The Ultimate Marvel RPG Vol. 2: New World IC Thread

"That's a negative, Stark," Clint breathed into his earpiece "My recovery is not the priority. You're going to need to stop Osborn playing his hand - he's up to something, I know it,"

He stepped over the bodies of two computer technicians, tapping away quietly at a terminal in the wall.

"Right now I'm looking at the schematics for Doom's hellicarrier. I reckon that he must have some transmitter for controlling his robots - either that or they're run wirelessly, which means that I can just erase the system. It shouldn't make him too happy, losing his clockwork men," he said as his eyes glazed over with a series of figures and facts.

"I don't think this terminal has a high enough security. I'm going in deeper," he announced quietly "Er...Tony, how's Natasha? Her getting shot wasn't part of the plan,"

Stark looked to Natasha. She seemed to be alright.

"She'll make it." He said sternly, "Nice call on the argument. I was worried that Doom might've ended up killing me. Our tiff got us both a little bit of time and breathing room. I wasn't um... expecting you to die. That wasn't a part of the plan either. Glad it wasn't permanent."

He shifted, trying to recall what he had seen in the brief moments that the DoomBots aboard the Behemoth had been tossing him and Natasha around.

"It's likely that the robots are under Doom's direct control. There might be a relay station on board the ship, but it could only prove to be a temporary solution. They might have voice activation, or even a biometric activator he keeps on his person."

Stark paused, realizing that what he was saying wasn't really being too helpful at all.

"If I were there, I'd just blow something up. That usually works for us."

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