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    "Hey Nicks," Karolina said, lighting the rollup as the goth girl walked outside.

    "Hi," Nico said. Karolina offered her the weed wordlessly. She shook her head.

    "Not with my parents next door," she muttered.

    "So, Hendrix's still being a dick?" the slightly stoned alien asked. Nico shrugged.

    "He's himself," she said non-comitally.

    "Go gay," Karolina suggested.

    Nico raised an eyebrow.

    "What, the idea of making out with me doesn't turn you on? If Jagger thought about it too hard his head would probably pop off,"
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    Fury held a hand up. "Alright gentlemen, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Listen, so we're not going to get anything done standing here discussing it. Right now I need you all out there on the front lines".

    He glanced around at the four Ultimates in front of him. "Cap. Sarge. I want you both down there assisting in the search for survivors. Hawkeye. You and Widow are on evac. Iron Man. I want you down there leading the analysis. You've got almost as many resources as I do. Use them. Lets make sure we're seen and make sure we help. In the meantime, I'll find out who the hell orchestrated this whole God Damn mess".

    Hawkeye stood up and nodded his understanding. "Sure thing Chief". he muttered before turning on his heel and heading to the hangar bays.
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    From behind the windows of his plastic coffin, Eric watched the ants scurrying around in panic. Something had shaken up the nest and they were all in disarray. He couldn't help but smile a little. Now was the time for the king to strike his move on the board. They thought that they had him castled but he knew better.

    From the other side of the screen a lone guard strolled casually through the chaos. Right up to the screen. The bald man smiled cooly as he regarded the captured mutant.

    "Magneto" the mans eyes changed from a deep brown to a feral yellow.

    Magneto stepped forward, his hands clasped behind his back. "I was wondering how long it would take you my dear. Hurry, I'm tired of being surrounded by these insects".
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    Washington DC, Ground Zero

    At exactly 10:10 AM, EST, on a Monday morning, Washington D.C. was wiped off the map. It's now 2 hours later and Sergeant Britain stands in the loose ash that was formerly the White House.

    "It's fairly obvious there's nothing here sir," one SHIELD agent said.

    "I had to see it to believe it," Braddock said, looking out at the flat landscape from behind his hazmat suit. The mushroom cloud remained.

    "It even destroyed the bunker," the SHIELD agent said.

    "That's only any good if you're expecting an attack," Braddock said glibbly.

    "We can't do much else here," the agent said, gesturing to the helicopter, the rotors of which were already spinning.

    "You're right," he muttered "Set the thermal imager up, we'll see if we can find any survivors on the way back to Cap,"
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    "Understood. Captain America out."

    Steve sighed wearily as he acknowledged what Sergeant Britain had relayed to him; there were no survivors. At least above ground. Rogers tried to convince himself that perhaps someone would be found below, but deep down he knew it was pointless. Whoever did this wanted to completely wipe DC off the map and leave no survivors. And they accomplished that.

    "Braddock's team found no survivors." Captain America confirmed to the gathered SHIELD troops. "They're setting up the thermal imager, hopefully they'll find someone. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men have offered to help with search and rescue."

    The SHIELD agents nodded completely devoid of confidence in Captain America's words.

    "Tony, you have any luck?" Steve asked hopefully into his comm link to Iron Man.
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    Tony Stark stood on a rooftop just outside of the blast area, overlooking the scene, with several portable computer monitors hovering around him, all battery-operated and wirelessly connected to Stark databases. Each was running a different scan of the environment. Stark, standing in his tan suit, had a hand on his chin.

    "I'm picking up several distinct energy patterns here, Steve." He said, holding a finger to his ear and activating his comm. "You're not going to believe what I'm getting."

    Stark send a readout to the PDAs of every member of the team.

    "Highly charged, high-grade Vibranium deposits in the air."
    Stark said, once the message had been sent, "We might be dealing with an attack from the Wakandan government."

    The industrialist pulled up a map and dossier on all known members of the Wakandan royal family.

    "Would it be too much to hope that Fury's been keeping tabs on these guys?"
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    12 hours after the destruction of Washington D.C.

    The familiar sound of a pistol shot rang out in the dark depths of Spanish Harlem. Followed soon by the sound of silver hitting flesh, a sound which hadn't been the first and wouldn't be the last from that night.


    Fear had worked this place up to a fever pitch. It was a dark anarchy on these mean streets at the best of times. And fear and anarchy only grow stronger when the man who holds chief executive power gets blown to high hell.
    Along with all of the most likely succession candidates.
    Along with all the most important symbols of this nation's order.

