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Who is the man in the shadows?

  1. Norman Osborn

  2. David Lowell

  3. Richard Parker

  4. Adrian Toomes/Vulture

  5. Quentin Beck/Mysterio

  6. Van Adder/Proto-Goblin

  7. Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin

  8. Max Dillon/Electro

  9. Other (Post in forum)

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  1. OriginalMiles

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    TASM 2: 1 year after the Lizard, Pete is embracing his superhero identity, and over the years has put away one or two super villains, opening scene is Spidey taking out some villain (like, I don't know, Rhino), meanwhile, the Kingpin is angry over the fact Spidey has took out many of his henchmen, so he hires the Puma to kill him.
    Peter and Gwen are getting closer, with Peter wanting to break his promise to Cap. Stacy, so he continues to just be friends with her, while Aunt May starts to piece together why Peter comes home late and damaged.
    Spidey is just swinging when the Puma attacks, and while trying to stop some debris, dislocates his arm (kind of like "The Amazing Spider-Man #256") and falls, while the Puma leaves, believing it not to be fair to attack him in this state.
    At home, Peter reveals he developed Spider-Tracers, and attached one to Puma, and tracks him to his next location.

    I'm not revealing the rest of this, but my plans are awesome.
  2. Picard Sisko

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    My biggest wonder is if Dr. Ratha will come back in the sequels.
  3. Asteroid-Man

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    SPIDEY 2
    Introduce Norman, and hint at a "war" between him and Tombstone.
    Within that, you can introduce Hammerhead and a few others without going TOO in depth. Part 2 could be about Tombstone getting the upper hand on Oscorp, maybe ending in a corporate take over, so Part 3 is kind of like a revenge plot. Maybe introduce the symbiote, and Brock in Part 2. Peter and Eddie go looking into what their dads did. When the two leave, we see the symbiote is missing.
    During the mid-movie fight with the primary villain (Shocker maybe? Maybe even Shocker and someone else fighting each other representing Tombstone and Oscborn), as Spidey is fighting him, the symbiote starts latching itself to him mid-fight. He really starts getting pummelled and distracted, and the villain(s) gets away.
    Spidey then has to adapt to having this suit on him. Have it really be ALIVE and constantly reacting to him. Sometimes it'll just act up when he's talking to Aunt May or something and he has to awkwardly get out of the situation. Then in the last fight we get Symbiote-Spidey fighting the villain(s), and eventually, in some sonic-blast, the suit retracts. In the aftermath of the battle, the suit is destroyed. At the end we see Brock being turned down by Gwen, and as he goes to leave, we see the symbiote on his back, started to take over him.

    This way we've introduced a number of villains without making them all the primary adversaries to Spidey (like in the comics, or hell, how BB introduced Falcone, Flass, Zsaz etc. without making them the main focus)

    We also get more insight as to Peter's parents.

    We've also set up Venom for his own film, and have learned WHO Norman is. And now, he has Spider-Man who got in the middle of his war with Tombstone, and as a result of this Tombstone's takeover occurs much easier. On top of this, Norman is dying. Not much going in the man's favour!

    I would also introduce the Bugle (not Robbie or JJJ yet. Most freelancers don't get to meet the big-guy right from the beginning). Maybe Betty taking the photos to a back office, and coming back out to write him a cheque. This doesn't even need much development. We already know the Bugle is looking for pics of the current events, so just have him coming into the office with pictures at the beginning of the film, and during the end of the first act we see him webbing his camera to a wall in like a 1-second shot, in the midst of a fight. And then at the end of the film, when we see the aftermath in Peter's life (like in the first film), we could see him walking out of the Bugle building.

    Harry should also be introduced in this one. Just do it at the beginning. Maybe he invites Peter and Gwen over to hang out, and Harry introduces them. "This is Peter, and his girlfriend Gwen"

    Also, at some point we see Smythe giving a tour of Oscorp's prototype gliders and Dr. Ratha is told to fix the serum.

    This film takes place during the end of Grade 12 and the summer.

    SPIDEY 3
    MJ would be introduced early on. This is them going to college now. Maybe have JJJ or Robbie in a scene. See Peter, Harry and Gwen adjusting to college life. All that fun stuff.

    Primary villain is Venom. Norman could find out about him, and have him brought in to his office. He begins manipulating Brock into doing his bidding. Venom goes after Tombstone, and is confronted by Hammerhead.

    A fight ensues, and Spidey intervenes, knocking Venom throw a window. As he looks out the window Spidey could say something like "sorry for the draft", and then Hammerhead knocks him out the window. On his way down, he webs the sides of the building to catch his fall, only to be tackled in mid-air by venom. He tries at his mask but Spidey scrambles to get him off as they fall. Venom doesn't quit at Spidey's mask. Spidey says "Only the first date, and you're all hands!" (Still in freefall) Venom grabs hold of spidey's neck with one hand, webs the building with the other and pushes his head into the glass side fo the building. Slowly his mask gets torn up, and just as he pulls him back out of the building, he sees it's Peter. Spidey kicks off of Venom and makes his escape. Venom chases after Spidey.

    During the chase, webbings is tossed back and forth between them, (only Venom's isn't really webbing, just pieces of symbiote). One of them hits Spidey, and he's now struggling with a tiny piece of symbiote attacking him while he's swinging and webbing back at Venom all at the same time.

    Spidey webs a crane, flips around, kicks Venom back, and shoots a web behind him (creating a net between the buildings, high above the city streets). Venom sticks to it as spidey makes his escape.

    Norman equips Venom with stronger webbing, and sends Venom to do the work again.

