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Flagship Character Reboot Battle(TASM vs MoS)


Jun 15, 2006
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So which do you think handled the reboot better? Which will end up making more $ WW(in other words, do you think MoS has a shot at beating TASM's $750M or whatever it was)? Which did you think was the better film? What aspects did each do better or worse than the other?

I'm surprised their sequels have been paired off in a thread before the reboots.



SM3 was a higher mountain to climb than Superman Returns.
SM3 & SR are the same level of bad to me but for different reasons. But I didn't factor that in anyway when comparing these reboots. Just taken on their own I like TASM more since the relationships worked so well in the film.
I liked both a lot. I'm excited for the sequels in both franchises and thought both did a good job of laying the foundation for what's to come. I'll give the edge to MOS though because it had more memorable moments for me.
Man of Steel. When you have an adult tone you never really know what's going to happen. In most movies that appeal to a wider audience you can only do so much. TASM2 does sound good so far and I liked the first one but it's pretty forgettable for me. Too many corny parts. MOS all the way. Please keep making these movies for adults DC and I will always pay! Marvel will never get another dime out of me.
And here I thought MoS was aimed solely at 14 year olds with ADD. :oldrazz:
As far as what one has over the other:

The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Character moments don't take a backseat to the action in the third act.
  • Speaking of, the third act is nowhere near as bloated.
  • Infinitely superior score.
  • A much better narrative. I like non-linearity, don't get me wrong, but some moments in MoS could've worked better without so much jumping around ([BLACKOUT]for example, I don't understand why the shot of Pa Kent's gravestone needed to precede his death scene[/BLACKOUT]).

Man of Steel
  • Better villain(s).
  • Cooler fights, minus that [BLACKOUT]tentacle monster silliness[/BLACKOUT].
  • Ensemble darkhorse, thy name is Faora.

They're both promising starts, but The Amazing Spider-Man wins for me.
Man of Steel. I don't like what TASM did with the characters or story. I'm a huge Spidey fan, but that movie just disappointed me... and MOS didn't. So MOS wins.
Man Of Steel.

I was really disappointed with TASM.
They're about the same for me, which is to say, I love them both. Each has its flaws, but I think they both laid the groundwork for potentially awesome new franchises for these characters.
MoS is flawed in some areas but overall delivered so much more than TASM.

For one thing TASM just got its timing of its reboot so wrong, yeah SM3 was pants but to try and recreate the far superior SM1 was misguided when nobody needed a remake of that film. It wasnt bad as just inferior to the film it was trying to reboot.

MoS was at least memorable and blew Returns out the water, TASM utterly forgettable and failed to beat SM1 or SM2.
Another reason I go with TASM: It's well and away the best Spidey film yet. MoS certainly isn't the best Superman film or even the 2nd best. I'd put it at #3 best.

* The relationships were excellent.
* Spider-Man was a character, something he absolutely isn't in the Raimi movies.
* Score is excellent.
* POV shots were amazing
* Leads have fantastic chemistry


* Excellent score
* Movie felt epic

I can't credit the action in either movie because the simple truth is I wasn't engaged with any of the action from either movie. The only time I'm engaged is when the characters are talking to each other and ASM gets the nod (imho) because the dialogue felt more natural.
I love Spider-Man. I grew up reading countless Spidey comics. Superman I was always meh about.

Man of Steel is the much better movie. By far.
Gahhh. Another super tough question.

I rank all my favorite reboots at a 9/10. That includes:
Amazing Spider-Man
Batman Begins
Man of Steel
Incredible Hulk

Therefore "around the same"
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I don't really know how to vote on this one.Both were disappointing to me.

On one hand,MOS had a better cast,better villain & better action.

On the other hand TASM had a better costume (the color of Supes was too muted),better romance plot and at least a decent bit of humor at times.

Right now I'd give TASM a slight edge. Very slight.
I liked Man of Steel more, but both films were great starts to new trilogies/franchises. I look forward to TASM2 and MoS2.
The Amazing Spider-Man is better.

Man of Steel is like the superhero film counterpart of the Transformers movies.
I didn't love Man of Steel, but it was a far better film than Amazing Spider-Man was.

SM3 was a higher mountain to climb than Superman Returns.

not really

SM3 was just 1 bad movie that was it

SR made superman a boring character

i'd rather have a bad film than a boring forgettable one
Man of Steel is the better movie overall. The only thing TASM had over MoS was the Peter/Gwen relationship.

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