    So now more than ever it becomes time for the B-leaguers... the C-leaguers... the D-leaguers.

    The guys Nick Fury doesn't invite to parties.

    The guys who keep order by any means necessary.
    I doubt very much that the Punisher is feeling a lot of police heat at this point in time...

    They've been all but invisible tonight.

    Probably home trying to protect their own families.

    Which makes tonight ours.

    The night is always ours...

    A howl of terror pierces the night as sterling silver slices through a rapist's flesh. The lamb is primed.
    A crescent carved in cranial tissue. The sacrifice has been made.
    [blackout]"KHONSHUUUUUUUUUU!"[/blackout] My prayer is heard.

    The spirit of vengeance is pleased again.

    It will be a busy night.
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    The cry reached Matt Murdock's ear, despite the fact that he was sitting quietly on the balcony outside of his office, with Foggy Nelson sitting next to him. Murdock's ears pricked up, followed by a turn of his head.

    "You hear something?" Nelson asked, looking up from one of their files.

    Tonight, the duo was spending an evening enjoying fine liquor and a calm atmosphere. Their offices were perched fifty stories up above the city. The din of traffic, attitude, and general unpleasantness seemed much farther away to Murdock thank it had when they started their legal practice in Hell's Kitchen.

    Murdock's eyes narrowed. He wasn't wearing his sunglasses, and Foggy knew that the instant his partner's scarred eyes squinted like that, something was up.

    "Matt, what'd you hear?"

    Murdock closed his eyes fully, now, trying to process what he had heard.

    "A gunshot, someone screamed." He stated. He was used to such things. After living in New York since he was a child, he realized that there was a time and place for everything. There were some crimes that even his alter ego couldn't prevent. In many ways, Murdock lived to play Devil's advocate. "Then... Khonshu?"

    "Khonshu?" Foggy asked, puzzled.

    "That's what I heard."

    "Huh." Foggy said, "What do you think it means?"

    "I have no idea." Murdock said, getting up. He moved into the main part of the office, towards the fire escape stairwell. "I intend to find out, though."

    He took off his blazer, and tossed it into his office, which was right next to the fire door.

    "Run an internet search on it, see what you can pick up. Track recent news results, as well. If there's anything on any public government databases, find it and see what it means."

    He used his key to open the door to the fire escape, which had been locked since the majority of employees had left several hours earlier.

    "You got it. Where're you going?"

    "Upstairs and out." Murdock said, ducking into the stairwell.

    "Why?" Foggy called.

    "To find out who fired the gun."
    Murdock hollered back, a confident smirk upon his face.

    He jogged up a flight of stairs leading to the top floor of his practice. On the wall next to the entrance to the top floor was a control panel. He pressed several buttons, inputting his password, before speaking.

    "Murdock. Unlock and open."

    A tone acknowledged recognition of his voice print and password, and the door unlocked. He pushed through the door, and began taking off his tie. Once he was in his boxers and undershirt, he made his way to a room full of various Daredevil costumes. One, showing signs of recent use, was made of a high-density poly-carbon mesh. With a kevlar under-weave, it was highly flexible, but also highly resilient. He pulled it on over his arms and torso and pressed a button on the side. The suit slowly wrapped itself around his frame. He picked up a spandex shirt and pulled it over the rest of the suit. It provided the deep, crimson color of his alter-ego, as well as the "DD" symbol that had slowly been growing more well-known in the city. Next, Murdock pulled on a pair of padded gloves and squeezed his hands into fists, stretching the leather on his hands. He pulled on a pair of durable pants and connected them to his suit's torso with a belt. He slid his feet into a pair of rubber combat boots and stretched, feeling the entirety of his suit.

    Picking up a mask, he slid a thin, wireless headset into his ear and pulled the mask on over his face. With a zipper, he connected it to the rest of his costume.

    He pulled himself up a ladder and onto the roof.

    Franklin Nelson didn't bat an eye when a costumed character flew off of his law office's rooftop.

    In a few minutes, Daredevil was perched on the rooftops overlooking the alleyway where the scream had come from.

    "Franklin." He said, pressing on the communications earpiece, "I'm at the area where the scream originated from. I'm picking up four distinct scents. No pulses, though. Whoever was here is either gone... or dead. Any luck on what Khonshu means?"

    "Uh, yeah." Foggy said, typing in the background. "Khonshu was an Egyptian god, and was viewed as the deity charged with taking care of the moon. Nothing on any government databases, though it looks like there's a small cult with various groups worldwide that still worship the god. Looks like you might be dealing with a deranged member of one of those cults."

