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The CRICKET Thread, Finally!


Screw You Mayans!
Jul 3, 2012
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Sound off below about anything related to Cricket. And no, not the insect!
was nice to beat he Aussies and reclaim the no1 test spot again.
I'd quote something I read somewhere... The Aussies looked like a team who had shot all their bullets in the first two tests!

But honestly that Du Plessis innings at the end of the second test was a series changer!

Elsewhere, England all over India!
India vs England: The Third Test.

India: 316 all out on what quite honestly looks like a dead pitch! I'm getting that sinking feeling right about now!
England 296/1.

Are they even playing on the same pitch!
So, Sachin Tendulkar retires from One Day Internationals...

That's it for me then, as far as One Day Cricket is concerned!
Shane Warne losing his temper with Marlon Samuels was funny
I once had a taxi driver try and explain Cricket to me and the different types of tests.....can someone explain so I can often refer back to it? lol
Dear Admin,

Could you please merge this with the currently active Cricket Thread?

Thank You.
Chris Gayle slogged the fast twenty20 century, off 47 balls.

My grandad so Sobers and VIV Richards in their primes. He said the could annihilate any batsman with brute force if they wanted or chose to do so. Especially Viv.
The Windies are in the twenty20 World Cup final. :slash:

Wait. Windies are NOT the defending champs.
Didn't even know about this thread. Looks like England are going to blow it today. 155 first innings total.
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Joe Root opened the bowling!

And has wickets already! What's going on?! Actually WI are already 11-3 down!
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WI won in the end with Brathwaite getting 4 6s in the last 4 balls.
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Match sounded crazy. What did you tihnk of it Iceman?

Oh well, T-20 is always a something of a throw of the dice.

Congrats to WI, who are deserving winners. WI cricket has been in the doldrums for some time, and I hope this brings them into a new purple patch. That looks to have been a classy innings from Marlon Samuels.

England have come a hell of a long way from the ODI world cup. Root and Buttler are special players, and Jason Roy looks to be settling into his role. I don't think they are doing too much wrong- they need to keep playing with the same guts and commitment and they will get their hands on a trophy.
Yeah... I gotta say Sobers is at least worth a mention with Gayle.

Have to remember Gary Sobers was playing back pre-20/20... and he batted like that. That wasn't him pushing the pedal down.

So many guys it would have been special to watch play in the World Series cricket era...

20/20... whilst I don't care for it, it's opened up the flood gates of what's considered possible in the 50 over game.
That and teeny boundaries and big hefty bats and covered pitches and fielding restrictions. It's just a different game now. Most modern players would not have had the career Geoffrey Boycott had in his day, let alone Gary Sobers, let alone Don Bradman.

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