By Neptune's Trident, how Outrageous! the Aquaman thread - Part 1

Geoff Johns apparently just confirmed (like 15 minutes ago, or so i'm hearing thru Twitter) he's going to be writing the Aquaman title starting right off where Brightest Day is ending, tho i believe Flashpoint will happen first and then the new titles come, who knows really! Geoff Johns will also write one more title, i bet that's Firestorm. Gotta give Martian Manhunter to Peter Tomasi. ;)

Interestingly enough Tony S. Daniel blogged about him helping to relaunch a non-Bat title (Click here for source) Johns and Daniel worked together on Teen Titans, but who knows who else is getting a title. Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Aquaman and Hawkman seem to be the obvious ones since their characters and/or supporting cast has been touched upon.

Anyhow i still wish Johns hadn't killed off Garth to make room for the new Aqualad, but otherwise i'm liking how he's handled the Aqua-family so far.

That I loved, I actually felt for them.
The original post recycled into this thread does make me wonder when we're gonna see Aqualad again.
Yeah I'm very curious about that, I thought we had Garth brought up in this Run though.
Yeah I'm very curious about that, I thought we had Garth brought up in this Run though.

I think they mentioned Garth was just a baby though. At least still very young.
I'd like to see Garth come back. He isn't in the Teen Titans and has had like one mention, so lets hope and pray.
Let me know if Garth, Lorena, or Jackson show up again. I'd give Aquaman another try to see them.
Is there a Throne of Atlantis graphic novel out yet? I'm interested in reading that whole story after the rave reviews I've been hearing...
Not for at least another month.
So Tula's coming back, according to the June solicitation. Or has she already appeared?
I don't know anything about Aquaman other than that he was once (or still is?) a laughing stock.

Has he ever been given powers over elemental water? The ability to conjur water elementals or anything like that?
No he hasn't been given those powers via reboot, Mera has those abilities. He had at one time The Water Hand.

As for laughing stock, he has been my favorite for sometime. He currently has top talent on his book so people are appreciating him finally.
What are some good graphic novels to read to introduce someone to Aquaman and get them hooked?
This Current run is ideal but I would reccomend the Waterbearer collection.
That made me chuckle. I didn't care for last months issue.
Does anyone know what the plans are for Aqualad?

I know that he was originally supposed to appear in Teen Titans and I believe it was going to be the Pre-Flashpoint Black Manta Son version. I know they have also made reference to Garth, but I don't think he has literally been shown yet.

I bring it up because I miss the waterbearer era, and I was trying to think of a way to reintroduce it in the new-52. I thought maybe Garth should be the waterbearer. He has always had mystical abilities on top of the powers he shares with Aquaman.
HOLY TIME JUMP! This past issue was ****ing awesome oh and BEARD!
Yeah the moment I saw it I exclaimed: "OUTRAGEOUS!" :woot:
Every issue's been this consistently good since the beginning in my opinion.

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