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Mark May is an ****in idiot

Yes. Yes, he is.

This is why ESPN should have given Trev his money. He kept May in line, because anytime he went to spouting gibberish, Trev would retort with a counterpoint and essentially, hand him a tall glass of shut up juice.

May just rambles on and on with his preconceived notions, regardless of what else is going on, until he's painted into a corner (i.e., something that he said blowing up in his face) then he reverses field as if no one was paying attention.

Zeus knows how much of his drivel will be on display between now and the BCS Title Game since Southern Cal eviscerated Illinois. Bastard. :down
At least Lou Holtz doesn't have that cocky, arrogant smirk to everything he says.

And Holtz has reason to be in love with ND and USCar - but Mark May's gross, unprofessional, disgusting man-love of USCal is just...well - bizzare.
Lou: Mark, what did you think about the West Virginia/Oklahoma game last night?

Mark: I think USC will be ranked #1 next season and beat everyone, and I made sweet love to all their players last night.

Lou: :dry:
I've not seen a bigger Ohio State Hater since Trev Albert back in '02 when Ohio State won the National title, granted as a Buckeye fan I'm a little bias to my team, and I can see how we can lose the game, but at least act like Ohio State has a reason for being in the title game, LSU lost 2 games and their in the title game.
I hope the Title game will be interesting and I hope Ohio State wins, will they who know's, but at least give the Bucks some credit for at least winning more games than the opponent we're playing.
Uh, yeah, he was actually pretty bamf'ing....
Lou: Mark, what did you think about the West Virginia/Oklahoma game last night?

Mark: I think USC will be ranked #1 next season and beat everyone, and I made sweet love to all their players last night.
Lou: Have I thowed you thith neat magic I jushht learned?

His pep speeches are horrible, they must not be half as good as the ones he really gave. Bad idea by the producers and poor execution by Holth. :down
I love when he starts out the speech with something like "Men, you all don't need a pep talk, so I'm not going to give you one." I'm thinking to myself "Good. Shut the hell up." No such luck.
His speech to Illinois was crap-tastic. "Men, don't let anyone tell you that you haven't earned the right to be here." Gee, thanks for reminding us. :whatever:
He should have given Illinois a speech after they got dismantled on Tuesday. May could have been behind him doing a happy dance, with that silly, ****-eating grin he loves to sport, while shaking some Southern Cal pom-poms. Then, I could have truly gotten into the spirit of things.
With Mark May dressed in full SC cheerleader outfit.

BTW, how is it that their cheerleaders manage to look smoking hot in relatively conservative cheerleader outfits? Food for thought.
From Wiki:

On September 6, 2005, Alberts was terminated by ESPN for breaching his contract when he declined to report to work; Alberts later explained that he was dissatisfied with the treatment accorded (Rece) Davis, May and himself in comparison to the more prominent cast of College GameDay, Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.[1]

Alberts thereafter accepted a position as a columnist for the website of the college sports cable television network CSTV. He also works as a color commentator for the NFL on Westwood One Sunday afternoon radio broadcasts.

Alberts also serves as one of the analysts for Sprint Exclusive Entertainment, breaking down college football for viewers, along with other sports.

In other words, not much.
ESPN has a way of pretty much destroying your Sports Career :(

I think he also sells real estate :up:
"Mark May is an ****in idiot"

And this thread was originally going to be "Mark May is an ass" - but I kept typing :(

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