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Teacher Forces 3-Year-Old to Drink Urine After She Wet Her Pants

...So the teacher wants to go to jail because she couldn't afford a vacation any other way?
That little girl looks like a boy!
I didn't realize that one guy was speaking English until the end of the clip :(
well its not like the water there is that much cleaner.
"somebody told the teacher that the best way to teach the child is make her drink urine."

In other news R.Kelly's new album has just gone double platinum.
well this took place in THIRUVANANTHAPURAM for gosh sake. those crazy Anganwadis will do anything. :dry:
Thank you:)It would have been just Akuma but you cannot only have Two letters.

Ten,I chose it because it on the back of Akumas Gi
You could also translate the First two Kanji to Demon

Akuma (アクマ, Akuma "demon" in Japanese), known in Japan as Gouki (豪鬼, Gōki?, "strong spirit", "strong demon" or "strong ogre"), is a video game character created by Capcom.
This is why I'm never leaving the house.

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