    Only now he starts stalking Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Meanwhile, Pete figures out that he wasn't the only one the symbiote latched on to. Eddie must've been hit to. So he finds Brock's appartment, comes in through the window and begins snooping. Just as he goes to leave, wham! Round 2. Once again, a narrow escape.

    Norman is pissed, now at how he still hasn't solved the problem. Finally Venom sticks Norman to a wall in anger and tells him that he's dealing with Parker. Norman pulls out what looks like a phone and turns it on. It emits a high-pitched sonic sound frequency. The symbiote begins retracting from Brock, Norman pulls out a green switch-blade and cuts himself free of the webs. He asks about Parker. Brock, under extreme pain, tells him everything. "I don't know why I did it... I just snapped. Gwen would-", Osborn tells him to shut up and then warns him to never challenge him again. He turns off the sound, and walks over to his desk. "Go deal with Tombstone, and I'll gift wrap Parker for you." He then throws Brock an ear piece. Brock puts it on, the symbiote covers it and he leaves. Norman pulls out the green serum from the first film.

    So now we're into the 3rd act. We see an intricate break-in at Oscorp (which is Tombstone's new place of operations). Think back to Nightcrawler Vs Whitehouse. He makes his way to the top (on his way up, we cut back to Tombstone being evacuated out to the roof). Venom locates Hammerhead in Tombstone's office and just starts beating the **** out of him. (He'll be established as annoying, so that this beat-down will be incredibly satisfying to everyone). Obviously, on his way up, security is notified, and the police arrive on the scene.

    As the police make their way up, Spidey makes his way to the scene, coming in through the window, he sees, Hammerhead, beaten to a pulp on the ground, and webbing all over the place, but no sign of Venom. And then from outside the window, Venom pulls spidey outside, and a fight breaks out on the side of Oscorp tower. We hear a chopper starting up. Venom tosses Spidey and climbs up the building, where Tombstone is taking off. Venom jumps in as it flies away. Spidey is in hot pursuit.

    As Brock is tearing the helicopter apart, Norman is screaming in his ear "Brock, where are you?" (we hear a girl screaming in the background). Brock, tears the ear piece from his ear and throws it out the window. Eventually they crash into the Brooklyn bridge.

    The chopper has now crashed, and Spidey has arrived on the scene. Spidey and Venom look at each other, when a small pumpkin-like balls lands between them beeping. Venom approaches it, as Spidey backs away. "Brock, stay away from-" BOOM! Both are tossed back, Venom is damaged. Still he gets up, pissed off. The two of them look up to see dozens of the pumkin bombs raining on them. The two of them get out of the way. Spidey swings and crawls up the tower of the bridge, and webs nets partially up, to catch the bombs. Before they land though, he tries to catch whatever ones he can to toss them out of the water with his webbing. Finally he makes his way to the top of the tower, and sees Green Goblin, with a girl tied up behind him, bag over her head.
    Gob: "Right back where it all started!"
    Spid: "Woah, let's just take it easy there for a minute-"
    Gobby holds out another bomb.
    Gob: "Not another step walk crawler, or you, me and the girl are all goners."
    Spid: "Let her go."
    Gob: "So worried about the damsel, before you even know who it is that's in distress!"
    He pulls the bag off of Gwen's head. We hear Venom yell NOOO!, and jump at Gobby from the opposite side. Gobby, clicks the sonic emitter with his remote. Venom falls in pain, symbiote pulling back across his body. (Gwen sees who he is). Gobby kicks him off the tower and throws the bomb after him. Just as Spidey goes to jump after him, Goblin grabs Gwen by the hair, pulling her to her feet.
    "Not so fast, Parker. Our game is just beginning." Sidey looks back down to see the explosion. The dialogue in this whole scene would obviously be extended to heighten intensity). In this moment, Gobby hits another button on his remote. Spider-sense kicks in, and Peter jumps in the air. The glider appears, flying under Spidey and into Goblin and Gwen, knocking both of them off the tower. Spidey jumps out after Gwen. He webs her feet and pulls himself up. Goblin falls into the water, the Glider is no-where to be seen.

    Spidey realises Gwen had died from the impact of the Glider, which he had just dodged.

    Spidey 4
    Now we get Goblin Vs Spidey. No ********. Mano-a-mano. Maybe Spidey could approach a Tombstone (crippled from the events of ASM3) for some sort of help.

    The only problem is that all of the villains are so completely against each other, just as much as they are against Spidey. Doing a Sinister Six plot later would be a LOT of work. But there's enough villains now that it could technically be done.
  4. Neno_Kos

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    It would be cool if they start sequel, with couple years away from first movie. Maybe Gwen and Parker are in college, they start their future together. Peter already have have job in Daily Bugle, or he will on start of movie ask for job. This would be good, because we would already establish two main things: spiderman experience in fighting crime, maybe connors would get out from prison on probation sentence (with this you can keep connors helping peter find out truth about his parents, and whole intrigue from first movie ending credits) and you can give new character a chance, someone else like Doc Ock (as Osborne's employe) who couple of years back improved lizard serum as cure for Norman Osborne. You can establish with this Normans intents toward Peter, how he can get closer to Peter using his own son (sending him in same school).

    About main villain, it should be someone who have connection with Osborne Company, precisley Dock Ock, or use some Goblin tehnology (Normans ideas not because companys war for army tehnology like in Raimi's first movie, creating tehnology for destroying anyone who threaten him and his empire). This mean Peter Parker and Spiderman (even we know they are same person, but Norman dont). Under this mean Green Goblin is main villain in shadow, we can see him in couple of scene in Norman's behavior, but real psyhical physical villain can be anyone in my opinion.

