UN agreement. a simple accident, done. didn't bother in the previous movies there were more innocents lives involved. everybody bought it and solid reason enough.

    in BvS, the whole movie has mapping out how Bruce viewing superman as a threat, how he himself has fallen into darkness and the event that triggered him to decide to kill superman... yet they complaint it isn't solid enough.

    2. fitting the title theme
    Civil War, it's never a war, just some disagreement in a day and fighting. but bravo they said. cool action. (to me it's mediocre and i hate the 'Godzilla')
    BvS, it's only last for 4 minutes! they *****ed up. never bothered the content and the whole movie is actually bringing up their conflicts.

    3. heroes principles
    CW, to me, captain is the ultimate soldier... the core principle of a soldier is a follow given command. while ironman is the odd ball, who does thing his own way, never follow rules and acts unconventionally. so it is principally wrong for captain to go against the agreement and ironman to pro it. but nobody gives a damn. bravo

    BvS, Batman kills!!! bit-ch up. never bother the back ground story set for him.

    4. sub-plot 1
    CW, bucky is his old best friends... so declare wars against all his fighting partners. bravo again. said it is the righteous thing to do. why can't he help him to clear his name by legal means???

    BvS, superman has doubt on his dream... bit-ch up again. never bother on the telling story

    5. sub-plot 2
    CW, bucky killed ironman parents!!! bravo!!! so dramatic and understandable why ironman behaved so mad... never bother ironman is a sane man who should understand bucky was under brainwashed.

    BvS, martha moment was *****ed up to hell. never bother the setting up and how important a mother meaning to bruce.

    6. villain and plan
    CW, again a nobody, nemo??? and know everything and set everything perfectly... bravo! saying it was brilliant

    BvS, Lex luthor, the infamous and megamaniac genius... setting the plan up... not he can't. ***** up again.

    7. manipulation
    CW, all the superheroes, 10+ of them easily fooled by a nobody. bravo again
    BvS, batman & superman manipulated by lex... NOooooooooooooooo way.

    8. other superheroes
    CW, Captain America was protecting his friend Winter Soldier, the primary suspect in a terrorism attack. Ant-man and Hawk Eye had nothing better to do, so they chose to stand with the terrorist side for no reason ? Scarlet Witch felt guilty bcos of the innocent dead, by right she should be the 1st one to support signing the agreement, but instead she chose Captain's side. For what ? many of them of no real business in the movies... except for cool actions. (to me they are meh)

    BvS, having 4mins cameos & an injustice dream are too much.

    9. is there a point in the main plot, is it necessary? plotless - ness???

    CW, do they have secret identities, besides spidey???
    they are friends and they can choose neither sides or help to resolve the things in a more civil manner. anyway in the end, they will still be friends. no consequences. no changes.

    BvS, in the end, batman transformed/returned as a better person , superman understood the world isn't black and white and he embraced it as his world. bit-ch up, saying it is plotless???

  2. GreenKToo I run into burning buildings. Crazy huh.

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    A little friendly advice, id edit or delete that due to language. No skin off my back either way tho.
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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread [split]514491[/split]
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