The Force Awakens General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - - Part 11

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Harry has been more wrong than right for the past decade. His news on Batman Begins are flat-out funny when you read them now.
An Ancient Fear is too good of a title. It needs to be stupid and facepalm-inducing to fit the precedent set by the prequels.

This makes me long for the days of George Lucas all over again. We would all be sitting here, anxiously awaiting the title of the new film, and out of nowhere, we'd get hit with STAR WARS, EPISODE VII: KILLER TOMATO SITH CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.
Latino Review have now debunked it. Ah well.
That makes it sound like a pedophile.
The guy likes fear :hehe:
Episode VII: Avoiding Imperial Entanglements
Bleeding Cool - AVCO – Another Star Wars Episode VII Shooting Nickname (UPDATE)

Well, Star Wars Episode VII, whatever it will eventually be called is filming, according to the kind of people who talk to Bleeding Cool, as “AVGO”.

I don’t know why, I don’t know the significance.

Harry Knowles is already saying it’s being called “The Ancient Fear”. But that sounds more like the actual title.

But, if you see a local shoot designated AVGO, see if you can spot Harrison Ford hanging around.

UPDATE: It’s not AVGO, it’s AVCO. We’ve seen proof… named after the Los Angeles cinema that showed a certain film back in 1977. They were one of only four cinemas who fitted Lucasfilm’s THX sound system for the film. And it was the cinema that the young JJ Abrams first saw the movie.

UPDATEx2: Could this be proof, found in the wild?

Yeah it's a double negative.

Bleeding Cool has been right more times about Star Wars than Latino Review or Jedi
Indeed, very wise words :word:

A true geek remembers all. Heck, i remember the one i saw them for the first time at, and i was a little kid lol

I remember the cinema in which I first saw Star Wars (it's actually one of my earliest memories) and it's now, ironically, called Empire.
They showed us a laserdisc of TESB when I was in 2nd grade. I still remember when Han got frozen in carbonite and the end credits came up, we were bawling our eyes out because we thought he was just dead, period.
Actually I kind of like "An Ancient Fear" as the title. It sounds very "Star Wars-ish."
Actually I kind of like "An Ancient Fear" as the title. It sounds very "Star Wars-ish."
Certainly not the worst possible title I've heard.
The Ancient Fear does sound nice. Plus, it implies that the major villain of the new trilogy would be an ancient Sith Lord. That would be very cool.
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