    Daredevil nodded as his partner recited the information from various internet sources. It seemed to make sense that a deranged teenager could go about working as a vigilante.

    "Good work."
    He said sternly. "Let me know if you find anything else."

    Daredevil dropped down from the roof, landing hard on the ground in the alleyway. He picked himself up and surveyed the area. Next to a dumpster, he smelled a body. He moved quickly to the man, slumped over, and listened intently, hoping to pick up a pulse. He grunted in annoyance when he learned that the man was dead. He ran a hand over the man's forehead and felt a crescent-shaped scar embedded in the man's skull tissue. On the man's body, Daredevil picked up faint traces of gunshot residue, booze, and French perfume. Either the man had been having a very good evening, or had been ruining someone else's.

    Behind the red lenses of his mask, Daredevil squinted. Whoever he was dealing with was clearly following some sort of ritualistic practice. He had killed someone in the middle of committing a violent crime, carved a symbol into his head, and called out the name of a deity from an ancient civilization.

    He reached into a compartment on his belt and removed a small item, no larger than a battery for a hearing aid. Removing a small, plastic sheet from the back of the item, he adhered it to the back of the dumpster. He walked slowly down the alleyway, pressing his finger to his ear once again.

    "Franklin, I've found a man here. He's dead. If I had to guess, I'd say he was the shooter."

    "Hot damn." Foggy breathed. "Someone encroaching on your territory?

    "I'm not sure. That's not all, though. He had
    a crescent moon-shaped symbol carved into his forehead, right down to the bone."

    Nelson took a moment to process the information.

    "So, someone's taking out thugs in the city in the name of an Egyptian God?"

    "It looks that way."
    Daredevil said, his low, raspy voice echoing about the alley, "I've placed a sonar beacon in the immediate area of the body. It's operating a resonance frequency that should enable me to pick up on whether or not anyone shows up and revisits the crime scene."

    "You're thinking that the guy might go back to visit his handiwork?" Nelson asked.

    "It wouldn't be uncommon for individuals such as this to want to relish in their kill once again."

    "What're you doing for the rest of the night?"

    "I have the killer's scent, so I'm going to follow it. I could be gone for several hours, but I need to get started before he kills again."

    "You do what you have to do, Matt." Foggy said encouragingly, "See you in the morning."

    Without responding, Daredevil cut the line and began steadily following the trail of the killer. It took him several minutes, but after a few moments, he realized that the killer had gotten to the rooftops. That meant that he wasn't dealing with some teenager. In all likelihood, he was dealing with someone much like himself, someone who relished in preying on the fearful and stuck to the shadows. Someone who would know he was coming.

    And, yet, Daredevil pressed on, following his nose.
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    U.S. Agent

    The Destruction of Washington D.C. was monumental. News reports repeated their various amateur videos of the explosion, all showing one thing. A Huge mushroom cloud, rising to the sky, as only rubble is left. They struck us at our heart, but where was Captain America to stop it? Where was the Government Security? This is their own fault. I stand from my molding armchair and turn off the black and white TV, and head through to the only other room in the small cramped apartment. I pick up a suitcase from the bad and open it, to check it's contents. All necessary weaponry. I close up the suitcase and head out the door, making my way towards the stairs.


    I stand up close to the barrier outside of the remains of Washington D.C., guards holding back the upset crowd. They try and break their way forward but the guards are having none of it. Following simple instructions to keep the masses at bay. I try to move slightly forward but the arms of the guards instinctively hold me back. I turn away and break off through threw the crowd, pushing my way backwards, people eagerly rushing past me to fill in my space. After a few minutes I manage to reach a space and make my way out of the area and towards my car, before unlocking it and leaping in. I turn my head to the backseat where a gunny sack lies, full of everything I need. I turn back to the steering wheel, starting up the engine and start the voyage to New York City.
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    14 hours after the destruction of Washington D.C.

    A terrified man takes a wrong turn down a dark alley. The poor judgement in choosing to loot a drug store and poorer judgement with how far he took "defending himself", when the shop owner and his teenage son appeared too soon to investigate what the noise was in the shop below their appartment, are about to come under scrutiny. A silver spectre (Spector?) pursues his prey down a familiar dark backalley off of 3rd Ave under the authority of tonight's waxing crescent moon.


    A silver baton flies, knocking the man from his feet. The shining beacon of the night is over the man before he can gather himself, a crescent dart in his fist prepared to tag another. The mark of vengeance. This was a man of weak will, he must learn fear. The blade branding another [blackout]"IN KHONSHU'S NAME!!!"[/blackout]

    Then something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye... A pair of boots behind a dumpster.

