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Rank the 3rd CBM's in a franchise.


Dec 24, 2011
Reaction score
Combination poll/rating.

Despite numerous franchises based on comics, only a handful have managed to make it to a 3rd film and beyond.

Based on those that have made it, which 3rd entry is your favorite?

Along with your fave, what is your rating for each of them?

For me:

Dark Knight Rises: [****] - [****1/4] depending on my mood.
Batman Forever: [**3/4]
Superman Returns: [**1/2] (If you ask Singer and Donner, it counts)
Spider-Man 3: [**1/2]
X-Men 3: [**]
Superman 3: [*1/4]
TDKR, by so far it's not even funny.
Lol, what's the point of this very easy and predictable thread/poll?

The Dark Knight Rises - 10/10
X-Men 3: The Last Stand - 6/10
Superman Returns - 5/10
Spider-Man 3 - 4/10
Batman Forever - 4/10
Superman III - 3/10
Spider-Man 3 for me, once upon a time I loathed it but as the years have gone by I have enjoyed it more and more. In fact I would go as far to say as its IMO the best comic book/superhero trilogy we have had so far. With the The Dark Knight Rises and its trilogy not far behind. It helps to have three good movies regardless of the quibbles/problems that usually present itself in the third installments of a franchise for this genre. At least both trilogies had three good films, which also seemingly see to have the second installments being largely considered the best ones.

But after those two what could possibly follow. Well I like Superman Returns despite the hate it usually gets, not the ideal Superman film and unfortunate Singer didn't do X3(which would of probably made X-Men my favorite comic book trilogy) but I do like it as the third installment of the Donner films.

Batman Forever isn't completely awful, Val Kilmer was a good Bruce Wayne if not the best live-action one to date and Jim Carrey was a good choice for the Riddler. Can't say the same for Tommy Lee Jones (who I usually enjoy) and Joel Schumacher. Why couldn't we have gotten a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton trilogy?! :(

X-Men 3, its a fun popcorn flick and not much else, the equivalent of the second and third Transformers movies. Shut-your-brain-off film. It just feels so out of place in comparison to the first two excellent films. I liked Beast, Ellen Page as Kitty, and the score though.

I don't want even to talk about Superman III....better left forgotten.
The Dark Knight Rises - 8/10
[Space saved for Iron Man 3] :oldrazz:
Superman Returns - 7
Spider-Man 3 - 6.5
X-Men 3 - 6
Batman Forever - 6
Superman 3 - 4
1 Spider-Man 3 (I think it's the most enjoyable 3rd film thus far)
2 TDKR (this one is a close second.A few more Batman scenes might have pushed it to the top)
3 X-Men 3 (I always liked this film.It has some flaws but it's not awful)
Batman Forever (To be honest,the best film in the Burton/Shumacher
4 Superman III (Reeve is still Superman,God Bless him in this dreadfully lacking story)
5 Superman Returns (I enjoyed it a lot originally,but it's still only a pale attempt to reach the Donner/Reeve greatness)
The Dark Knight Rises - 8/10
[Space saved for Iron Man 3] :oldrazz:
Superman Returns - 7
Spider-Man 3 - 6.5
X-Men 3 - 6
Batman Forever - 6
Superman 3 - 4

I definitely think Iron Man 3 will be my second favorite 3rd CBM in a franchise as well.
The Dark Knight Rises easily wins this easily it's the only 3rd film I'd say is a great film.

I don't think you can count Superman Returns tbh. Strangely though I watched Superman III the other day and really enjoyed the whole film whereas I normally only enjoy certain parts of it.

Spider-man 3 was a joke of a film.

X-Men 3 like most of the films on the list is a mixed bag but its not the worst.

