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Breaking Bad - Part 5

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I would probably be less Meh about though, if not for the way they stealth built up to it the whole season. Here's some tease about something big that's going to happen at Walt's house, a teddy bear floating (oh ****, something is going to happen with his daughter maybe!), his broken glasses (is Walt going to be injured!), the disaster control (uh-oh, I wonder if his meth lab is going to explode!).

Oh, it's an airplane exploding. Well, okay...
The cousins got on my nerves. They just lurked for like 7 episodes until they finally went and actually did something involving one of the main characters. Only part that was awesome was when they were waiting in Walter's room for him to get outta the shower
Aside from the shootout with Hank, the only scene with the two of them that really stuck out to me was the flashback to them as kids. Hector drowning the **** out of one of them after the other said he wanted him dead for taking his toy. I was like :eek:
I didn't have a huge issue with the twins. I guess you could say they could've done more with them, but I'm at a loss for what. They were just hitman without a target.
I think The Cousins are easily the weakest villains, but I still like them.
All their thunder got stolen by Gus really.

Cousin #1: "Alright, all we gotta do is wait for this guy to get out of the shower and then *WHACK*"
Cousin #2: "YEAH!!!... Hey, I'm getting a text..."
Text: "Pollos"
Cousin #2: "God ****ing dammit." :csad:
They just didn't do **** for 7 episodes. Remember the one where they just sat in Los Pollos the whole damn episode? Come on now. I liked everything else though. Gonna do a rewatch soon before the new episodes, I'm so psyched for this
In retrospect, maybe they should've introduced those characters later. It made sense to open the season in an such an ominous way, but maybe pulled the actual appearance of them in the main narrative, probably would've been more full impact that way. But, if they did do that, we probably wouldn't have got their brief, but strong, back story, and they would've just been lifeless hitmen.

I guess it was kind of a lose-lose for them, since the show needed to build up Gus and the Cartel stuff for when the real **** went south.
I love this so much.
Gonna do a rewatch soon before the new episodes, I'm so psyched for this

18 episodes into my rewatch. Been a few years since I've watched entire seasons, love seeing the progression of Walt and Jesse.

Can't wait for the amazing stretch that comes in season four: Hermanos, Bug, Salud, Crawl Space, End Times and Face Off. The finest run of the series (so far).
Today I got up to 4 Days Out. I love that episode so damn much.
I'm pretty sure that by the end of the second half of Season 5, it'll have surpassed Season 4 and will be considered better as a whole.
I'm nearing the end of S4 right now. With as frequently as I've watched the episodes, it almost doesn't even feel like something that can be broken into seasons. The whole thing just feels like one solid story.
I watched it all before last year premiered too. It really does feel like one long movie
Closing in on the end of S4. Even knowing how it ends, I love watching Gus troll Hector about taking out the cartel.
I guess we're not going to see Gus return in any flashbacks for the last batch of episodes.
Dunno what it could serve unless it is to show a parallel between him and where Walt is.
I'm nearing the end of S4 right now. With as frequently as I've watched the episodes, it almost doesn't even feel like something that can be broken into seasons. The whole thing just feels like one solid story.

I don't know, I personally feel like seasons one and two together and especially three and four together feel like distinct arcs.
Oh yea I'd agree there but even so, this show just has this seamless feeling to it in between episodes. Even more so than some other serialized shows.
Yeah, it all flows together pretty well. Should be interesting to see where the second half of Season 5 picks up.
I definitely agree, I just think season three feels like the start of a new and different thing than the previous two seasons.

Seasons one and two: Walt and Jesse are the scrappy underdogs working their way up the food chain, busting their asses to make whatever money they can.

Seasons three and four: Walt and Jesse go "corporate" and work for Gus in the relative safety of the superlab for a big and steady paycheck.

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