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Movies By Yourself

the last son

Aug 23, 2012
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I'm just curious does anyone else go to movies by themselves? I always do and rarely go with anyone else mostly because I have 0 friends and no girlfriend. It's been this way all my life and I'm just use to it by now. I'll be seeing Man Of Steel by myself most likely unless my parents go with me. I also go to sporting events by myself. At sporting events one can feel really out of place by themselves. Anyone else do this?
I go to the movies by myself all the time. I also go to movies with my friends all the time. Sometimes there'll be a movie that I want to see that nobody else wants to or they've seen it already and don't want to go again, so I'll go by myself. Sometimes I'll go by myself willingly because I just want some alone time.
I do sometimes, only because I work there so I talk to friends who are working before and after, so I don't feel QUITE so pathetic. But I don't do it often lol
Do people in big groups mock me or think I'm some crazy person sitting alone in the movies haha
I always go to the movies by myself. I enjoy myself more when I don't have someone else's chatter distracting me.
For the most part I go with my brother, but I'll see a movie alone from time to time.

When I go and see Iron Man 3 again, it will be on my own... :p
Do people in big groups mock me or think I'm some crazy person sitting alone in the movies haha

Probably not.

I've gone to the movies by myself on a few occasions. I've also gone to one sporting event by myself as well.
I do it fairly often. I work two jobs and seven days a week so it makes it difficult to go with people. Sometimes I go in a big group, more often I usually go with a friend or two and my brother. Usually if I want to see a movie I love again I go alone because not many of my friends are the type to see something hundreds of times in theaters. Like I saw Dark Knight Rises like 6 times. I went with different people every time but once I just went after work on a Saturday alone because why not.
I also had to see Hobbit alone. I didn't have time to see it when my friends did so I went like mid-January.

There is no shame in it with me. I'm sure some people think it's lame but oh well. :o
Sometimes I'll go to a movie by myself. I have no shame!
The last movie I saw by myself was perks of being a wallflower. I was really depressed afterwards lol.
I'm in the same boat. No friends or girlfriend. Sometimes it is a bit depressing and I feel pathetic,sitting there watching all these people with their friends/girlfriends;etc...but what can I do? If there's a film I really wanna see then I go. I'm not gonna skip a movie I am looking forward to just because I have no one to go with.
I don't like going alone. For me going to the cinema has always been a day/night out. Kinda kills it for you when you can't go to the pub after to talk about rubbish with your mate.

If I could just walk to the cinema then I could see me going by myself...
I go to the movies alone all the time. I don't see he purpose in having someone tag along. It's not like you're talking during the movie, nor should you be:cmad:.
I generally always go with either my wife or a friend of mine, but I have seen a few movies alone over the years. Just the other day, I went to see Evil Dead alone. My wife had no interest, and I just couldn't synch schedules with my friend that generally goes to see that kind of movie with me. My wife works until 9 a lot of nights, so I just decided to go see Evil Dead alone instead of sitting at home alone watching TV.
Now that I think of it, I don't think I've ever gone to the movies by myself in my entire life. :huh:
I'm a cinema sado.

Not only do I go on my own all the time, I make sure I sit in the single seats at the front (designed so that wheelchairs can sit next to them) cause I don't want anyone else next to me :funny:

It's not that I don't have friends or that they don't go to the cinema. I just don't wanna wait for other people and try and organise when is good for them. I like going to the cinema on my way home from work and just seeing whatever is on sometimes.

Heck, I have 'cinema days' where I plan the schedule and fit 4 movies in one day... Aint no one gonna come along for that! :hehe:

There is no shame in doing things alone IMO. I go for food on my own, I'll have a drink on my own, go to a gig on my own, theatre etc.

Certain things I would prefer to go to with other people, but if I really wanna go, other people not wanting too would never stop me! :)

I do think stuff like that gets easier the old you get though.
I have never understood the stigma of going solo to the movies. I wouldn't go one tenth as much as I do if I had to wait on other people. Seriously, what's the hang up?
When I was younger I was always curious why people went to movies by themselves, but now I do it all the time. Love it.
When I saw Evil Dead the other day, I was literally the only one in the theater. Nice private show for me.
I pretty much go everywhere by myself, and movie theaters are no exception and it's no big deal to me.
Bunch of weirdos going to the movies alone. :o

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