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The Dark Knight how should they shouls show batman coming to terms with his dual identity?


Mar 14, 2006
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How do you think bruce should come to the conclusion that bruce wayne is just as important as batman.
He splits into two personalities and dukes it out with Batman in a junkyard.
i want to see him use more of bruce wayne when he's working at Wayne Enterprises by day.

Tony Stark is the better billionaire of course. :o
Honestly, it felt like he had pretty much reconciled them by the end of the first movie.
Where the hell is everyone tonight? What is it fight night or something?

is she fine?

pardon me while I turn this into a lounge thread...
Oh yes, quite. Soo out of my league :( I'll post our Prom pictures (last Sat) as soon as I get them on my cpu. Infact, I may just have to make it my avatar - she is soo beautiful she makes me look good :up:

reason number 1 that StorminNorman is better than you.
And sadly, its more like:

Reason Number 1 why Ms. StorminNorman is better than you :(
COMPO said:
How do you think bruce should come to the conclusion that bruce wayne is just as important as batman.

Nolan, do not let me down. Please.

To quote my friend, Mister J:

Living a 'normal life' as Bruce Wayne isn't possible. He's never going to be 'normal' and really, how could he be? He isn't opposed to happiness, but given who he is, it's difficult making it work. His priority is taking back the night.

Whether it's out of character depends on how Nolan portrays it. I don't want to see some garbage where the pressures of being Batman start to wear on him and they pull some crap like they did in Batman Forever. That was out of character. However, if he comes to the realization the he can try to let someone in, it's not that drastic. He's had strong relationships in the past (St. Cloud, Madison, Fairchild, even Talia). The predictable ending was that his standing at Batman compromised all of them. He's not going to sacrifice who he is (Batman) to have a relationship. Selina or Talia work best because they can understand what he goes through better than most. What is comes down to for me is whether this dating thing is something he views can be done or needs to be done. The latter would tick me off.

That response is a little general, because it relates to a movie scenario. If you want to talk specific to a certain medium (TV, comics) let me know.

This was in response to that Selina Kyle fiasco a while back. If a romance occurs, I hope it is handeled like it was in MOTP. I don't want a repeat of that **** they pulled in BF.

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