    Moving around to better his sightlines some more information was added.

    A FULL pair of boots, lying behind a dumpster. With blood splashed across them and the man who filled those boots lying in a pool of it.

    It was the rapist he'd seen earlier. He'd only been able to crawl to here, behind this dumpster, to die.

    The garbage had dragged itself to the kurb.

    Behind him, the newest of the cattle Moon Knight had branded fled. Spector only had time to see his heels. A case where vengeance was done right, no matter what Khonsu would say... That man would fear. He would fear the order. Fear righteous vengeance.

    Turning back to the corpse behind the dumpster. Another who couldn't take the consequences of his actions. In Spector's hands the crescent dart may as well have been a surgeon's scalpel. In the ex-Marine's hands he could carve with precision. So how?

    Had another carved him further? In this neighbourhood, nature's rules of "Survival of the Fittest" and the principles of the "food chain" were as prevalent as anywhere. Theoretically it was indeed possible.

    But the man still had his boots. Too nice boots. That and the lack of other entrance wounds made that scenario unlikely.

    There was a more likely answer. One that whilst distasteful, didn't lead to any feelings of sympathy on the Moon Knight's part. The man had reaped what he did sew.

    It seemed increasingly likely... the rapist was a haemophiliac.

    Moon Knights neck stiffened as he heard the sound of rubber boots hitting the fire escape from above.


    [blackout]"You're a long way from Hell's Kitchen, Devil. Fancy a 3 mile walk through Central Park and just kept going? Or were you swinging through the trees Tarzan-style?"[/blackout]

    "If Hell's Kitchen has been anything like Spanish Harlem since D.C. was obliterated I would hope you have a damn good reason for leaving your post and getting up in my s###."
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    Daredevil didn't move. He simply stared at the man, billy club drawn. If he had half a brain in his head, he wouldn't start a war against the criminal underworld and his fellow vigilante in one night. It was obvious enough that he was out trying to do the right thing. His methods, however, and, more importantly, his motivations, were seriously questionable, making him all the more dangerous.
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    [blackout]"Now this is pissing me off all the more. You came all the way over here, abandoned your people at one of the most crucial times in our calling... to what? Glare at me menacingly? Say something you mute f***!"[/blackout]

    Daredevil continued in silence. Absorbing all of the information at his disposal, including that which now coming in from his heightened senses - his pulse, his breathing, calculating the pitch of Moon Knight's voice.

    Misunderstanding the crimson crusader's silent thought, the Moon Knight's patience was thinning.

    [blackout]"What? You think you're BETTER than me?!? Who are you to sit there and judge me!!!"[/blackout]
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    Daredevil stood silently, and dropped down the five stories to the ground. Unaware of who the man standing in front of him, babbling like a psychotic, even was, Daredevil surveyed the area for several minutes, looking around and ensuring that they were alone.

    "Go home." He said, sternly to the anonymous vigilante. He rested himself on one knee, ensuring that the pulse device he had placed at the scene the first time he visited was still intact. His superhuman hearing had already alerted him to Moon Knight's presence, but the device was still underneath the dumpster. "I don't know who you are, but your talents are much better served in an organized strike."

    He rose to his feet and began walking down the darkened alleyway.

    "You should be planning an effective means of containing the vermin, not out here, trying to exterminate them one at a time."
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    Johnny Storm has had his share of dangerous missions in his short career as part of the Fantastic Four. But his current undertaking is hands down the most dangerous. He silently wipes the sweat from his brow as he sets the final canister into place. The room rumbles with the force of a thunderous roar. Johnny flinches slightly at the sound but never breaks his concentration from his work.

    After running string through the canister's triggers Johnny attaches it to a secure location. Satisfied with his work he reaches into the open backpack at his side and pulls out the last bit of his plan, the flashbang grenade he "acquired" from one of the guards.

    Okay how long did Reed say this thing had? Ten seconds? Five?

    Shrugging Johnny quickly zips up, slings the backpack on his back, and pulls the tab from the grenade.


    He drops the grenade and bolts for the door as another roar shakes the very ground beneath him.


    Bolting from the door Johnny continues his run down the hallway.


    Finally stopping around the corner Johnny kneels down and braces himself.


    The flash bang goes off illuminating the darkened room for an instant.

    "What the hell!?"

    A loud crash echos down the hallway.

    "Argh! Dammit!"

    The large sounds of footsteps shakes the floor as the large form of Ben Grimm enters the hallway covered from the chest up in shaving cream.

    "What the...."


    Ben looks toward the voice just as the flash goes off.

