The Dark Knight Rises Favorite Scenes From the Trilogy

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Favourite Moment of The Dark Knight Trilogy

  1. The Dark Knight Prologue

  2. The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

  3. Final Five Minutes of The Dark Knight Rises

  4. Gordon/Batman Final scene of Batman Begins

  5. Gordon's Speech/The Dark Knight Ending

  6. Ra's Training Bruce in Batman Begins

  7. The Joker's Magic Trick

  8. Ferry Sequence

  9. Batman's First Apperance in Batman Begins

  10. Batman's First Appearance in The Dark Knight Rises

  11. Batpod Reveal/Truck Flip Chase

  12. Why So Serious?

  13. Bruce Consumed by Bats in the Batcave

  14. Gotham Explodes/Bane takeover scene (Stadium scene)

  15. Monorail Fight

  16. SWAT/Prewitt Building Fight

  17. Take Back Gotham War

  18. Bane's Batman Beatdown

  19. Bruce Climbing the Pit

  20. Talia's Reveal

  21. Other...

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  1. TheFireRises2 Registered

    Jul 13, 2012
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    Hey just wondering what everyone's favorite scenes were from BB TDK and TDKR. How about each chooses two best from each movie and then the scene you think is most powerful in the trilogy. I'll start it off.
    BB- top two are Bruce training in LoS temple including him burning it to the ground. Second would be the LoS and ras al ghul coming to Wayne manor and burning it down. The whole "justice is balance" thing was so incredibly well done.
    TDK-of course I would say the jokers interrogation scene as he laughs harder and harder with each punch. Totally maniacal. Next would be either jokers ending monologue because I love how he laughs at the fact that he is falling to his death or more likely the harvey dent/ two face joker hospital scene. Jokers monologue is chilling and the two most epic villians sharing the screen was awesome!
    TDKR-I would surely put bane and batmans first fight as it was just so incredibly well done. The lack of musical score built up the intensity...and each of Banes menacing comments was even more and more threatening and menacing. After that I would put banes monologue in front of blackgate. THE DEFINITION OF MIND BLOWING. The way Tom hardy delivered this from behind the mask and the expression in his eyes is astounding. Ive seen the movie four times and this scene never ceases to give me chills in the way it constantly crescendos as the city turns on itself and Banes way of feeding them false hope is the most apparent when he says how Gotham will survive in unison with the bomb ticking down. This would get most powerful in the trilogy if not for.....
    Best Trilogy Scene: the ending of TDK with Gordon, batman, two face and the kid. Incredible acting. Amazing emotion. Fantastic characters. Gripping climax. Chilling realization at the jokers true success. With each word Harvey said I grew more and more amazed at how this white knights heart had turned blacker than coal. The part that always gets me the most is, "why was it I who was the only one who lost everything?" " it wasn't" " the joker choose ME!" " because you were the best of us. He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you could fall." " and he was right" the delivery of that last line sends chills up my spine as Gotham's true hero acknowledges his downfall at the hands of the joker. Hope shattered. Faith broken. Mind blown. WOW amazing finale I can't get enough of it
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    Sep 13, 2008
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    Scenes that stand out to me are:

    Bruce discovers the Cave
    Batman's First Appearance (TDK)
    Batman and Joker interrogation
    TDK Ending
    Bane breaks the Bat
    Bruce rises from the Pit

    EDIT: Adding some more

    Batman Returns (Chase and Fire Symbol)
    TDKR Ending
    Any scene with Alfred in Rises
    Falcone Bat Signal
    BB Ending
    Ra's Reveal
    Bane exposes Harvey Dent
    Harvey holds Gordon's family hostage
    Batman's First Appearance (BB)
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  3. Doc Samson Superhero Psychiatrist

    May 23, 2007
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    Favorite scene is definitely the Joker interrogation, but a very close second is the 1st Bane fight.
  4. elgato There's a storm coming.

