Glee Episode V: The Sylvester Strikes Back - - Part 11

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More like Vanessa/Sugar is still a guest star when she should be upped to regular status. And they need to bring back Grant full time.
I love Sugar and her sporadic appearances lol
It could still happen for the 2nd half of the season. Not like Grant will be on 90210 forever. They dont really hold on to guest stars that long.
Watching this past episode of The Walking Dead really made me realize how badly I want Glee to start killing off characters. :o

Cast is bloated. Time for some folks to meet their makers.
Who'd be on the chopping block? And don't say Tina.
Tina would be the T-Dog of Glee.

She'd last 10 seasons just because they'd never bother giving her the screentime for a death scene.

Burt would be the T-Dog to Kurt's Carol, pinning two walkers to the wall like a boss while Kurt made a run for it (good luck getting very far in those skintight knee-high boots though, Kurt).

Sue would definitely be The Governor, btw. Though I could picture her and Roz Washington and Beiste battling it out for dominance in some wild Mad Max-style road battle.

Finn would try to shoot a walker and somehow manage to blow away himself.

Rachel would gaze out over the devastation and sing some tragic power ballad as the walkers close in on her.

Santana would be blowing walkers away like a mother****er, dragging Brittany along with her.
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All of them. Nobody's safe.
Oddly enough, I could see Kurt getting past the first few days of whimpering hysterical sobbing and turn into some crazy survivalist chopping off walker's heads with a machete.

That is, if he made it that far to make the transition from "hysterical weeping Kurt" to "fierce ***** Kurt".

Otherwise there'd be a walker wandering around New York City in knee-high boots and a hippo brooch.
And now I kind of want to see Walker!Kurt just because he'd be so amusingly instantly recognizable.
Blaine would get to kill every zombie ;)
Puck and Santana and/or Puck and Beiste would have some badass zombie killing/duet montage.
Schue would be dead.

And poor Emma would see the decomposing walking dead and go into a catatonic shock. They'd have to just make the tough call and shoot her in the head. It'd be the first "tough moral choice".
This would be a fun fanfic to read!
Also, my picks to die first would be Rory and Joe. Have Lauren Zizes show up as Michonne.
Haha. Zizes would be pwning some walkers.

Jacob Ben Israel needs to be eaten alive, screaming horribly.
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