The Dark Knight Rises How Batman is destroying my life....

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Nov 27, 2009
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A month ago my wife left me with the kids as she couldnt take anymore of me talking and acting and believing I was The Dark Knight.....

I need help.

Im home alone now.

No furniture

Nothing in the fridge

The house looks like a crack house

Clothes and garbage everywhere

What should I do?

Hope that watching this final chapter that my burning love for Batman will cease?
Batman has no wife and kids, so I'd say this is a step in the right direction.
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if this is true, (which i doubt it is...) the ONLY thing to do is to seek help at an addiction recovery clinic.

that's it. they'll take care of everything. the No.1 thing is to remove yourself from your environment and get some regiment and exercise.

easier said than done but that's all there is to it
You seem very aware that you believe you are Batman.

If you believed you were the Dark Knight, you wouldn't reference it as such.

I call shenanigans.
Caleb-I do need help but am very very embaressed to ask to anyone I know and even if I went to see a doctor I would be too shy about it.

Greens-I already started weight training and cardio. Im doing great. Im feeling like a million bucks but emotionally I am sad.

I joined a kung fu temple as it's right around the corner from my house.

I already spoke to the fabricator of The Tumbler and gonna be replicating it
heres the parts list they provided

Facts about “The Tumbler”:

Material costs: approximately $50,000 - $70,000; best guess
Build time: off and on 5yrs to this point
Tools used: 6 power tools: hand drill, chop saw, drill press, angle grinder, reciprocating saw,
mig welder
Materials/Parts: all made in the U.S.A.
Number of extra crew members: 0.0
Containment area: a 2 car garage
Pre-made parts: engine, trans. rims/tires rack and pinion (but modified), and SCS counter
rotation box; bolts/nuts, speedometer, lights, rear axle, linear actuator, Dimbo air
pressure pistons, small Alstar engine parts; Sparco gas caps; Wilwood racing brakes;
Brake Master cylinders, and brake lines; car battery; coil over shocks; Kalamazoo-made
power-steering pump/lines/servos
Scratch built parts: the rest of the car
Parts farmed out to other builders: none
Engine: 350 v-8 small block Chevy 4 barrel Holly carborator
Transmission: 350 turbo sizzler racing transmission
Front suspension: scratch, no front axle; each front tire uses 4 shocks
Rear suspension: scratch-built, 4-way cross-triangular suspension
Chassis: scratch built
Estimated top speed: 150mph
Number of air foils: 8
Resin used on body parts: Adtech epoxy (high-temp) heat-treated made in Charlotte, Mich.
Blueprints: none, visual reference only
Tires: 44” Interco superswampers (4), D25 Hoosier wing sprint dirt tires (2)
Glass: one-way bronze skyscraper glass – heat treated.
Metal: D.O.M tubular steel, Rect tube steel; all mild.
Visability: day/night/sound surveillance cameras, monitored in the passenger area.
Seating: 1 driver, 1 passenger, 1 prone position in nose cone.
Number of headlights: 10 halogen, 4 high-beams, 2 low beams, and 4 anti-fogs.
Vehicle description: light duty tank; Designed to be a bridging vehicle, a.k.a. “The Tumbler”
This thread is really a thing?

Man -- this is the worst part of the weeks before a film's release. All of the nuts and trolls come out.

This is ****ing awful.

Guy, no one cares that you're insane. No one cares that you think that you're Batman. You thinking you're Batman and your wife leaving you has nothing to do with the film, the cast or anything that this forum is about. Go see a shrink -- don't pollute the forum with this needless crap. 'Cause that's what it is.


Is this anouther "you wanna know how I got these scars?" story?
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