    Sep 17, 2007
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    A few I can remember now


    Theater scene with Bruce and his parents
    Tumblr rooftop-chase scene
    Ra's sword fighting on the ice
    Fire at Wayne Manor
    Death of Loeb, Judge Surillo, Party at Wayne's Penthouse sequence- GENIOUS
    Interrogation scene
    Hospital dialogue between Two Face and the Joker
    Last scene after Dent dies and Batman gets chased by the cops (endless tear-dropping)
    Selina's introduction (Maid scene)
    Bane at the stock exchange
    Bar fight with Selina Kyle
    Selina's robbery/rooftop fight/Bat-flight sequence
    "I'm Gotham's reckoning"
    Talia stabs Batman
    Bat-pod, Tumblers, Bat chase
  5. UaalaDan Registered

    Jul 14, 2012
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    Joker interrogation and Joker upside down are the best, imo.
  6. Bruce Malone Registered

    May 23, 2009
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  7. UaalaDan Registered

    Jul 14, 2012
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    Oh yeah...How could i forget the pencil trick?

    -Bruce finding the Batcave is one of the best too

    -Rachel's death/Two-face's birth

    -Lao's arrest

    -Bane vs Batman, first fight.

    -Does it come in black?

    -Commissioner Gordon - Joker claps

    - Swear to me!

    -Chase/Bat pod/Truck flips

    -Joker with his head outside the car

    -Hospital explosion

    -Joker's TV appearance - Laughter

    -Wayne Manor an orphanage

    -oh ho yeah ha he hi :)

    -Scarecrow trial in TDKR - Verdict is walking the ice.

    -Why so serious?

    -Talia's flashback

    -I`m Batman

    -I'm buying this hotel

    That's pretty much it, from the top of my head.
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  8. Alexroberts Registered

    Sep 15, 2011
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    I'll put telling my favorite scenes tomorrow. I'm going to go watch the TDKR tomorrow morning. I watched the batman begins two days ago and then TDK today then TDKR tomorrow :D. So my mind will be refreshed.
  9. cryptic name No Limits

    Jul 18, 2004
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    Batman' first night out
    The Arkham fight and escape
    Bruce's birthday party

    Joker meets the mob
    Batpod intro chase sequence
    Two Face/Joker hospital scene

    Catwoman in Dagget's house
    Batman and Bane's first face off
    Batman saving Gordon et all on the ice
  10. DACrowe Registered

    Aug 24, 2000
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    Batman Begins
    -Prison fight
    -Ra's Al Ghul makes a lost, imprisoned Bruce Wayne an offer.
    -Bruce and Ra's on the ice.
    -After Rachel shames Bruce, he confronts Falcone.
    -Bruce is reunited with Alfred and returns to Gotham.
    -Batman takes out Falcone.
    -Gordon finds Falcone tied to signal.
    -Car chase.
    -Batman flying over the gassed people of Gotham to battle Ra's Al Ghul for the train.
    -Final Batman Gordon rooftop scene.

    The Dark Knight
    -The Joker's heist/introduction.
    -Batman takes out a drug-dealing Scarecrow.
    -Joker introduces himself to the mob.
    -Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent meet by the signal.
    -Montage of Joker taking out the judge, the police commissioner and becoming his attack on Harvey/Wayne's party.
    -Batman interrogates Maroni.
    -Harvey Dent defends and protects the Batman at a press conference.
    -Pretty much everything between Dent being hauled away to the armored car all the way to Batman putting the burned coin by Harvey's bedside.
    -Batman and Joker's final conversation.
    -The triumverant reconvenes in tragedy.
    -Ending sequence.

    The Dark Knight Rises
    -Selina steals pearls from a weakened Bruce Wayne.
    -Selina escapes being double-crossed.
    -Gordon escapes Bane, Bane punishes his men.
    -Bane robs Stock Exchange.
    -Batman returns on the batpod.
    -Bat/Cat team-up on the rooftop.
    -Bane breaks the Bat.
    -Crane's cameo and his "exile" punishments in the French-esque "People's Court."
    -Dark Knight makes Gordon light the signal.
    -Batman and Catwoman by the Batpod.
    -Pretty much everything from the beginning of the final battle on Wall Street to the end credits.

    Yes, I realize after the fact I listed most of each movie. Oh well.
  11. aeioulul Eccentric Billionaire

    May 21, 2011
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    Too many to mention, but the only scene that really stands out for me was the interrogation scene (Joker/Bats) TDK
  12. ScottJRamsey Registered

    Aug 9, 2010
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    Rising from the pit
    Joker interrogation
    TDKR ending
    "I'm Batman"
    Rachel's Letter and Dent seeing the burned coin
    Batman V. Bane I

    Those are my favorite scenes, in that order.
  13. OutOfBoose #ReleaseTheAyerCut

    Feb 6, 2012
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    Batman Begins

    -Gordon comforts young Bruce and then "Alfred, it was my fault!";
    -Bruce and Falcone in the bar;
    -"Would you like to see my mask?";
    -"Dr. Crane isn't here right now, but if you'd like to make an appointment...".