    "Nice one Stay Puff. I think this is the best oicture of you ever took. And look the camera didn't even break!"

    Ben's eyes burns with anger as Johnny disappears around the corner.


    Johnny stuffs the camera in his pocket and flames on leaving a trail of super heated air in his wake.

    "Get back here ya scrawny little twerp! Grr I'm gonna clobber ya into next wee..."

    Johnny's grin widens as he gains distance between himself and the furious Ben Grimm maneuvering through the tight hallways with practiced skill. Focusing his concentration Johnny retracts the flames from his hand and pulls the camera from one of the pockets of his impact suit. Quickly scanning through pics of his various short-lived girlfriends Johnny finally stops at the picture of Ben.

    "Ha! Oh man this is so going on Facebook! Now if I can only get a holed of the keys for the *snicker* Fantasticar I can get to work on the sub-atomic wedgie."

    Slanting to the right Johnny takes a tight right corner and slams hard into thin air.


    Johnny falls in a heap to the ground as the air before him shimmers slightly.

    "Johnny how many times has Dad told you no flying in the Baxter? It seems like maintenance is here everyday fixing fire damage to the walls."

    Johnny's flames fizzle out as he tries to stop the room from spinning.

    "Not my problem. Wasn't a reason to give me a freakin concussion."

    "I was hoping it would knock some sense into you."

    "Come on Suzie you know it's gonna take something more than that."

    Oh crap.

    Scanning the floor around him Johnny spots his camera just as Ben's foot comes down and obliterates it. Glaring up Johnny can see Ben's huge grin through the shaving cream.


    Johnny is on his feet and in the Thing's face in half a second. The air around him sizzles with his anger.

    "What the **** lardo! That camera was still new!"

    Ben wipes away the shaving creme from his face and glares down at the teenager. He usually doesn't mind these kinds of pranks but after the FF's recent run in with Namor he was really looking forward to some R&R.

    "Serves ya right matchstick. Be thankful I'm stopping with the camera."

    "Dammit both of you calm down."

    All playfulness is gone as Johnny ignores his sister's words and reignites.

    "Bring it on! We'll see how much heat that block you call a head can handle!"

    With the verbal gauntlets thrown The Thing and The Human Torch tense up ready for the coming fight.

    "Oh my god I can't believe I have to say this but do I have to put you two in time out!"

    Before Johnny or Ben can say or do anything they're both lifted off the ground and separated. Johnny fights off the claustrophobic feeling that comes with being enveloped in one of his sister's force fields. He knows he could easily amp up his flames and wear down the invisible bubble but he decides against it when he sees the look on his sister's face. He recognizes that look immediately.

    "Ah no who died?"

    Sue gently sets her teammates down and dissipates the shields.

    "Washington D.C."
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    [blackout]"He's fine."[/blackout] Said the Moon Knight. [blackout]"They're NORMALLY fine. ...Just a little morally adjusted."[/blackout] spat the lunar legionnaire noting Daredevil's interest in the marked with disgust.

    Trial under Fire.

    [blackout]"And I am home..."[/blackout] he added afterwards, from a less intimidating man these words would have held an echo of petulance on them. Moon Knight paused for a while to take in everything the red figure was saying.

    A solution popped out from the defective grey matter between his ears. Without thinking another second he spat out his response.

    [blackout]"Organized strike..? Fury sent you, didn't he? I've always wondered how the Daredevil was allowed to operate... right here in the home town of the Ultimates... under his very nose... He's got you as an independent free agent, hasn't he? I don't care if he uses one on payroll to bring me in or one off the books, you go back and tell that eye-patched sack-of-s### I meant what I said. He comes for me, I'll run to the media. My crimes were justifiable... but even if they weren't I'd be willing burn to take that a$$hole out. Why didn't I ever think of this before? He can't get the kid Spider-man... he's too young... he can't get me... I have dirt on him... but he allows this adult hornhead to bounce around IN THE PUBLIC SPOTLIGHT and doesn't take him in..?We'll go to the media, he forced our hand, we have the money to put up a solid defence for the plunder... This ain't good, you're declaring war on a general with the most powerful squad in the world at his disposal... money ain't going to bother Fury either, pal. Steve, whaddaya think you're Stark or somethin'? FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND YOU F***ING IDIOTS!!! I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD, SPECTOR, AND MY POWER'S WANE WITH THIS WAXING MOON. This ...Daredevil isn't going to be an easy beat. You'll never get the chance to take this to the treacherous Fury if you can't beat his pawn today. SPREAD MY GLORIOUS NAME!"[/blackout]

    Daredevil, almost stunned by this outburst, watched on in a state of complete disbelief. From where he sat there were only two ways to approach this silver figure - respond in kind with the silvery tongue of one of New York's finest lawyers, or tangle toe-to-toe with a foe who gave no reason to believe he couldn't hold his own...
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    Daredevil eyed the character, Spector, cautiously. It was clear that he was suffering from a case of severe psychosis and paranoia. His elevated, almost pounding, heart rate, the wavering tones in his voice, and his dedication to catching low-lives was all Daredevil needed to realize that he would be a formidable opponent.