    This are some of my ideas.
  5. spidergeek232

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    I like your ideas! I would have Norman hire Mysterio to test Spidey mentally and physically.
  6. Victarion

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    The Spectacular Spider-Man, Acts I and II

    Spider-Man has been working hard after TASM-2 to quell rivalries between individual members of Black Tarantula and Tombstone’s gangs. The violence isn’t as bad as it was in the war during TASM-2. The civilian casualties he’s been seeing have motivated him to become a tad harsher. A desire for a life with Gwen has prompted him to become bolder in his investigations into OsCorp.

    At OsCorp, Norman Osborn is personally overseeing tests of the cancer suit. To his delight, the aggression that was intended for cancerous cells has made a more outward manifestation. Human subjects brought in courtesy of Black Tarantula have turned violent. Lots of gory discretion shots to hide what’s happened. Chameleon mentions a treatment for his brother (payment for his services). Norman tells him the endgame is nearing; he just needs Chameleon to carry out one last job.

    Chameleon is tasked with infiltrating Toomes Industries and investigating reports of a new drug, gathered Black Tarantula’s lackeys. The drug is one being worked on by Tombstone. Chameleon runs into Spider-Man. Since hooking back up with Gwen, Peter has spent more time watching the streets around Toomes Industries. He’s determined to make their relationship work in spite of Captain Stacey’s wishes. He spots Chameleon-disguised as the crime boss Tombstone—heisting some goods. In the fight Spider-Man loses the Chameleon and the goods he was stealing. The next day, Peter and Gwen are discussing the next steps in their relationship. Gwen suggests that Peter look for a more permanent career than freelance photography. She also mentions the massive hit Toomes Industries took from the heist. Lots of dangerous weapons were stolen. This mortifies Peter. He’s afraid that Tombstone is looking for revenge after the hit his operations took in TASM 2.

    Norman Osborn is looking through the gear lifted from Toomes Industries; vibration gauntlets. From Tombstone’s warehouses; a potent hallucinogen that was being worked on by one of Toomes Industries’ lower level employees, Otto Octavius. He glances over at security reports about Spider-Man sightings on OsCorp grounds. He needs to cut his ties to Black Tarantula.

    Eddie Brock is locked in an old movie theatre deep in Black Tarantula’s territory. He’s tied with rusted chains to an old chair and a film is rolling. It is very grainy footage that shows leaders of various third-world villages belittling and humiliating their rivals before brutally murdering them. It’s a testament to Eddie’s blind idealism, says Black Tarantula. After the reel ends, a couple of city officials are shown in. To Eddie’s horror, they try to broker a deal with Black Tarantula to keep his thugs off the streets. They fear a power struggle after Electro’s rampage in TASM-2. As Eddie tries to look away, his head is jerked back toward the screen as another grisly film begins.

    Norman Osborn goes to a private chamber in OsCorp. Here is a fresco of a Red Cap (mythological goblin) triumphant in the ruins of a castle while knights and peasants clash outside. We learn that Norman thought the devious Red Caps he heard about in his bedtime fables were geniuses. The room includes an elaborate lab set up, as well as the preserved bodies of the room’s architects and immediate family. Norman brings in a sample of the cancer-suit, as well as some of Connor’s serum, and combines the two. He injects a bit of it into one of the bodies. The sentient properties of the cancer-suit somewhat reanimate the body, and its skin hardens over into a natural armor. Norman disposes of the body and turns to the aeronautic body armor Chameleon acquired from Toomes Industries and injects the next body with a concentration containing less of Connors’ serum. The mutation effect is a bit reduced. Norman turns his attention to the Mindrender drug. He manages to extract a bit of it that would give him control over his mind, to prevent the suit’s aggression from overriding good sense. Norman doses himself. The drug is overpowering at first; he relives his return to the men who’d enslaved his father. He recalls playing them against one another, creating chaos that wiped them out. His father was ungrateful; he viewed his son a possessed monster for taking glee in the bloodshed. Before Norman could stop him, his father committed suicide. The man—to Norman’s disbelief—thought that his spirit would be taken to the Otherworld in the Great Hunt. Disgusted, Norman left to start is corporate empire, OsCorp.

    Spider-Man is stealthily dealing with Proto Spider-Slayers set loose to patrol OsCorp grounds afterhours. During his fighting he sees a figure departing OsCorp. Suddenly it stops and circles back around. A stream of dark orange bombs starts the fight between Spider-Man and the Goblin. He gains the upper hand on Spider-Man due to his glider. Spider-Man is incapacitated and Goblin has him locked up in his private chambers in OsCorp. Thanks to the Mindrender drug, the Goblin is able to control the cancer-suit-infected architects and their families. He sets them as guards around Spider-Man.

    Goblin finds Herman Schultz and offers him a chance to rise to power by giving him the vibro gauntlets/suit. He does the same thing with Beck. The Goblin plans to bring down his corporate rivals and use Schultz and Beck to seize control of the underworld. He returns to OsCorp, to find Chameleon is waiting. Goblin gives him the serum; Chameleon exits the film.

    Peter is disgusted by Osborn’s guards; he can scarcely belief a human could be so cruel. The Goblin returns and unmasks Peter. He thanks Peter for his contribution; but Peter attacks him before he can continue. In midst of the fight, the Goblin hurls Peter into the container with the cancer-suit. As Peter struggles against it, the Goblin teases Peter with the fate of his comrade against OsCorp, Eddie. He invites Peter to check out the old theatre before escaping into the night.

