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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chloe Bennet IS Skye

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Mr. Dent

Aug 8, 2012
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Because every sexy girl needs her own thread.

She's very photogenic.


Hawt, hawt, hawt.

In the official photo of her, she looks like she's got that "Extremis glow" going on. Pretty sure she's got powers.
As Shaq would say: She's HOT HOT HOT

all I can think of with Shaq now is his damn "Birdman, Birdman!" thing hahaha, I laugh everytime. Shaq's just a 7 foot tall child I love it.
I need to start a good conspiracy theory. Or two. Or three.

First, I'm not going to take credit for this one in particular, because a lot of people have been speculating it already, but: what if "The Rising Tide" is a front for HYDRA? HYDRA has always traditionally been the main enemy of SHIELD, "rising tide" could be a metaphor for the mythological creature, and well, does anybody believe that Marvel Studios were going to keep HYDRA stuck in WWII?

Second, does Skye have superpowers? Methinks yes. She's very mysterious, we don't even know her real name, she works for the enemy but gets recruited to the good guys, and there's this from her official description: "she can more than hold her own in any situation." Plus, her promo photo shows what I like to describe as "that Extremis glow."

Third: so if you put One and Two together, you get this --- a beautiful and mysterious superpowered hottie who starts out working for the bad guys in The Rising Tide (....HYDRA....), and then gets recruited by SHIELD....

....Who does that remind you of, right off the top of your head....? :hmm

I could buy it. At first I was thinking she was gonna be Jessica Jones, taking some of the a.k.a. Jessica Jones show that was planned and working it in here...
I could also see her real name being Jessica Drew.
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She seems very Dushku-like, based on that trailer
I can see her being Jessica Jones. Can't see her being Spider-Woman.
Either one is a stretch. She's just a new character. Although Jones would be more likely than Drew.
The new trailer doesn't give any more indication that she's got superpowers....but it doesn't indicate anything *against* that, either. ;)

Regardless of whether any of my theories hold water or not, though, I'm going to luh-huv keeping up with Skye. Chloe Bennett is absolutely hawt. I'm sensing Next Big Thing here. :)
She seems very Dushku-like, based on that trailer

I love Dushku's Faith so this is a plus for me. And Chloe is so darn hot, I can't wait to see her on this show.
She seems very Dushku-like, based on that trailer

Dushku asked for too much money maybe?

No, I agree completely. She looks, acts and even has a similar voice to Eliza. Odd.
Interesting. I hope the Comic con reveals more

IGN: And how is it working with Joss on the show?

Bennet: Joss is terrible. He’s really stupid and not talented.
I saw a photo shoot somewhere promoting the show with her photgraphed with Agent Ward where she is wearing the hottest skirt. I can't find it right now but she always looks pretty.
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