    So, Daredevil remained silent. He turned his back on the vigilante, and began walking away.
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    [blackout]"Yeah! You go and you tell Fury! You tell that sonuvab**** NOTHING'S changed! The deal's still on while he holds his end. He lets me operate, I keep quiet!"[/blackout]

    (Internal monologue)[blackout]"You know offing Daredevil would be one hell of a billboard to wave in a genorous God..."[/blackout]

    [blackout]"What?!? There's no vengeance here. The Hornhead has done nothing. What would that prove, when your own avatar misrepresents you."[/blackout]

    [blackout]"Perhaps not... but we still undoubtedly need a bigger fish than branding delinquents, murderers and rapists... There are still a lot of oblivious followers without me as their lord..."[/blackout]

    [blackout]"I told you... these men don't warrant death! That's not what we're all about."[/blackout]

    [blackout]"Who are you to tell me what we're all about?!? You're nothing, a fleshling... a scab, an interchangeable spare part. I could take another any time... then where would you be without Khonshu's love..?"[/blackout](/internal monologue)

    [blackout]"It's... It's been a long night..."[/blackout]

    [blackout]"Time I got home... Now where'd I park that cab..?"[/blackout]

    (Internal)[blackout]"My Knight of the moon... calling it a night before 1 AM..?"[/blackout](/Internal)

    (Spector, Grant and Lockley in unison) [blackout]"Shut up."[/blackout]
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    Daredevil strode down the alleyway, turned, and leaned against the wall. He pressed his finger to his ear and spoke.

    "Franklin, I have a name."
    He said, "Last name Spector, first name unknown. Owns a cab, but might do so under a pseudonym. Might be a member of the armed services."

    He fired his grappling hook to the top of the roof, and heaved himself up. Standing perched on the rooftop, he watched as the vigilante made his way down an alleyway. Silently, Daredevil followed, sticking to the shadows as best he could.
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    "Scott. We have serious matters to discuss..."

    "Yes, Professor. I've seen the news reports about Washington. The teams mobilizing as we speak to help the Ultimates with their relief efforts."

    "Good to hear. But it's not so much the incident itself so much as who was behind it, Scott."

    "Are there any leads?"

    "No, Scott. That is what I fear most. The person behind this could very well have been a mutant if not superhuman altogether. If that is the case, then the backlash, especially after Magneto's latest terrorist act, could very well be enough for the Government or S.H.I.E.L.D. to take action aginst mutants..."

    "Could it be Magneto, sir?"

    "There's no way for sure of knowing, but it could very well been Erik. Assuming he's escaped Fury's custody. If it is, then the consequences could be dire..."

    "We'll worry about that when we get to it, Professor. For now, let's just help out the relief efforts. Let the people see that the mutants aren't all bad and that they can help the Ultimates make them feel safe."

    "Good plan, Scott. Proceed."

    "Thank you, Professor." I finished as I turned away and headed to the door.

    "Oh, and Scott..."

    I turned back towards the Professor as he informed me of his last tidbit of information.

    "When you return, there is a new student here that I would like you to train. I sense great potential within them and think they would make a great addition to the team."

    "Yes, Professor."


    After exiting the Professor's office, I made the short walk to the elevator, and pushed the button on the bottom of the panel. A button that fashions our teams trademark X-insignia. Then, in moments, the doors opened to reveal the team waiting for me in the subbasement.

    "So what's the plan, Slim?"

    "We're going to DC to help the Ultimates with the relief efforts. In the meantime, look for anything that might give us a lead as to who's behind all this."

    "Scott, you don't think it could've been the Brotherhood, could it?"

    "I don't know what to think, Jean..."

    "Could Magneto have escaped, Cyclops?"

    "I'm not entirely sure, Pete, but's it's a slight possibility. Magneto has the resources to escape the Triskelion with ease, so he's definately a prime suspect. But for now we're going to assume Fury still has him contained."

    "Well then what're we waitin' fer? Christmas? Let's get goin', One-eye..."

    "Logan's right. X-Men, move out."

