The Marvels: News and General Discussion thread

finally watched this on Disney. Between this and Ant-Man and the shows, Marvel has fallen quite far. Not as bad as Ant-man thanks to Ms Marvel but this was all over the place.

I can’t imagine anyone who didn’t watch the shows being able to understand why two characters have powers.
So I tried to give "The Marvels" a shot... After over an hour into the movie, and I STILL didn't know what's going on. I gave up because I just couldn't follow it anymore.

I've seen that it has been doing well on streaming and some on social media are even regretting not seeing it in the theater.

I am not one of those people. At least at home you can just shut it off, but I couldn't imagine paying to be that lost and confused.
I saw this too yesterday after missing it in theaters, and I wanted to like it given the circumstances surrounding it and liking the characters and people involved, but I unfortunately I thought it was a giant mess. The three leads tried their best to salvage it, but the material was lousy. It was empty noise.

I thought the first Captain Marvel was way better than this one.
Haven’t watched it in the theater because it wasn’t for me and no trailer changed my opinio.
In the end I really enjoyed and had fun.
My favourite scenes are the body swapping scenes (when they learned to control it) and the flerken scenes with Memories
And of course every Goose and kitten scenes, because cats always get me

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