    Norman Osborn visits Black Tarantula, who has finished dealing with more city officials. He takes a shocked Eddie with him. Soon after, Quentin Beck as Mysterio attacks. He causes the individuals inside the theatre to think they’re the subjects of snuff-esque executions. Peter is forced to see Ben and May being killed by the Goblin. He also has a vision brought on by the suit’s reaction to the Mindrender-based gas Mysterio uses. It shows him an old lab in Norway, and quick flashes of his parents. Peter flees the scene, determined to see if Gwen can pull strings with Captain Stacey’s friends in the NYPD to see Connors.

    The NYPD has its hands full with violence spilling into the better neighborhoods and streets; bank and weapons store robberies by Shocker and his men, who are launching attacks against other businesses rivaling OsCorp. Meanwhile a string of abductions crops up; Mysterio’s men are abducting targets from Toomes Industries for Mysterio to use as subjects while he refines his gas/costume.

    Norman learns of all of this via papers, newsreports, etc. He’s in a luxurious penthouse suite, looking out over New York. Ultimately Shocker and Mysterio are his pawns. Meanwhile, Eddie is reliving his past. We learn that he came from a bad neighborhood in New York. The people were essentially serfs to the criminals that operated from the neighborhood. Fear and a fierce sense of territoriality by the poor civilians kept them from fleeing, for fear of being killed by civilians in a rival criminal’s turf. He comes to and sees Norman Osborn. He congratulates Eddie on his accomplishments. He treats Eddie to wine and a fine dinner as a reward for his valiant efforts; its something Norman can appreciate. He offers Eddie any escorts he’d like, any smokes he’d like. Eddie and Peter’s snooping was the catalyst that pushed Norman to make his power play (becoming the Goblin). Eddie, thoroughly broken by the gruesome executions he was forced to watch, feels as if everything he worked for was for naught. Broken, he allows Norman to set him up with a nice escort. She sees him out; they’re heading for Eddie’s old neighborhood.

    Gwen is worried about Peter; she thinks they should leave New York. With her degree it shouldn’t be hard for her to find employment. She could afford to leave. Peter won’t; he can’t bear having the blood of the city on his hands. The news reports have high body counts now; that’s not counting the people who’re being abducted. Frusrtated, Gwen leaves Peter and goes to their bedroom. She notices the cancer suit moving and quickly takes a sample of it. Later when Peter suits up and heads out, Gwen goes to speak with one of her father’s friends, to get permission to see Dr. Connors. Connors calls the suit the Parker-Brock Legacy.

    Black Suit Spider-Man is gone for three days and nights fighting. Eddie, still numb to the world has his way with the escort; as she leaves she gives the instruction to a couple of thugs to kill him. They attempt to do so and Eddie snaps, pent-up anger helping him kill them. He then sets out to find his old apartment. Spider-Man nabs Mysterio and tracks Shocker to a bad neighborhood. In a devastating battle he manages to subdue him. The cancer suit leaves Spider-Man, slinking off. The shock of losing the suit—it had been sapping him of his energy—and the exhaustion of his 3-day spree leaves Peter unconscious.

    Gwen, disheveled and with rings under her eyes, is riding with her father’s acquaintance from the NYPD, looking for Peter. She’s worried about him and about the suit he’s been wearing. Peter comes to in the wreck of an old house. A redhead has been tending to his wounds. Peter is at first embarrassed, then notices a couple of bodies with dusty, threadbare blankets over them. Mary Jane tells him that they’re her parents. They were killed by collateral damage from Shocker’s fight with Spider-Man. Peter dresses and helps her bury them. Mary Jane playfully tells him where she saw his black suit slithering off to.

    Suddenly the ground begins shaking as more refined versions of the Spider-Slayers, controlled by the NYPD begin picking through the wreckage, flushing out suspects etc. Peter overhears that they’re looking for him. Thus when Gwen finds him, he leaves with her. She tells him that the suit is dangerous—and thus they decide to head to the Norway facility to learn as much as possible about it.
  7. Hypestyle

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    david lowell? who?

    van adder?

    ..whenever Daredevil formally falls back under Marvel Studios control, they can get the Kingpin and the Marvel Mob bosses involved..
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  8. DrCosmic

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    Spectacular Spider-Man (ASM2)
    - Rhino, Chameleon
    - Introduce Mary Jane, love triangle "face it tiger," Peter ends up with Gwen
    - Chameleon Frames Spider-Man
    - Financial woes, work at the Bugle
    - Osborn revealed, sets the stakes, Richard Parker's research
    Peter Parker Spider-Man (ASM3)
    - Green Goblin, Shocker
    - Death of Gwen Stacy
    - Revealed father tweaked Peter's genetic code for animalDNA thing to work
    - Osborn acquires it and makes himself a superior human with it
    Venom (~ASM4)
    - Kraven, Carnage
    - New villain Venom defeats Spider-Man, fights Carnage
    - Kraven's Last Hunt in there too
    - Jean DeWolf w/death and Mary Jane as supporting cast
    Web of Spider-Man (ASM5)
    - Vulture and Mysterio
    - Peter in College
    - Lots of supporting cast twists, turns, betrayals and revelations
    - Peter and MJ offical
    Avenging Spider-Man (ASM6)
    - Sinister 6 version 1 (Lizard, Rhino, Chameleon, Kraven, Venom, Mysterio)
    - Aunt May dies, MJ captured (wedding interrupted)
    - Spider-Man goes to avenge/rescue
    - Osborn obtains slightly corrupt version of the Parker's research, makes himself even more monstrous
    Ultimate Spider-Man(ASM7)
    - Sinister 6 version 2 (Green Goblin, Rhino, Mysterio, Electro, Vulture, Lizard)
    - Peter masters his father research, reproduces himself in a child named Miles Morales
    - Peter has final face off with his foes (Venom helps) Peter dies in the end. But not really.
  9. NewYorkSpider

