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Rogue One Tatiana Maslany cast as lead in Gareth Edwards spin off

^It's from the same source that originated the Fassbender as Boba Fett rumor, so...not very.
I'm pretty sure Pablo Hidalgo said the characters on Rebels are multiracial Though we know that hasn't stopped anybody before when it comes to casting. The Mara sisters, Maslany, and Felicity Jones were all up for this part. I don't get any connection.
Maslany has a more ethnically ambitious look to her, but yeah, then you got Felicity Jones going for the same role too..I don't buy it.
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Felicity Jones who is currently riding high on an Oscar nomination at that.
Felicity Jones though is great. Don't let a BS rumor ruin your hopes.
And this is why I tried to not get my hopes up...
Me too, though it was our collective faults. it's funny how we should learn out lesson on this sort of stuff but we never do. always wait of the trades.
What always amazes me about fan favorites is how people act when someone else gets the role. Sure, Maslany is great, but why does that make Jones a bad choice for this? Do we even know anything at all about the character? Maybe Jones was a better fit. Maybe Jones had a better audition. Maybe the Gareth Edwards watched the entirety of Orphan Black and then watch The Theory of Everything and Jones was the one who impressed him more.

I remember the days when Crispin Glover was the ONLY choice to play the Joker and Billy Zane was ABSOLUTELY going to be Lex Luthor. But at least in those cases, people knew what the character was. Acting like this movie is dead in the water because a relatively obscure actress with a lot of fanboy support didn't get the lead role is ridiculous.
All of the women up for the role were talented so it was always a win, win situation no matter one's preference.
Finally, something we can all agree with. :)

Especially Mackenzie Davis. No seriously, watch "What If?" with Radcliffe, Kazan and Adam Driver. I adore the film (seen it like 8 times) and she is fantastic in it. I didn't expect her to be that funny.
There's no way Maslany, as great as she is in Orphan Black, or any other female lead is competing with Daisy Ridley's star power.

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