Jean/Logan: The Evolving Relationship.

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Aug 2, 2005
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Not a fan of this relationship at all, but I feel you guys who do feel this little relationship needed your own thread because you were in the RoLo Thread ALOT.
WAAAAA :( My hopes of making a thead of my own is broken :( -cries-
they will begin to make out then Logan will pull away and jean will throw logan againts a wall and walk out of the room
i love the idea of jean/logan relationship!!!
It's all wrong.

The flirting is fine but I don't want to see these guys take it too far and have no honour.
I hate a Jean Logan relationship and I think most fans do to
Believe me. If this thread was for me, it'd be all about the Jean/Scott!
Honestly the whole Jean/Logan thing was a huge retcon done during the early ninties most prominently. During the Phoenix Saga Wolverine may have had a crush on Jean, but there was absolutely no indication that she had feelings for anyone but Scott
I like it when it's just flirting and sexual tension between Logan and Jean because that's sometimes the best bit of watching evolving relationship. It's alomost like their making out would be the climax and then there's nothing left. I think in the long run it's the deep, meaningfull love that is important to the fans and that should be between Jean and Scott!
Agreed. I think the deepest most important relationship is between Jean and Scott and should remain that way. To do otherwise just seems wrong.
I don't like how this relationship has evolved in the movies... in the first, it was entertaining how they'd flirt. In the second, though, it was good up until they kissed beneath the X-Jet, at which point I was disappointed they'd let Wolverine's "star role" in the movies overrule Jean's relationship with Scott.

I sincerely hope Jean dies at the end of X3 rather than having her end up with Logan.
I don't want Jean to end up with Logan, but I still want the flirting to continue. Threesome forever :D
But I hate the ROLO idea, rather J-Lo than ROLO.
J-Lo... lol oh man, it never ends does it :p

Call me traditional, but I don't wanna see Jean with anyone but Scott :)

Even if he's in a pail.
Halcohol said:
I sincerely hope Jean dies at the end of X3 rather than having her end up with Logan.

Same here. If scott dies and Jean stays with Logan... This board aint big enough for my ranting in that case...
... :( -sighs- They're just friends who care deeply for each other (besides being attracted to each other) and I think that Logan understands that he and Jean aren't meant for each other... I think he realizes and accepts it when Jean tells him she can't do this... and its not until the end of the film, he knows Scott and Jean are meant to be. Watch the scene in the president's office when Xavier mentions "and there has been casualities and losses on both sides..." Logan glances at Scott. Then in the end, he says "She did make a was you" near the end. I know he only said that to make Scott feel better and while at the same time Jean's death has affected them both, I think Logan really meant what he said. Hey, he even tried to cheer up Scott.

Halcohol said:
I sincerely hope Jean dies at the end of X3 rather than having her end up with Logan.

No way!

Cheer up DoD it will all be alright :)

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