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    ASM2 (Rhino, Kraven and Chameleon)

    • Introduce Norman and Harry Osborn
    • Rhino is a side villain in beginning of the movie.
    • Kraven comes to NYC to hunt Rhino
    • Chameleon(former Oscorp employee) is tied to Peter's parents
    • Norman creates HobGoblin by mistake to end movie
    I'm currently writing all this out in longer form. Thought I'd give you an idea of what i had in mind.
  10. GRangerPrimeNYC

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    Here's my plan, considering if the series goes beyond 3 films, Sony makes a deal with Marvel, Garfield stays as Spidey (Since this plan will probably take over his whole career), and etc.

    Nothing major, like deep plot details and such, just a plotting out and plan of how this will play out.

    Summer 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    Theme: Responsibility
    - Takes place in Fall 2008. Senior year of high school.

    Spring 2014
    The Spectacular Spider-Man
    - Full opening sequence after the title card
    - Takes place in Spring 2009, several months after the first film. Senior year of high school. Hints placed around film placing it in this timeframe.
    - Spidey fights Rhino in the beginning.
    - Electro is also a villian.
    - Spidey gets web wings. Can glide
    - Introduce the Osborns
    - Introduce MJ "Face it Tiger, you've hit the jackpot"
    - Love triangle between Peter, Gwen, and MJ.
    - Peter becomes intern at the Daily Bugle. JJJ is played by JK Simons again. Company focuses more on televisied News broadcasts and newspapers.
    - Hints of broader MCU throughout movie.
    - Graduation from high school.
    - After Credits Scene: Norman "perfects" serum

    Summer 2015
    Web of Spider-Man
    - Theme: Consequences
    - Takes place in Fall 2009 in October.
    - Spidey fights a villain in the beginning.
    - Introduce Eddie Brock. Father knew and worked with Richard Parker and Curt Conners. Peter gets another intern job at Oscorp with Eddie and Gwen.
    - Love triangle continues. Gwen is beginning to get the shaft.
    - Norman takes the "Finish" serum. Changes into humanoid goblin like creature when angry. He also uses a glider. The serum is similar to the Super Solder Serum.
    - Introduction of the Green Goblin and other villains.
    - A more tragic battle at Midtown High
    - Battle at the Brooklyn Bridge, Gwen Dies
    - Goblin flees to Oscorp Tower and Spidey hangs on to glider, but gets cut off half way. Spidey swings north up 6th avenue to Oscorp Tower, similar to the scene in the first film, but with no assistance by cranes this time. Final battle takes place where it all started. It's almost dawn
    - Truth about Peter's parents revealed. They were SHIELD agents sent to observe Oscorp's research into the cure for cancer and other diseases (Oscorp was really trying to recreate the Super Solder Serum).
    - Peter's father, Richard Parker, ended up being passionate and involved in the research, since it showed lots of promise, despite it's bad intentions. He worked on projects with Curt Conners and Eddie Brock Sr, such as Project Venom, which involved a living cancer suit. Another was Cross Species Genetics, which Richard found the equation to. He had also done tests on Peter's DNA. He hid the equation knowing the danger of it being in Oscorp's hands.
    - Norman Osborn sent an agent to the Parker house to loot his work, but to no success. Peter Parker stumbled into Richard's study finding that someone had got in through the door an looted the place. Richard finds out afterwards, then feared for his family's safety. He sent Peter to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Richard and Mary went on the run to try to get the information back to SHIELD. Norman had them killed in a plane crash along with Eddie Brock Senior.
    - Peter is the only one who can become who he is after being bit by a genetically altered spider and not die or have bad side effects. Richard's tests on Peter's DNA allowed this.
    - Goblin's identity revealed. Norman nailed by own glider.
    - Peter and everyone mourns death of Gwen.
    - SHIELD reveals their presence to Peter. Enter Coulson. Reveals they've known his identity for over a year, but kept their distance. Will help keep Normans death secret. They reveal the secret about his parents. Peter tells them what was really going on with Oscorp back then. Peter not eligible for Avenger Initiative, due to young age.
    - Normans real death is unknown. Cover story is that he'll be on a very long retreat or has died from what ever illness he had.
    - MJ helps Peter coupe with Gwen's death.
    - During one of the last scenes, Peter finally confronts Uncle Ben's actual killer.
    - Swing off to fight a villain
    - Bitter sweet ending
    - After Credits Scene: Symbiote at Oscorp

    Now they're releasing a Spider-Man related film every year for the next 5 years from 2017-2022 (Poor Andrew Garfield (If there hasn't been a recast yet))

    The Astonishing Spider-Man
    Theme: Become the villain
    - Takes place in Spring 2013. Makes it clear it has been 4 years since Gwen died, 2 years since the events of The Avengers, and 5 years Peter has been Spider-Man. He has fought several villains since then.
    - Explains where Spidey was when the Hulk fought the Abomination in Harlem and during the battle of Manhattan in the Avengers.
    - Peter is still haunted by Gwen's death and memory's of the Green Goblin.
    - Relationship with MJ continues.
    - Introduce Felicia Hardy as Black Cat and The Punisher.
    - Reference how there was a vigilant called Daredevil in Hell's Kitchen who was big back in the 60s.
    - Villians are Kraven, the Vulture played by John Malcovitch, and others.
    - Peter finds video diaries Richard made during Project Venom.
    - Peter obtains the symbiote. Black suit appears.
    - Suit effects Peter negatively. Hurts the ones he loves.
    - Peter gets rid of suit at the end.
    - After Credits Scene: Eddie obtains the symbiote.

