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Non Spoiler Man of Steel Discussion Thread


Clark Kent > Superman
Jun 20, 2010
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As discussed, this thread shall be a safe haven for us posters attempting to stay spoiler free but still enjoy discussing the film.

Fingers crossed I can resist the temptation to cross over to the darkside!

You guys have to help me. You can be my support group :p

Oh and btw,

Clark Kent is Superman!!!
Non-spoiler forums never seem to fare well, even when there is a large crowd that wants to avoid spoilers. All the cool people hang out in the spoiler forum. That's where the party happens.

What do you guys want to talk about?
:funny: Yeah, and spoilers are like the drugs the cool kids pressure us to wanna take so we can join in :p

Honestly, I have no idea... i'm just trying not to give in and take the drugs...
This thread should be retitled the phantom zone

I'm all alone..so cold...

Last edited:
Thank you for this thread. I have not been to the other in months. I already know too much. I swear knowing too much really ruins a movie.
Well, it is nice to have this non-spoiler forums. Might come in handily for me in case things goes chaotic in the run-up to MOS premiere. So far, I avoided reading the alleged massive spoilers posted by the YB IMDB guy/gal.:woot:

So, this June I'm going to see MOS in 3D IMAX. Later I will definitely watch in 2D, at least one more time. I don't do multiple viewing. What with so many nice films out this year, I rather prefer to see some of them like 42, Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness, After Earth, Pacific Rim, Elysium, etc.This year I will probably be going to the cinema the most since the mid-1990s. Last year I only went to see The Dark Knight Rise and Prometheus (excellent 3D IMAX experience). What about some of you?

Hopefully MOS is decent in 3D IMAX even though it wasn't filmed specifically for 3D like Prometheus for which the result is so beautiful.
Yea, last year I only went to four movies. TDKR, Avengers, SPiderman and Django.
For those interested, here is a link to the Lexington Comic Con in March http://lexingtoncomiccon.com/

A lot of good guests, one is Jamal Igle (artist on Supergirl)....he used to be a regular poster on here, but has been gone for about a year now. Maybe I can talk him into coming back.
How could you!

Hey, I didn't you to look, weakling :devil:

I demand satisfaction! :p

Do you now, well, that can be arranged. I'll even give you a special Hype member discount!

Not a huge Supes fan but don't know much about him. But the little I do know does anyone else hate who are they? Supergirl, superboy, super whatever. I always prefer the only originals because when you bring in these castoffs it diminishes the originality of the original. I hope I never learn anymore about them.
When do you guys think the next trailer will hit?
In about a month. I won't be seeing it. I know I said that for the last trailer but that trailer showed me enough. I will break my computer if it means staying away from the newer one.
When do you guys think the next trailer will hit?

In about two months, maybe a bit more. Im thinking mid March to early April. It could debut earlier (perhaps with WB's own Jack the Giant Slayer) or they could debut it at WonderCon (assuming MOS is there). Definitely not with Iron Man 3 as some are thinking - way too late. But the movie is probably very close to done now, including the fx, so they shouldn't wait too long before revealing more. Hell, they could do trailer #3 and #4 and have #4 out with IM3. TDKR did that, if my memory isn't failing me.
Just discovered this thread. There is a spoiler about Non in Man of Steel? :awesome:
So is anyone else going to have the strength to not look at the new trailer when it hits or am I the only one?

I plan on just reviewing the same ones we've been given up the this point until I've seen the movie.

I've waited this long for Superman in theaters (something like 7 years and even longer for a good one). So I can easily do a few more months. :yay:
I don't find trailers spoil anything for me. I love watching trailers and getting a 'sense' of the film. The majority of them don't spoil the movie... in fact the only time I can think of where I felt like a trailer did was Cabin in the Woods. I literally immediatley wished I hadn't watched that.

I just wanna avoid major story details.

But TBH... I doubt i'll succeed.

It's like any addiction. You think 'oh readind this ONE spoiler won't do too much damage'... and then again... and again... and it all adds up :funny:
Yeah, I enjoy watching trailers. I don't mind those kinds of "spoilers." Often trailers take quotes out of context etc. anyways so it doesn't always reflect the final film.
Yeah I agree with you guys. It's just I really don't want to see something and put it all together. I do that a lot. It doesn't take much for me. It not only ruins it for me but people around me bc I can't keep my mouth shut. My friends and family get pissed at me. I try but sometimes I can't help it.
Trailers absolutely do ruin a movie. I haven't even been to the spoilers section in a while and will not be watching the new trailer. I said I was not going to watch that one but couldn't contain myself. But the more you see the more is ruined. Just think of avengers. When tony is falling, why in the world in the trailers would you show hulk grabbing him. Nolan and co are a little better but in tdkr they had too many trailers and too much film shown

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