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TMOS Reviews Thread - Non Spoiler Review and Discussion

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May 2, 2013
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The other thread has just become completely taken over by spoilers and speculation there is no review talk really going on anymore.

Someone posted a twitter posting of this guys review last night, and here's the whole thing. Spoiler free.


EDIT: Folks, post your critic reviews here as they come in. If you've found any that are quite spoilery, use the spoiler tags. Some people just want to get a feel of how the movie is without getting into details and crucial plot elements.
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i'm glad for this thread. I can't touch the other one -- it's just all out spoils.
Yeah, the other thread is a death trap.

Thanks for this.
^ It wasn't that spoilery when I started it. But ONE person does a full assessment USING the spoiler tags to shield the important bits, and people parrot it WITHOUT such discretion. So yes, at this point, I like this thread better :)
So do we now know exactly how long the film is?
I suggest this to be made into a discussion free critics thread exclusively. So you get to read all the reviews without the bs.
Agreed. This should be a no discussion thread.
If thats what everyone wants thats fine with me, would I just put no discussion in the thread title?
^ Yeah, the spoilerish discussion should be for the other thread.
The links you post should also be non-spoilerish, but if you do read a spoilerish review summarize it and don't mention the spoilers. The spoiler stuff is where the other thread has been headed :/
Perhaps call it non-spoiler reviews and impressions? I do agree if you read a review with spoilers you can summarize it so it isn't spoilers. I just like to know the general feeling towards it.
^ Yeah. That's what these thread should be about, not guys arguing about whether spoiled content is a good decision to make.
Man, isn't it too late for this thread? Everything has been fleshed out in full max-capacity haha. Regardless, I appreciate it, good to settle down in here and towel off:woot:
If I knew people would throw unflagged spoilers around, I probably wouldn't make the TMOS review thread. But that was when we WERE dying for MOS info.
Made the changes. That should work for everyone.
Deshi Basara chanter from TDKR: @jasminvolley
Man of Steel is amazing! :)

And the story that David Goyer and Chris Nolan put up is so great and emotionally. It feel so real in such movie like this.

Hans Zimmer has done the impossible with the score... Amazing!
I hope Snyder's legacy doesn't go the way of Joe Dante and Tobe Hooper.
Very grateful for this thread. I want to get excited reading the reviews, but spoiler free.

Can't wait to see it so I can post my own review.
Very grateful for this thread. I want to get excited reading the reviews, but spoiler free.

Same, it feels so off clicking on threads i'd usually automatically click on, and then pressing back as soon as they load cause I get scared :funny:
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