    - Takes place in 2014.
    - Anti-Hero
    - Cameos by Peter here and there.
    - The Punisher returns
    - Appearances by SHIELD
    - After Credits Scene: Flash forward to a scene at the end of the next film. Spidey's mask torned up in rubble.

    The Sensational Spider-Man
    - Takes place in 2015. It has been 4 years since the Chituari Invasion, 6 years since Gwen died, and 7 years since Peter became Spider-Man. He has fought many villains since then.
    - Ben Reilly (Not a clone) or Miles Morales is introduced
    - Villain is Venom and others. Threatens to reveal Spidey's identity. Manipulates and messes with him throughout the film.
    - Spidey defeats Venom. He defeats Venom after a bloody battle. They team up at the end to fight some other villains from the film. Makes truce at the end to leave eachother alone.
    - After Credits Scene: Villains like Vulture, Rhino, Doc Ock, and others that have appeared in the previous films gather and plan an alliance. A shadowy figure perways them.

    Spring 2021
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Theme: Closure
    - Takes place in 2018. It has been 10 years since Peter became Spider-Man, 9 years since Gwen died, and 3 years since Venom.
    - Sinister 6 are the villains
    - Peter vows to be Spider-Man till the day he dies.
    - Spidey becomes eligible for the Avengers at the end.
    - After-Credits Scene: Norman Osborn is still alive and well in Europe.

    The Avengers 4
    - Takes place in 2021. Setting of time finally catches up with the main MCU. It has been 10 years since the Avengers first formed and 13 years since Peter became Spidey.
    - Spidey is now part of the Avengers.

    Distant Future
    Civil War?
    - An adaption of the Civil War storyline.
    Dark Reign and Seige on Asgard?
    - Tony Stark gets in trouble
    - Norman Osborn becomes another Iron Patriot and forms the Dark Avengers.
    - Siege on Asgard, viva portal above Oscorp Tower.
    - Avengers reassemble
    Death of Spider-Man?(Loosely based on Ultimate's Peter Parker demise in the comics)?
    - Continuation of the Siege
    - Some Avengers including Spidey are on the Queenboro Bridge. For some reason, the Punisher tries to shoot Captain America. Spidey Intervenes and gets shot. Rest of the Avengers, except Spidey, get blown off bridge.
    - Spidey swings to Oscorp Tower bleeding to death down 6th avenue, similar to the first film, but with no cranes. It's near dusk
    - Spidey tries to fight Sinister 6 guarding the tower, while others fight the Dark Avengers up in Asgard.
    - Loki dies and is redeemed doing something. Thor avenges him
    - Iron Man comes in at the last minute and disables Norman's Armor. Norman gets unmasked, madness is revealed, and turns into the Green Goblin, popping out off the armor.
    - Spidey fights to the death.
    - MJ finds out who Spidey is.
    - Norman finally dies
    - Death of Peter Parker
    - Unlike in the comics, Asgard is saved.
    - Oscorp Tower is destroyed. Collapses, blows up, or gets vaporized. Normans body is taken by SHIELD and cremated.
    - Several months later, a new Spider-Man appears.
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  11. Marathon

    Marathon Well-Known Member

    Jun 1, 2012
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    I'd like Mysterio to have a big role already in the next film...
  12. TheWatcher

    TheWatcher Dapper

    Jun 25, 2009
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    Peter should never die.

    But I love everything else about your story!
  13. GoldGoblin

    GoldGoblin Well-Known Member

    Jun 30, 2003
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    With the Falcon showing up in the Captain America sequel and maybe the Avengers sequel,you think we will see Vulture?
  14. GwensNeckBrace

    GwensNeckBrace Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2011
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    Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Rodrigo Rivera figures out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and ploys to get revenge at Peter for stealing his internship at Oscorp. He becomes The Spot and torments Peter Parker. Peter ends Liz Allen, who becomes FireStar and helps Spidey save the day (Gwen is in London during this film, having her own "Fiftey Shades of Green" type of Rondevou with Norman Osborn) Film ends with the symbiote crashing into Aunt May's house and it takes her over and transforms her into Aunt Carnage for the third film, in which Gwen Stacy is killed the same way as the Ultimate universe.

    I hope Marc Webb and James Vanderbilt read this and take some notes.
  15. Mr. X

    Mr. X Well-Known Member

    Jan 7, 2012
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    I haven't read everyone's posts, so correct me if I'm wrong....but I didn't see any one mention lizard coming back...? I for one think he'll return.

    They kept him alive. Which can be used in a couple of different ways. Like in te video game, he can help Peter in some ways. But also in mid credits scene, we see that he still has the lizard skin on his neck, so we can assume that he's not fully cured or rid of the cross species serum. Which could mean he probably still has inner monologues between himself and the lizard like in asm movie.

    I think to been seen again in asm3 or if these movies go beyond a trilogy, can definitely see happening(lizard coming back I mean)
  16. Picard Sisko

    Picard Sisko Prepare to be Assimilated

    May 28, 2012
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    In TASM2, Mary Jane should be introduced, but have a small role (as Sony said she would). At the end of the film, Gwen is killed.

