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Jun 4, 2005
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Is NBC's Heroes the Next Lost?

Source: TV Guide
March 3, 2006

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has posted a great rundown of NBC's upcoming pilot HEROES, which has says might just be the next LOST! Dave Semel (American Dreams) will direct the pilot about ordinary people who discover they have superpowers:

"I just finished reading a first draft of the script for Heroes, NBC's fall pilot about everyday folks blessed with superpowers, and, well, to answer the question I posed in the title, yes, I believe a new Lost-like phenomenon is about to be born. And here's why:

: In addition to one of my FFPOTP Greg Grunberg, the ensemble boasts Gilmore guy Milo Ventimiglia and teenage wunderkind Hayden Panettiere. The show's behind-the-scenes pedigree is equally as impressive. Dave Semel, whose credits include directing the American Dreams pilot, has just signed on to helm the Heroes pilot. And while I may not deem Crossing Jordan FauxVo-worthy, I'm suddenly a big fan of its (and Heroes') creator, Tim Kring.

: Just as Lost isn't really a show about a haunted island, Heroes isn't a show about crusaders, caped or otherwise. It's about people — albeit ones with extraordinary quirks. "I kind of want to stay away from the superhero aspect," says Kring. "It's about very ordinary people all over the world who literally discover that they have special powers, and it's their dealing with that." The superheroes, er, ordinary people include:

·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 30-year-old male nurse who believes he can fly — and really can.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 28-year-old junkie who has the ability to paint images of the future.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 33-year-old Las Vegas showgirl who can do incredible things with mirrors.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 24-year-old Japanese comic-book geek who literally makes time stand still.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 31-year-old inmate who can transport himself through walls and:
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]a 17-year-old cheerleader who defies death at every turn (think of Bruce Willis in Unbreakable).

: You didn't hear? I, too, was born with unnatural abilities. All kidding aside (wink, wink), as Kring points out, "It's pretty grounded in reality. Part of what makes it really feel very real is that these people's lives should mirror your own; you should be able to see your ordinary life reflected on screen."

: And you know the deal with puzzles. "It's a big interconnected saga," says Kring. "They're all drawn together towards a destiny of saving the world." And not to OD on the Lost parallels, but Kring adds, "It's extremely serialized."

: What would an extremely serialized show about superheroes, er, ordinary people (I have to stop doing that!) be without a creepy antagonist? Heroes' big baddie is described as a "Max Von Sydow-type" whose trademark accessory is a pair of horned rimmed glasses. And although his intentions aren't made crystal clear in the pilot, one thing is certain: He wants to get his hands on some of that super DNA.

: "It" beingthe final scene. Provided Kring doesn't tinker too much with the script — I can't stress enough that I read an early draft — the climactic sequence, as inevitable as it may seem, will make you stand up and shout, "It's my new Lost!" And the next words out of your mouth better be: "Ausiello was right!"
I sometimes wonder if studios trying to capitalize on the superhero resurgence will destroy it. They seem to do it with all the other genres.:o
It seems like 4400... not in premise, but in mood and tone...
cant wait, anythings better than mercy reef:(
It's like 4400 with a more focused story and Better cast... sounds like a plan to me... I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to this...
And here they are: (well some of them anyway):

Alright, uh... Ali as the showgirl, Hayden as the cheerleader, Milo as the male nurse, Adrian as the inmate... Greg as maybe the junkie, but... who is the kid playing? Doesn't anyone realize giving children superpowers can only lead to social upheval?
Oh god not that weiner kid. Just because he is a master paino player, doesnt mean he can act. I wish exects understood that.
GL1 said:
Alright, uh... Ali as the showgirl, Hayden as the cheerleader, Milo as the male nurse, Adrian as the inmate... Greg as maybe the junkie, but... who is the kid playing? Doesn't anyone realize giving children superpowers can only lead to social upheval?

That's actually what i was thinking, however I would peg Milo as the junkie and Greg as the Male Nurse.
I hope this is good also this reminds a little bit of the 4400.
Well i think that if they actually play up the super hero angle(someone has gotta get a suit) then it wont seem so 4400(especially since people gaining powers isnt exactly new). Whats sad is that this show will probably get more respect for its story and character then smallville or the mercy reef series(just because it wont have to play just to horny teens).
Mercy Reef will blow, and if smallville wasnt about superman it would have been cancled 5 seasons ago..its really lame all the time, but i love it because of the name that comes with it.
what ever happened to the 4400 and the dead zone? were they canceled or what?

oh and calling this show like lost is a bad idea, just let be its own show and don't say its like this or that or you will end up shoting yourself in the foot.

4400 Changes Unveiled

Ira Steven Behr, co-creator of USA Network's SF series The 4400, told SCI FI Wire to expect a new direction in the show's upcoming third season that will focus more on the show's mythology and main characters. He added that a new actress will join the regular cast: Megalyn Echikunwoke.

"We are definitely using the last two episodes of last season, 'The Fifth Page' and 'Mommy's Bosses,' as the engine to drive this season," Behr said in an interview. "In other words, last year we kind of alternated kind of big mythology type of episodes ... [with episodes in which] we'd introduce the 4400, they would have a problem that either affected them or affected society in general, and we would deal with that problem. ... What we're going to be focusing on basically this season [is] bigger sweep. I call it playing big ball rather than little ball. ... I think every story this year will have an impact on our people."

In a spoiler for the upcoming season, Behr also said that Echikunwoke would join the cast, playing an adult version of baby Isabelle.

"Isabelle is no longer that cuddly kid you can hold in your arms, which is, I think, probably great for production," Behr said, referring to the difficulty of working with an infant actor. Echikunwoke will be "a very popular addition to the cast," he added. "The character herself, I think, is going to surprise people. I think people have been arguing about or trying to figure out Isabelle at the end of the miniseries, and I think ... a portion of the audience is going to expect a fastball down the middle with her character, and I think they're going to be surprised. It's going to be more of a ride, more of a discovery, and not so clear-cut where you can say, 'She's the angel' [or] 'She's the devil,' you know? And I think that makes for really nice storytelling." The 4400 returns with 13 new episodes, starting June 4. USA Network is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.
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Did anyone here (besides me) flash to JMS's Rising Stars after reading the blurb?
Confused about something:

Although Milo Ventimiglia is slated to star in "Heroes" (well, at least the pilot), he is also starring in the WB's "Bedford Diaries". I hope this doesn't mean that "Heroes" may not happen. I am very interested in this show.

Has anyone heard anything else about this superhero show?

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