MAN OF STEEL 2 - What do you want to see?


Feb 17, 2011
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With the Sequel for MAN OF STEEL already confirmed, the Speculations have already begun about what we could expect in the second Movie.

Certain Villains, Characters, Hints to other Heroes or even Cameos.

List here some Elements YOU want to see in the Sequel!

My try:

Lex Luthor
It's time for the Archenemy. :) But this time not in form of an arrogant criminal or mad scientist. More like a version similar with Smallvilles Lex. But also good in shape and not too old. And also very intelligent!
My Actor-Choice for the Role would be Matthew Mcconaughey or Richard Armitage.

Metallo (which means Kryptonite too!)
Actually w've epected to John Corben in the first FIlm. Just like General Sam Lane. But whatever...
I'd like to see im in the next one where his Armor would be created by LuthorCorp with Kryptonite.

Jimmy Olsen
But not a too young or too jokey one.

EGGS! EGGS! EGGS! (or Cameos!)
Man of Steel delivered us nice Easter Eggs we can hope on for a great shared cinematic DC Universe. But we wouldn't be Fans of this Franchise if we wouldn't want more! ;)
Of course we wouldn't say no to cameos either! I always imagined, that the Martian Manhunter(in Human Form) would appear in all the Solo-Films of the League-Members to gather them for the upcoming thread they would face in Justice League-Film(I'd choose Brainiac and/or Starro as VIllains for it).

Supermans remorse
In the first Film many innocentpeople died who the Man of Steel even with his big Powers couldn't save. And if this wouldn't be enough, our Hero was forced to kill his Enemy with his bare hands.
In the sequel i'd like to see how he's still struggling with these traumatic experiences and that someone(Lois or Martha) would make him clear, that even someone with his imense Powers can't be everywhere at the same time and can't save everyone.

Jor-El's return
With the ship where Clark found out of his heritage is destroyed many people were wondering now if Superman is going to have a Fortress of Solitude in the sequel at all. But if, i hope we could see 'Jor-El' again as a badass Programm who opens doors 'with the force'. XD

I think you covered a lot of the important bases: A "real" post Byrne "Lex", Metallo, shared Universe, etc)

I think the one thing I really want to see regardless of what route they take in terms of villains, is Superman having learned from the first movie. It was the first fight he ever had in his entire life after all. Seeing him "handle" his opponent and have the control to protect people at the same time will be awesome.

In the Zod flashback it showed the Kryptonian battle suit from the Byrne era of the comics, i would love to see it "alive" on the screen. Of course, it looks like pretty much everything on the Black Zero was sucked into the phantom zone.

Superman knows that there are other Kryptonian colonies out there somewhere and it really isn't likely that Zod and crew went to all of them, so it would be kind of cool to see a side note of Superman pondering their existence. There is also the issue of the empty chamber on the scout ship to explore.

There is plenty of Kryptonian tech left on the ground after the battle, the remnants of the world engine, the scout ship wreckage, Zods armor, so I think it is very likely to see a Fortress of Solitude as well as Lex using/abusing the tech.

Of course, I want to see some solid interaction between Clark and Lois. I loved their interaction in the comics once she knew the truth about his identity.

On a pure comic geek level, rhubarb pie needs to be in the
There's no need for two threads on the same thing though you could just as easily put this in that thread

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