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Sep 30, 2005
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Josh Lucas in talks for Batman?
Posted by Clint Morris on April 20, 2006
The internet was partly responsible - since they flew the flag for his casting, way before he was on the studio’s radar - for Warner going with Christian Bale for “Batman Begins”, and now, you online casting whizzes may have just helped cast the sequel.
Josh Lucas tells MTV that he has been in talks with Warner about playing the role of D,A Harvey Dent in the “Batman” sequel. This all started when internet scuttlebutt suggested Lucas (“The Hulk”) was linked to the role – which he wasn’t. It seems your suggestion/BS/rumour/speculation/ led to such a meeting.
"I had heard that, when I was doing press on 'Glory Road,' " Lucas said of rumours he would play Dent (and alter-ego Two-Face) in the sequel/s. “Some of the people started asking about that, and [back] then I didn't know anything about it. I went and talked to Warner Bros. about it, because they're making it, and obviously I would love to do it. I think it's a great character. I like that someone could go from being bad to good and back and forth and light and dark, but also I think [series director Christopher Nolan] did an amazing job. And Christian Bale did an amazing job too. Christian and I did 'American Psycho' together, so it'd be like a reunion of sorts." ...
If it comes off, you all get 10%.

Curtosy of, i know around half the time their rumors are complete B/S but what ya think?
I wouldn´t mind getting the 10%... I never perceived Lucas as being a big "fan favorite" for the part... It was always more names like Jude Law, Guy Pearce or Ed Norton.
This was a rumor that started a while ago, but now it seems it could be a little more solid. I guess I wouldn't mind him in the role.............
Sounds interesting, i could see him in the role as harvey dent. I'll be watching to see how this develops.
I'm not a fan of Josh Lucas at all. This part should go to Liev Schreiber. If it doesn't, then a mistake will be made.
I'm still wary on this just because it's from Moviehole. If other more credible websites confirm this, then I will start to believe it.
Well, in all fairness, I thought Nolan made a mistake with Murphy and Oldman, but I was proven wrong. I'm sure if Nolan chooses Lucas there's a reason, and you shouldn't doubt Nolan in these matters.........
It looks like there´s some meat to this rumor, both BOF and SuperheroHype! are running the story.

Didn´t Josh Lucas play Talbot in Hulk? If it was him, I hope his performance is more subtle, cuz he was pretty over-the-top in that. Granted, the CHARACTER was over-the-top, he had hands down the worst dialogue in the movie and also the worst scene - what was he thinking, poking Banner with a taser to make him Hulk out without any protection?
I think he'd make a pretty decent Dent. I wouldn't be upset if he got it.
On the frontpage it says Lucas would really like the role.
No that's Liev Schreiber's role I rather have Guy Pearce or Justin Theroux who started in American Psycho with Bale
I prefer Liev Schreiber or Guy Pearce, but I don't think Lucas is a bad choice.
here is the same rumor news at BOF

RUMOR: “Josh Lucas is a candidate for Harvey Dent/Two Face.”
JETT’S TAKE: Unlikely. When asked about it, Lucas said he nothing about the rumor and would certainly be interested. On the other hand, so did Paul Bettany when asked about The Joker rumors and Liev Schreiber when asked about playing Dent.
UPDATED: It has now been reported that Lucas is confirming he met with Warner Bros. about playing Dent. Upgraded to "Possible."

he could be great!
He's not my top choice for the role, but dude can act. I wouldn't mind if he played Dent.

However, no where in the article does it say Lucas is being considered. It said he wants the role, and went to WB and talked to them. It doesn't say WB invited him, it says he just went there. He could want the role the same way Sam Rockwell wants to play the Joker. That doesn't mean either will get a part, though.
I seen him star in American Psycho and he was murdered by Bateman (Bale)

Lucas was good in it.
Cool news. I wouldn't mind him nabbing the role. Ofcourse we're still a ways off from casting.
bruce wayne- your making me angry

harvey dent- oh really

bruce- you wouldn't like it when i'm angry

I would be very disappointed if Dent went to Josh Lucas.
ok then, Who was murdered by Bateman in his house?

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