Jared Leto IS The Joker - - - - - - - - - Part 18

I just spoke to a big comic book nerd today that said he preferred the Jared Leto Joker over Heath Ledgers...

That dude's no comic book nerd. He's a fraud.
They're probably a 30 Seconds to Mars fan.
Or he could just be someone who has a different opinion to you. I find it very ignorant for people to question people's personal preference like they're idiots for not liking the same thing as most people probably do.
Jared on if he'll be in the Harley Quinn spinoff - https://jared-leto-news.tumblr.com/...usive-jared-leto-teases-involvement-in-harley

(I mean he kinda has to be after that SS ending right? Unless this is taking place at some other time in the universe, but still)
I'd love to see him again but I'd hate to see him reduced to what he was in SS.
I feel like with something like GCS, it could easily go that way.
Especially since it's likely that Harley will have left him in that story.
We'll see more of Joker as a side character chasing after Harley to get her back.
No thanks :funny:
As much as I like Leto's joker...I Can't stand the lover boy stuff.
Drop that please. :funny:

Who knows though.
Maybe they could find something for him to do.
Just put him in the Bat film. It's Jared Leto and it's The Joker. The character and the actor deserve more.
Not when he's walking around being an idiot. He did it to himself. :o
Now that's a pretty good photo. I maintain that Joker in the tuxedo is probably his best look in this film- a very Alex Ross look. Don't know why we're not getting this image well after the fact, given that we're probably never going to see that grenade scene from the trailers.
It's like he's looking into the future and witnessing Ayer pulling his best scenes and how divided the fans are over his portrayal...
I think Leto deserves another chance. I thought his performance was good - the issue appears to be that the character wasn't written the way fans wanted. 50% of the fanbase would be won over if a well-directed batarang sliced that tattoo off his forehead.
I want Reeves to do him justice. Yeah, using Joker seems like a cop-out, but he's my favorite comic book character so I want to see this version redeemed.
He can be redeemed. All you have to do is whisper to Jared Leto: "Psst, buddy! Cut back on your impression of Jim Carrey's impersonation of the Joker, and everything should be fine and dandy!"
Oh, I did. His voice in the scene that was cut where Harley confronts him reminded me so much of Carrey's voice, particularly when he says, "I execute MY will..." For a split second, I actually thought they dubbed him with Carrey!

But it was mainly to do with his mania as well. In the club scene, he was acting a lot like how Carrey carries his comedy performances: like an erratic Looney Tune character.

I saw the Carrey... and the Carrey saw me! :p
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Whether he acted like Carrey or not, I do agree his mannerisms were off. It's not that they were over the top (Ledger licking his lips all the time is VERY prominent in the performance) but just wrongly executed. Maybe a different director can coach him into a better performance.
I think yea he needs a stronger director to reel him in a bit and guide him. It seems Ayer didn't really have a real idea for what he wanted his Joker to represent, which carried through to Leto's performance. He just seemed kinda... aimless? Whereas Burton and Nolan had real purposes for the character.

The potential is there. Yea the "hunka hunka" scene was horrendous...

But I liked the scene with the prison guard, purring and all. It had a psychosexual vibe that fits the character. It makes sense for him to make people uncomfortable that way.
Think we could get a scene where he slaps Batman's ass? :p
The mannerisms were off. The writing was off. The tattoos and jewelry were off. Leto could be half way decent with a redesign, better script, better acting, and much better direction.
Aside from Jack's Joker being a lustful old man, he was very faithful to the comics.
Heath's Joker resonates well in the public conscience because of the performance and the fact he is, by all intents and purposes, a modern Joker.

Both of those guys, based on the comics, have the Joker down as a terrorist.

And look at the slices of what we got with Jared. He had nothing particularly good to work with. It was a bad, bad move to have included the Joker and then cut his scenes down to ****.

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