Modern Warfare 2 - Part 1

Favela has been removed from Modern Warfare 2 because some Muslim guy complained about there being a phrase from the Quran on a picture frame in a bathroom.

Infinity Ward has taken the map down indefinitely until they get it patched.
But he's ok with everything else depicting Muslims in the game...
Yeah that's the part that I found to be completely hypocritical. He says he loves the COD games especially the MW series. It just doesn't make any sense that he'd like that series in particular seeing as Muslims aren't exactly portrayed in the best light. He doesn't have a problem with any of that but he does mind that tiny little detail from a multiplayer map? This would drive Larry David nuts.

Here's the video...:

Also, it's a two year old game...
....going on 3 years old. He just noticed this and decided to complain?
It's obviously an overreaction to the whole Youtube video being blamed for all the turmoil in the Middle East stuff lately. Still, it's all ridiculous.
I like how he threatens to boycott them at the end. I was like "That's it?" Meh.
A hilarious piece of gameplay that Sandy Ravage made. I was laughing so hard by the end of it. :lmao:


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