    By TASM3, Peter is coping with her death, trying to move on. He has to deal with the Green Goblin in the process, and the mystery of his parents as well. By the end of the film, he finally is able to accept Gwen's death, and begin his relationship with Mary Jane. Finally, he finds his Uncle Ben's killer, and after everything he has been through in all 3 films, his responsibility here is truly tested; now he has to decide on what the right thing to do would be. Ultimately, he turns him into the police, and can move on knowing his uncle's killer has been brought to justice, and continues his life as Spider-Man. Everything comes full circle.

    The whole trilogy could be the "origin" of Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man. In the Raimi films, Peter gets bit, quickly learns responsibility, and becomes Spider-Man instantly. I think this franchise has the potential to get much deeper than that.
  17. pr0xyt0xin

    pr0xyt0xin Shaper Savant

    Jul 26, 2012
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    With the news of Electro and Rhino, I deserve an edit/repost of my plan. :)

    ASM2 2014
    Electro and Rhino
    (Electrician employed with Oscorp or otherwise related to Osborn)
    (Osborn's robotically enhanced henchman)
    Aunt May financial troubles, Peter gets job at Bugle
    resolution of Uncle Ben's killer, Spidey kills burglar?
    exposition of Norman Osborn, origin of Green Goblin
    Midtown High graduation.
    Intro: J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson

    ASM3 2016
    Green Goblin
    (crazed superhuman in costume with glider, no robosuit)
    Peter starts college
    Death of Gwen Stacy on bridge, defeat/disappearance of Green Goblin
    Oscorp defeated
    Resolution of Peter Parker's parents/untold story
    Origin/Tease Venom
    Intro: Eddie Brock

    Venom 2017
    Spidey dons black suit/symbiote
    Eddie Brock takes over black suit
    Spidey fights Venom
    Spidey and Venom team up VS Carnage
    symbiote locked up. Flash Thompson Venom teased.

    ASM4 2018
    Mysterio and Chameleon
    actor and special effects expert crime duo. possibly work for mysterious "Master Planner"
    MJ-centric film, showing her acting talents and developing her and Peter's feelings.
    Chameleon locked up, Mysterio escapes.

    ASM5 2019
    Sergei Kravinoff comes to hunt Spidey/avenge brother?
    College graduation, finds work (teacher, CSI, w/e)
    Tease/Origin Doc Ock
    Intro: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

    ASM: Sinister Six 2020 (AG is 36)
    Spidey fights Doc Ock alone
    Dr. Octavius meets Aunt May
    Reveal Doc Ock as Master Planner
    Doc Ock leads Sinister Six

    Spidey and Black Cat VS ALL
    MJ and PP get married (MJ preggers? Tease spider-girl?)

    Also, future Venom 2 (Flash Thompson Venom) and Spider-Girl movies would be just fine by me.
    Last edited: May 7, 2013
  18. pr0xyt0xin

    pr0xyt0xin Shaper Savant

    Jul 26, 2012
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    If the theme to ASM was something like "outcast," I feel the theme to ASM2, starring Electro, would be "power." An obvious struggle of the balance between power and responsibility. We will see both Peter and Max make choices that directly relate to their amazing powers and how it affects them and the people around them. Peter may confront the Burglar and use his power to kill him, but he will learn from Electros mistakes that just because you have the power to end a life or to seek vengeance, doesn't make it right.

    A third film showing Green Goblin destroy the one thing Peter loves may have a theme of "choices." Osborn kills Gwen and Peter has to choose whether to reciprocate by killing Osborn or sparing him.
  19. Mr. X

    Mr. X Well-Known Member

    Jan 7, 2012
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    Ilike this idea, only thing is it sounds like what Nolan did with batman I'm his trilogy. Bruce never fully accomplished what he settled out to do from begins till rises. Movie came full circle.

    I think Peter needs to learn responsibility when Gwen dies. He already broke the promise to capt Stacy about staying away from her, and that seals her fate right there. He loses her, realizes he brought this on her and grows and matures from this tragic event. Now when they kill her off, who knows. Could be 2nd film since maryjane has been introduced, but that's not to say it can go on into movie three. Who knows how far these movies will go beyond a trilogy....
  20. fangz

    fangz Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2011
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    2nd movie - Peter still in high school, on and off dating Gwen.

    opens with Spidey beating up on bunch of mob thugs. Rhino enters, Spidey beats him down too but is shocked about this escalation in technology.

    Oscorp is shown to be in big legal troubles regarding allegations of connections to the Lizard incident. introduce Osborn who is in bunker mode, fighting off subpoenas, and locking down genetic research to covert levels. plus Norman is dying, he needs a cure fast. He has been testing on human subjects, selling some of them off, such as Rhino, to dominant mob run by Kingpin. others are failures and consigned to further research. but the legal drama is draining Oscorp to the edge of bankruptcy and pushing Osborn to take even bolder steps. it's insinuated that he is in debt to Kingpin now as well, who is very unhappy about his Rhino's beatdown and the visibility it might show on his operations.

    Peter and Harry are shown to be friends, Norman takes an immediate interest in Peter and acts to take him under the wing of the Osborn family. pretending to be interested in Peter's intelligence, he offers him a position researching at Oscorp. Gwen, who hasn't worked there since the Lizard, reminds Peter of what happened, but he is too drawn to it because of his own father.

    rival mob boss, Tombstone, sees what Kingpin is adding to his armory, and also sees Spider-Man and decides he needs to escalate too. he contacts The Tinker, from his old country, El Salvador, who begins to produce technology to fight back with. they create Electro.