    * * *​

    "Approaching Washington now, Cyclops."

    "More like what's left of it..."

    "That's enough Bobby. Storm, leave the jet at a 150 ft altitude. There's no safe place to land it so we're gonna have to drop."


    "Alright team. Bobby, I trust that you can take care of yourself?"

    "Yup. All abord the Iceman express!"

    "Bobby wait! I'm coming too!"

    "Sweet. You, pretty little lady, get to ride with the captain."

    "Oh, baby..."


    "I can handle it. Rogue, vould you like a lift?"



    "I don't need no stupid ride..." Wolverine gruffly stated as he ran past me and out the hatch of the jet. Quickly sticking my head out after him, I watched as he freefalled down to the ground and landed with a loud thud. One of the perks of being indestructible, I guess.

    "Storm, if you could take Pete and Hank?"

    "On it."

    "That just leaves you and me, Jean."

    "I bet you planned this..." She joked with a smile.

    "Me? No..."

    I smirked as Jean levitated us down from the jet in a telekinetic bubble, and letting us catch up with the team on ground zero.


    From there, I immediately spotted Captain America, war legend and the Ultimate's field leader.

    "Captain. I'm here with the X-Men on behalf of Professor Xavier. Any idea what happened or who's behind all this?"
  20. Optikal Professor Chaos

    Aug 14, 2008
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    "Who's on the guard post for the cells?"

    "Jimmy was supposed to be on it. Leave it, they're not going no where, right now we'd better see if we can help with the fallout! Come on!"

    Mystique watched from behind the facade of a young S.H.I.E.L.D agent as the men ran down an ajacent corridor. The whole Triskellion was in a panic which made her plan a lot easier. She had spent three weeks running guard duties in place of the poor young human whose throat she had slit before she assumed his identity. Now though, in the middle of chaos and panic was the perfect time to strike.

    She slid the I.D card down the reader and watched as the red light clicked to green and opened the cage of her King.

    Magneto stepped out and acknowledged her with a wry smile. "Why thank you my dear. Now, how about we get ourselves some fresh air?"

    "Hmmm. Thought you'd never ask", she grinned, her body shifting into her natural blue form. "There's a whole load of problems that requires your attention, Magneto".

    He turned and regarded her for a moment as he shot out a hand and ripped a disc of metal from the wall. It spun and flipped in the air, coming to rest in front of the mutants. "Mystique, there's always something that requires my attention. But first things first. Let us get out of this cursed pit".

    Two guards stopped in their tracks and noticed the pair as they stepped onto their disc. Magneto simply flicked his hand in the direction of the agents and smiled as both were sent flying backwards. Turning his attention upwards, a huge hole formed in the cieling as girders and steel twisted and deformed, dragging concrete and wood and wire with it.

    Above them were the cages and holding cells of various Triskellion criminals, both super-powered and regular human. Magneto concentrated, focussing his power on the control panels that operated the locking mechanisms. With a deep whine and a groan, the mechanism failed and the cages were free. Superpowered prisoners pouring into the corridors. As more and more agents filed in, Magneto and Mystique ascended up through the levels of the Triskellion to their freedom
  21. Catman_prb Sad Clown

    Jul 28, 2007
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    Braddock dropped down out of the helicopter and rolled his eyes at the team of mutants that were crowding around Captain America. They hadn't been able to find any survivors with the thermal imager and now he was really pissed off.

    "Okay junior, back the **** off," he shouted as he walked over.
  22. Blacklight Revamped and Renegade.

    May 28, 2007
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    "Listen, bub, if it's a fight yer lookin fer than maybe I can arrange somethin'."


    "Stand down, Wolverine."

    I turned to the Ultimate sporting the British Flag inspired uniform, standing my ground.

    "Is there a problem? Because last I checked were all on the same side."
    #47 Blacklight, Sep 23, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2009
  23. Johnny Blaze Freethinker

    Feb 25, 2003
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    Wade Wilson, dressed in a fluffy robe and slippers, plopped down onto the couch inside his living room. A bowl of Frosted Flakes in one hand and the remote to his 52' LCD television in the other.

    Pulling his mask up above his mouth, Wade took down a large spoonful of the cereal as he turned the TV on.

    "Let's see what's on the ol' boob tube today."

    "-no survivors found at this time. Again, if you're just joining us, a little over two hours ago, at 10:10 AM this morning, Washington D.C. was destroyed by a nuclear blast. No known-"


    Wade flipped the channel to Cartoon Network and smiled.

    "Eeek! Bugs Bunny! My favorite", Wade giggled with joy.