    The Dark Knight

    -bank robbery;
    -"My dogs are hongray!"
    -"group therapy session" with The Joker;
    -from interrogation of The Joker till the scene between Gordon and Harvey in the hospital;
    -The Joker burns the money with Lau;
    -all scenes with Two-Face.

    The Dark Knight Rises

    -all scenes with maid Selina;
    -Selina escapes the police raid;
    -Gordon and Bane in the sewers;
    -the stock exchange and the following chase;
    -Catsuit Selina scenes;
    -Bane vs. Batman and the dialog in the prison;
    -The destruction of the city;
    -Selina's escape attempt, interrogation and Black Gate scenes;
    -Crane scenes;
    -the final encounter and till the end credits.
    #13 OutOfBoose, Jul 26, 2012
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  14. uniqueweasel Don't Drink and Bake

    Nov 22, 2011
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    Batman Begins:

    Bruce meets Ra's
    Bruce/Ra's ice sequence
    Bruce tricks Ra's by cutting another members arm
    Batman exposure to fear toxin
    Batmans summons bats - year one style
    Tumbler Chase
    Joker Card Reveal

    The Dark Knight:

    Batman dropping on Cranes car in the car park
    Pencil trick and all that scene
    Joker Crashes the party
    Reveal of the bat-pod from the tumbler
    Joker interrogated by the 'bad' cop
    Harvey Dent and joker - introduce a little anarchy
    Sonar fight sequence
    Ending monologue

    The Dark Knight Rises:

    Selina Meets Bruce
    Bruce in the new Bat cave
    Batman's first appearence shutting out tunnel lights
    Batman and Bane pass on bikes glimpsing each other
    Rooftop fight with Batman and Catwoman
    Sewer fight with Bane
    Bane at Gotham Rogues Game
    Bruce rising from pit
    The fire symbol
    Whole riot, beating Bane, and ending sequence.
  15. Silvermoth Krakoan native

    Oct 31, 2006
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    Batman Begins
    "What can you do? You're just one guy"
    "Now we're two."

    (I also love the way he says 'You're a good cop. One of the few"

    The Dark Knight
    The way Joker lunges at Rachel and sniffs her in that creepy way. I wonder if Maggie wasn't exactly acting when she shuddered, followed by the line...

    "I love 'em with a bit of fight in 'em"

    The Dark Knight Rises
    The way all the lights went out right before Batman makes his triumphant return in the tunnel. Amazing!

    I also love the way Selina kicked his walking stick away. Such a cat! (I love cats of course)
  16. Batz Registered

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Batman Begins

    Bruce in the cave when the Bats swarm him
    "I'm Batman... nice coat"
    "would you like to see my mask"
    "whats the point of all those push-ups if you can't lift a bloody log!"
    The train fight with Ra's

    The Dark Knight

    Batmans intro + Cranes "not my diagnosis"
    Joker meets the mob + Pencil trick + grenade rig
    Jokers first video on the news "people will die, starting tonight..."
    Interrogation scene
    Joker driving the 18 wheeler, I love how Heath immersed himself in those scenes.
    Jokers speech when dangling
    All of two faces scenes
    Gordons speech at the end

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Selinas intro / Dialogue with Bruce
    Batmans return
    The first Bane fight
    Bane and Dagget scene
    The fire Bat symbol
    Scene with Catwoman and Gordon with Batman as he is about to take the bomb
    Ending montage

    off the top of my head...
  17. obin_gam Registered

    Feb 10, 2010
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    Top two for me:

    Bruce finds the batcave
    Making the batarangs

    Triumvirate on the rooftop
    Flying in Hong Kong

    Bruce at batcomputer researching Selina Kyle
    John finds the batcave
  18. Joined:
    Jul 22, 2012
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    Jokers magic trick is my choice of best scene.

    The final few scenes from Rises also.
  19. TheWallCrawler hero or a menace?

