The Wolverine News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

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i love tbe pic but i do agree the claws look bad but the pose and jackman look wonderful.
getting pumped for this movie cant wait for the frst trailer
Awesome new still! Very intense.

Like someone said, one would also like some calmer pictures with Mariko or something. But I guess they are really trying to sell the intense and wild Wolvie here cause that's what the fanboys are screaming after. But Wolverine has never been just a one note, hell that's even what the Japan story is about, the struggle between his animal and his very human side. Wolverine has a huge heart, sometimes people forget that and only focus on the wild animal and angry side of him.
they made the claws more like the comic book!!!!!

I hope they stay like this, I've never been a fan of the between the fingers ginsu knives.
Mangold is hitting the right notes so far.
Loving the new pic, very Wolverine, love the snow in the background as well, visually at least this movie will be amazing, though I have faith in Mangold to make the rest of the movie good as well.
He stay shirtless fer life for all I care! :D
Shirtless ftw. :awesome:
he is missing a claw on his left hand in the new pic.
no all 3 are there but it's a poorly photoshoped pic they gave him 6 fingers
If there isn't, I will be unhappy. The best thing about Wolverine Origins was his butt :o
LOL, six fingers. :p
People keep making fun of the stomach area too in that he doesn't work it out or mainly focuses on his chest & arms. But to me it honestly looks like another photoshop job of maybe digitally brushing out fresh scars on his stomach.
at least the claws don't look like crap. i hated how they looked in Origins, so fake.
Everyone is getting pics from movies that are even releasing after Wolverine. Hunger games sequel already has lots of pics and only come out November. We only have 3 pics that feels like 3 different shots from just one pic. I want more... GRR
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