    Electro starts a crime wave in New York, and also knocks away at Kingpin's dominance.

    Norman finds Peter working alone and has a talk with him, bringing up how valuable his father was to the company. Peter asks him what happened, amongst other things, Norman insinuates that his father wasn't a company man and that he hopes Peter knows better. also insinuates that he somehow knows about Peter's accident with the spider and asks how all that is going. Peter is baffled and tears out of there.

    Spidey swings around to blow off steam, ends up butting heads with Electro, to a standstill. he goes to Gwen for relief.

    cut to Electro who is running loose in New York, partying, acting crazy.

    meanwhile, Kingpin is going heavy on Osborn, who is becoming visibly weakened and desperate. Osborn dives in and injects himself with the latest version of his superhuman serum. he becomes the Goblin, without glider or costume, and like in the Ultimates, destroys the lab, kills the scientists and creates another mess for Oscorp to deal with. runs off in the night. Harry caught wind of something up and brought Peter with him and they see what happens, they are the only surviving witnesses.

    Peter chases the Goblin as Spider-Man, they briefly clash, during which the Goblin recognizes him, refers to him as Peter and further tosses out references to Peter's father and how his powers were no accident. they fight across town, until running into Electro's little circus of thuggery going on. Goblin uses it to elude Spider-Man, who stays to battle Electro a second time. Spidey ends up running from the fight because Electro is owning him.

    Peter retreats to Gwen and reveals to her what the Goblin has alluded to. he tries to contact Harry who seems to have become unreachable. something in the last fight with Electro triggers Peter to figure out Electro's weakness. Peter goes as Spider-Man to check on Harry and see if he's ok. the Osborn's apartment is entirely vacant. suddenly, Electro is apparently up to something again because of blackouts so Peter goes to fight him. Electro is leading a full on assault on Kingpin's base, Kingpin is calling Norman to get there now and toss in.
    anyways, this time, with what Peter's figured out, he is beating Electro, or at least til the Green Goblin shows up, full suit and glider. Goblin gets in the middle and messes it all up, Spidey ends up knocked to the side in a daze, while Goblin focuses on Electro and destroys him, practically kills him. then he turns to Spidey and tosses a couple bombs and screams something about how Peter should really think again about who's side he wants to be on. throws a couple more lazy bombs and hauls off like a maniac.

    movie ends with Peter recovering in his room or something with Gwen at school, but bringing home the point that this guy knows who he is, knows where he lives, has the keys to the secret of his parents and Peter flashes back to Captain Stacy's last words and also that Harry is nowhere to be found. and Aunt May is freaking out, absolutely, cuz she must be putting together what the hell is going on. anyways, he breaks down and realizes he needs someone and tells Gwen he loves her and needs her to be with him.

    post credits scene - a healthy, very robust Norman Osborn is walking with a scientist guy and a small retinue of guards down a hallway in what we assume is Oscorp. they stop in front of a chamber door. Norman says to the scientist...4. the scientist opens the door and enters a room lined with metal pods with glass siding and windows. we can see there seem to be bodies in them. he walks by three, stops at the fourth, looks up and in the window we see Peter Parker, floating in stasis.
  21. FeedOnATreeFrog

    FeedOnATreeFrog (A Metal Gear reference)

    Sep 17, 2012
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    I'm sure this has been brought up in another thread, but:

    -Peter Parker is revealed to be a clone of his father. (same glasses prescription, "you look just like your father")

    -Peter's parents never died. They're living with the 'real' Peter Parker.

    -Peter changes his name to Ben Reilly.

    It'll never happen, I know.
  22. fangz

    fangz Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2011
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    @FeedOnATreeFrog - now THAT would be rad!!! i really think Webb could pull something like that off. one of the things about TASM that really sat well with me was how Webb sometimes seemed to be verging towards hitting upon some underlying creepiness in it's tone. like kind of just in the way some scenes unfolded, how everything was paced or something. that could easily be me projecting, i admit, but if he could nail that, it'd really make his reboot's attention on Pete's parents pay off.

    of course, no one wants a creepy Spider-Man movie, that's not what the character is about, but the world around him should be kinda creepy or dreadful somehow.

    and the clone stuff in the comics was so poorly done yet had so much potential to be amazing that it seems like a perfect thing to hang this first bunch of three or four movies on, the thing that says, 'This is why this reboot is necessary!'
    that and managing to somehow build up to delivering a death of Gwen Stacy that meaningfully translates to moviegoers.

    I don't see why you think your points are out of bounds tho, it seems like the kind of thing that everyone would go for right now and that also could make for some good movies.
  23. fangz

    fangz Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2011
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    Also, in general, I've never understood how the Sinister Six would ever pay off in a movie. It actually comes off to me like a really bad idea. The only way I can see it working is if they shifted the focus more on the villains than Spider-Man. go all Tarantino with it or something. like having Sandman and Vulture sitting around waiting for a signal from Electro and end up arguing about what they call cheeseburgers in France. average day in the life of a knucklehead super villain. which could be brilliantly written and a great movie, but not a great Spider-Man movie.
    so I'm missing something, what would a good Sinister Six movie be like?
  24. Golgo-13

    Golgo-13 The Return of the O.G

    May 19, 2003
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    I'm glad we are getting villains we've never seen on the big screen before.
  25. Picard Sisko

    Picard Sisko Prepare to be Assimilated

    May 28, 2012
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    And by the time we see Goblin again in TASM3, it would be a good 16 years or since the Green Goblin was shown on the silver screen.

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