    Mar 28, 2010
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    Batman Begins:

    Bruce in prison

    The Dark Knight:

    Bank heist
    Death of Loeb, Judge Surillo, Party at Wayne's Penthouse sequence
    Rachel's death, Two-Face's birth
    Hospital scene
    Final Two-Face scene

    The Dark Knight Rises:

    Selina Kyle stealing the pearls
    Bane beating up and breaking the Bat
    Bruce Wayne rises
    Cat-Woman kissing Batman
    Bruce at the cafe
  20. Two-Face Harvey Dent

    Apr 16, 2003
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    Batman Begins:

    Bruce Wayne in prison then meeting Ra's Al Ghul
    Bruce discovers Batcave for first time
    Bruce getting his arsenal from Fox
    Gordon's first meeting with Batman
    Batman's first outing at the docks
    "I'm Batman"
    Gordon taking down Flass
    "Swear to me!!!"
    GCPD chasing Batman on the streets of Gotham
    Batman taking down Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul
    Gordon's final meeting with Batman and showing him the Joker card

    The Dark Knight:
    Joker taking robbing the bank
    Jokers first meeting with mob bosses
    Batmans first appearance
    Batmans first meeting with Joker at the penthouse
    Batman beating the crap of Joker at GCPD
    Harvey Dents first appearance at the court
    Harvey Dent s first meeting Bruce Wayne
    Harvey Demt been White Knight
    Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face
    Joker saying he and Batman aerie destined to do this forever because Batman is too much fun
    Two-Face's final scene before dying.
    Batman escaping and Gordon's speech at the end

    The Dark Knight Rises:
    Bane's first appearance on the plane
    Bane's first meeting with Batman
    Batman returns for first time
    Batman and Catwoman taking down Bane's men
    Catwoman at Daggets place
    Selina at Wayne manor meeting Bruce
  21. Mgneto Registered

    Mar 7, 2006
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    Best scene of the trilogy for me is a tie between Joker riding with his head hanging out of the cop car in Dark Knight, and Bane stalking towards Selina and Batman during the escape from Daggett's compound in Rises. The rest:

    Batman Begins:
    Sword Fight on the Ice
    Falcone-Bruce Wayne meeting flashback
    Fox and Alfred with Bruce after his recovery
    Batsuit Scene after Rachel drops off gift
    Gordon driving the Tumbler
    Fight on the train

    The Dark Knight:
    "I recommend you buy American."
    Magic Trick, brilliant dialogue of that scene.
    Hong Kong scene
    Joker takes out Loeb and judge, Bruce saves Dent
    Batpod sequence, flipping off the wall
    Dent-Maroni car ride
    Fox/Batman working to take down Joker
    Dent's quote about chance being fair

    The Dark Knight Rises:
    Selina stealing the pearls
    Batman chasing Bane's motorcycles, "You're in for a show tonight, kid!"
    Bane-Batman fight
    Bane speech, especially after "An army will be raised.."
    Batman breaks Bane's mask
    Selina on the Batpod
    The whole wrap-up sequence with Bruce, Alfred, Fox, Gordon, and Blake
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  22. HopeOfTheFuture Registered

    Jan 3, 2007
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    What always gets me is "Why do we fall" by Thomas, and the way Alfred refers to it.
  23. TheFireRises2 Registered

    Jul 13, 2012
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    Great answers so far. I love how almost everyone has different scenes that they adored in this trilogy. Keep them coming guys!
  24. kvz5 HBIC

    Dec 16, 2009
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    Bruce and Ra's "will to act" fight scene
    The bats embracing Bruce at the Batcave
    Bruce creating Batman
    Batman and Gordon's first interaction ("now we're two")
    Batman's first appearance
    "I never said thank you" Batman/Gordon scene

    Batman's first appearance
    entire chase scene ("hit me!")
    Batman/Joker interrogation
    Batman/Two-Face/Gordon at the end
    Batman/Gordon final scene

    Batman's first re-appearance
    Batman and Catwoman fighting the mercenaries
    Maskless Bruce at the Batcave
    Bruce/Alfred scene ("goodbye Alfred")
    Back break
    Climbing out of the prison
    Talia reveal
    Batman/Gordon reveal
    BatCat kiss
    The shot of Batman before the bomb went off
    Cafe scene
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  25. Poeman Registered

    Apr 1, 2004
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    "Where is the triggah? rahhh Where is the trigger!!? grrr tell me where is THA TRIGGER?...Then you have my permission to die"

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