Lastly Batman Forever is just weird, it really doesn't feel like a sequel at all, it's decent though until Robin shows up.
Superman Returns count because it is supposed to be the "True" Donnerverse sequel to Superman 3.
I feel like this thread was just made so TDKR could win another poll...
The Dark Knight Rises - 10/10
Batman Forever - 7/10
Superman Returns - 7/10
X-Men: The Last Stand - 6.5/10
Superman 3 - 5/10
Spider-Man 3 - 2/10
Geez, I wish Iron Man 3 was out for this poll because unless something disastrous happens to it I can pretty much guarantee it'd take my #1 spot from this list. As it is I don't really like any of the choices...Spiderman 3 is probably the one I'd watch if I had to pick, so it gets my vote.
Kinda shocked SM3 has any votes. Though the landslide was obvious.
Of those, TDKR. It at least keeps the stupid well obfuscated(at least by comparison). But I wouldn't call that a ringing endorsement. I still say we've never had a good 3rd film.
  1. The Dark Knight Rises
  2. Spider-Man 3
  3. X-Men: The Last Stand
  4. Superman Returns
  5. Batman Forever
  6. Superman III
REALLY surprised this thread/poll is still surviving, lol.
The three people who voted for SM3 are awesome. :o
Personally I don't think Superman Returns should count, it's kind of a stretch to consider it a "third installment." Also you guys are forgetting Blade Trinity.

1. TDKR. An uneven and disappointing movie considering the highs of BB and TDK, which I think are the best two superhero films ever made. But TDKR still had good elements and I wouldn't call it a bad movie. It's still overall pretty good, despite being disappointing. Every other film on this list I would consider a bad movie, so it wins hands down.

2. X-Men the Last Stand. I really hated this movie and in my character ranking thread I've basically written essays about why it doesn't work. So the fact that its second speaks volumes about what's below it. The thing that bugged me the most was the haphazard and disrespectful way it killed Cyclops in the beginning, and no one cared about him after he died. That being said I think a casual fan who doesn't know anything about comics could probably watch this movie and think it was an uneven action movie but wouldn't think it was horrible or anything.

3. Spider-Man 3. This movie ruined Maguire's Peter Parker, and the scenes with him doing the emo thing, dancing and then hitting MJ were horrible. But it still had some cool visual moments, like the birth of the Sandman and the fight in the subway. I also enjoyed finally seeing Venom on the big screen even if the character was given the shaft and was just kind of thrown in at the end.

4. Batman Forever. I didn't think the interactions with Robin were all that bad, and I liked that they tried to give Batman an actual arc. (even if it wasn't pulled off great). Other than that the movie is complete crap. It baffles me how they could have ruined Two-Face so badly by having him completely ham it up the whole time. Wouldn't it be much better if you had one hammy over the top villain (Riddler) and then make Two-Face a serious, threatening one? Isn't that dynamic much more interesting than two wacky villains trying to out-ham each other? And don't get me started on the plot to suck brainwaves through TVs.

5. Superman III. Richard Pryor is one of the best comedians of all time, so the fact that he was completely unfunny in this movie baffles me. This movie tries to squeeze in several different plot points and fails at each one. Having Superman turn evil could have been a great idea and a way to explore his darker side, but they ruin it by just making it a confusing joke instead. The fight with the evil computer at the end was also ludicrous. (So Pryor can't create Kryptonite because it has an element he can't get access to, but a giant robot he built that can "sense people's weaknesses" is somehow able to conjure Kryptonite out of thin air?)

6. Blade Trinity. A complete and total joke. At least in Superman III I got to see Christopher Reeve playing Superman. This movie has no redeeming qualities. Wesley Snipes is tired and bored the whole movie, Whistler is unceremoniously killed for no reason and we don't see any emotional impact on the part of either Blade OR his own daughter, Jessica Biel is flat and has no character other than "likes to listen to techno music," and Ryan Reynolds (who I actually like in some movies) is just incredibly obnoxious. Blade fighting Dracula you would think could be awesome, but this version of Dracula is completely boring and is the least intimidating of the three foes Blade has faced throughout the movies despite the fact that the movie keeps trying to tell us that he's the biggest baddie ever.
Ohh yeah, Blade Trinity. I'd have voted for that if it were on there. It wasn't great, but despite Jessica Biel's hamfisted product placement and the entire film trying to shove "cool" down the audiences throats, I still enjoyed it more than any of the others on the list.
I liked Blade Trinity, but its a joke compared to the first two.

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