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May 20, 2004
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With this latest news about Gwen Stacy being in Spider-Man 3 comes an interesting debate: Who should die? Gwen (as the comics depict) or MJ (because many don't like how she's been portrayed by Kirsten and Raimi)

Personally i believe that Gwen has been thrown into SM3 to mix up the emotions in the Peter-MJ relationship and keep things interesting and that ultimately Gwen will parish much like in the comics so that fanboy's thirst for seeing the iconic death of Gwen on the big screen. But some would disagree with me and even want MJ to die instead.

i personally want MJ to end up with Peter in the end. I don't think they protrayed MJ as well in the movies thus far as they have in the 616 universe...but for the sake of similarity to the 616 universe i would want them to ultimately end up married.

but that's me...what do you think people?
It's not loyal to the comics, but seeing how the movies have been set up....R.I.P. MJ.
Honestly, if the comics didn't exist, I would be saying goodbye MJ, but that's just too big of a departure for me. Gwen will have to die.
I recall reading somewhere Raimi said something like this movie would be the most different from the unfortunately I think we may be saying goodbye to MJ.:(
I think it will be MJ. Dunst doesn't want to return after # 3, and everybody else does. The fans aren't digging her. And I think the studio is kind of angry at her. She spilled the beans in an interview for part 2, and she did it once again for part 3. I think she was purposely trying to make the studio angry. She purposely changed her personality for part 2, to show she could play something other than Mary Jane and avoid typecasting, at the expense of the movie.

Gwen's death wont really mean that much in this movie, so I'm pretty sure they are going to kill MJ.
MJ has to go. she has like, 23% enthusiam. :down
Toby has none either. but maybe since a hot girl is gwen stacy, maybe his enthusiasm rate will go up by 99.9% with Raimi lying to him him that there's dirty scenes with him and gwen.

That'll get him all pumped up with a bucha quips for SM3 :up:
MJ should die. Her character in the movies has been closer to the comic book Gwen Stacy than to MJ. So since in the comic Gwen died, the movie MJ should die. They could have avoided all this had they just put Gwen in the first movie.

Kind of strange blonde Dunst plays the redhead MJ in the movie but its essentially the Gwen character. And now redhead Bryce Dallas Howard plays the blonde Gwen Stacy. Wonder if the Gwen character will be more like the real MJ?
So, a blonde playing MJ, and a red head playing Gwen.

It is sad that to bring the movies closer to the source material you have to kill one of the most important characters from the comic, who is still alive (MJ), and bring in a character that is dead in the source material to essentially take the place of the character you just killed off. I would actually like if the attached a paragraph explaining all this to the audience in front of the movie.
"Sorry that we were so anxious to use the MJ character, for whatever reason, that we messed up the whole story."
I guess i have more of a problem with this than other people do.
i rather see gwen bite it. peter has to marry mj in the end. this is the direction their growing relationship has been heading.

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