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Were there any nods to particular comics/story lines?

Nov 20, 2009
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What the title says.

If you are going to post spoilers you can, but PLEASE put spoiler tags and/or black them out. I'll come back and read them after I've seen the movie. I'm from Australia and we don't get the movie for another 10 days. :/

More particularly, were there any nods or cues taken from Birthright? I just read Birthright leading up to this film + I'm only now really getting into Superman comics and Birthright has been one of my favourite versions of the origin.
Outside of the S means hope and maybe some imagery from his first flight I don't see much BIRTHRIGHT. I felt overall it was tonally even visually like Byrne's run. There are big differences sure, but from an "alien" Krypton, to the look of Henry C. it all felt very MAN OF STEEL. Fitting.
The movie is more like Superman: Earth One than anything. Where you have Clark spending most of the movie searching for who he is and becoming Superman when there is an absolute need for him to be Superman. Include the flashbacks much like how Earth One did (only thing Earth One didn't have in flashbacks was the death of Jonathan Kent). Also change out the villain in Earth One with Zod and it is pretty much the same story only with a few new added parts like Lois and the meaning behind the suit.
Yeah, I saw a lot to Earth One, especially the end where he shows up as Clark with the glasses for the first time.
Priest scene - Superman for All Seasons and For Tomorrow

Killing Zod
- Not sure the name of the story, but it happened in the comics

Superman's shirt suddenly disappearing in the oil rig scene - Birthright (lol)
Taking out the "$12 mio. hardware" at the end, reminded me a lot of Superman: Secret Identity.
@smallville fan :highfive: I read Birthright twice before seeing MOS, and recently got into reading more Supes comics as well. There's a few of Birthright stuff I thought:

• The "S".
• "You're the answer son. You're the answer to 'are we alone in the universe?'" (Scene in Birthright where Ma and Clark are contstructing the costume, she says something similar to this.)
• The beginning scene in MOS reminds me of beginning of Birthright. Jor-El talking about Krypton's core.

Then tonally, like others have mentioned, I found similarities to Earth One.

• Having the villain invade Earth, having searched a long time looking for Kal-El, and using devices on Earth. (Tyrell in Earth One)
• Questioning if he should reveal himself to the world. Wondering where he's from. The outsider aspect.
• Darker tone.

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