What was the last TERRIBLE movie(s) you saw? - Part 1

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After 2 horrendous sequels I chose not to see the latest Transformers - Age of Extinction movie in the cinema.. However in a very recent long distant flight, it the phantom zone of boredom I stuck it on... Wish I hadn't, yet more evidence Michael Bay shouldn't make movies but stick to music videos or something else. What really depresses me about these movies, is that this abomination made over a billion $ in box office receipts. Slowly losing faith in humanity.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty : Just didn't enjoy this at all... And that's after a few people I knew and also thought had decent taste told me it was quite good...

Robocop (2014) : This film couldn't lick the originals shoes. As a stand alone movie, it wasn't that bad, when comparing it to the original, or watching it as a re-make it was terrible.
I saw I, Frankenstein the other day. It's unreal how someone had the slightest hope that could be liked.
Left Behind, which this should have been. Just out of curiosity. Nicholas Cage + a Kirk Cameron-type film equals disaster, of course, but not a very amusing one. Only made it halfway through.
I have almost lost faith in Nic Cage:csad: No pun intended:woot:
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Planes: Fire and Rescue

I feel bad putting a Disney movie on here, but this was boring and nearly unwatchable. I appreciated the sentiment, but they could have left this on the shelf.
I didn't find to be a bad movie myself. Just a bad Dracula movie. if it was about someone else it would have been OK.

I found it to be bad at both. Extra bad points because it failed to be a good Dracula movie which is what it was trying to be.
I haven't seen many movie this year. The only movies I really didn't care for this year was Noah, Left Behind, Legend of Hercules and Dumb and Dumber 2... But I'd still give them passing grades... :hehe:
Going through all the best picture winners. The lost week end was one of the more disappointing ones that hasn't aged well.
Robocop (2014) - Hollywood has got to stop with the remakes.
I loved that movie on first view, wonder how I'll see it after another view.

I saw I, Frankenstein the other day. It's unreal how someone had the slightest hope that could be liked.
Oh God, I saw this mess recently, the worst movie I've seen all year, easily one of the worst comic book movies, or monster movies.
Yeah, that was really hard to sit through. Can't believe this is the same guy who made The Sweet Hereafter and Exotica.
Taken 3.

What an absolute mess of a movie. Horrendous camera work, a paper thin plot and the acting was atrocious too. The cows are well and truly home on this franchise.
The Legend of Hercules. Found it on Netflix and thought: "Oh, everyone says this movie is terrible. It's been a long time since I've watched something truly horrendous. Let's give this one a try." Boy, I wasn't disappointed. It was worse than I thought it would be. Incoherent plot, terrible acting, ridiculous CGI and, to top if off, many, MANY slow-mo action scenes ripping off 300. Really, it seems Hollywood has come to think you can't film a damn sword & sandal movie without a clusterfrick of slow-mos. Overall, it's one of the (unintentionally) funniest movies of last year. I recommend to anyone who wants to watch a truly horrible movie.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Not the worst Transformers film (ROTF) but....yeah, this was pretty brutal. Do these movies REALLY have to be 3 hours long?!
Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge
The first Tekken movie is a stupid piece of crap, but the kind I found to be entertaining.
The sequel/prequel is a confusing pile of crap, with no relation to the first Tekken movie sans Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as -presumably- Mishima Heihachi.
Just watched Transformers AOE, terrible movie.
But it's my fault, I shouldn't have watched it lol.
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