    Deadpool lounged back on the couch, munching on his cereal while the Wascally Wabbit made a fool out of Elmer Fudd.

    "What a second", Wade flipped back to Fox News as it showed an amateur video footage of the mushroom cloud a few minutes after the blast.

    "Holy crap", Wade said surprised.
    "I feel sorry for those ******s who voted for Obama."

    "You were made for lovin' me, baby! I was made for lovin' youuuu!"

    Wilson reached over and picked up his cell phone, shoving a big spoonful of cereal into his mouth as he answered.

    "Mff, Harro?"

    "Oh", he exclaimed as he swallowed, "hi boss! You watchin' the news? Can you believe this ****!? I bet it's those God-damned terrorist again!"

    "Ok, ok...I'll shut up. Jeez. Now, who needs to die today"
    , he asked as he propped his feet up onto his coffee table.

    "Really? Yeah, that's not going to be a problem"
    , Deadpool said as he got up and walked over to his computer.
    "He'll be dead before the sun sets tomorrow. Just going to do a little research on the guy first, but it's all good in da hood."

    , Wade replied as he began typing away on the computer, "I can swing that."

    "Which one you want, left or right? Really? Squeeeee!! I looooove making choices! You know just how to please me. You've made me the happiest hitman ever. I think...I think I love you."

    "Hello? Heeeelloooo?"

    , Deadpool exclaimed, "tubby hung up on me."
    "Guess he's just scared of commitment. Ah well, he'll warm up to me eventually. They all do. Now...where was I?"

    "Ah, yes"
    , Wade shouted as he held his finger up in the air.
    "Mr. Manfredi."

    "Google, you're my only friend"
    , Wade sighed as he went back to work, pulling up all the info he could on his target. One Mr. Silvio Manfredi, aka Mr. Silvermane.
  24. SenseiofCheese has been expecting you.

    Aug 6, 2007
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    "All of you, relax." Captain America ordered, making quite clear there was no alternative. "I will not have you disrespecting the memory of the people who died here today."

    There was a momentary silence as muscles were relaxed, deep breaths taken and tempers simmered down. Looking over the group of mutants, Steve's eyes stopped on a particular member of their group. Obviously the oldest, Steve could have sworn he recognized him, but from another life.

    "You keep lookin' at me like that and I'll start to think you're hidin' something behind that shield, Cap." the X-Man named Wolverine snorted.

    Ignoring the comment, Wolverine turned to the young man in charge of the team. "We appreciate the help, Mr. Summers, but there's not much for left to do. We've scanned the entire area and found no signs of any survivors. If possible, we'd like to have your Professor Xavier use his powers to determine if we've missed someone."

    *All Ultimates report back to the Triskelion*

    Fury's voice over the comm link gave Rogers a second of hope. For a moment he thought someone had been found. "What is it, Nick?" Steve asked, turning away from the X-Men along with Sergeant Britain.

    *Because apparently this day wasn't bad enough, we've got an escaped prisoner*

    "An escaped prisoner? Who?"

    *Erik Lensherr, aka Magneto*
  25. Gallagher Shaman of Sexy

    Nov 15, 2006
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    "Kids can you come in here?"

    Mrs Wilder, Alex's rather over-bearing mother called from inside the rather grandious house. Chase, Molly and Gertrude were already sat down on the rather comfortable looking furniture when Nico, Alex and Karolina walked in, eyeing their parents with quizzical looks. The elder family members were all stood, smiles from ear to ear, looking fondly at their children.

    "What's all this about mom?"
    Alex asked, cocking an eyebrow.

    "Please, sit down Alex."

    "The grown-ups have been talking and we think it's best that we don't just spring this on you."
    She continued.

    "As you know we've been running our own little vigilante operation out here in Malibu since before you little guys and girls came on the scene."
    Mr. Dean added, smiling broadly at his daughter and the rest of the children.

    "And well, we're not getting any younger."

    "You're retiring? Is this what this whole shebang is about?"

    "Please, Chase it's rude to interrupt.
    " Snapped the young man's mother, nodding back to Mr Wilder, as he spoke up.

    "Yes and no. We're going to give in this superheroics lark but... Well, we always have you to carry on our legacy."

    The children were quiet for a moment.

    "Wait... What?"
    Gertrude asked baffled. "You're saying that we have to take over?"

    "No, no it's not like that at all, nobody is forcing you... We just thought that on your eighteenth birthday you could, you know... Suit up as it were."
    Gert's father said, joyfully.

    "It's actually part of the reason we all decided to have children, to have a next generation of heroes to give to the world."

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