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Seriously though...Can I get an answer from a MOD on this?



I was wondering why the Dragonball Z Movie does not have it's own forum.

This IS the SUPERHERO boards for movies being made about superhero's.

My points:

1. SHH! reports on all DBZ Movie related content.
2. DBZ is about a superhero.
3. The active DBZ thread has over 140 pages.

Can we please divide this up into a forum now? 140 pages are insane to try and catch up on when half of the stuff written I don't care to scroll through.

Please mods, just tell us why the decision hasn't been made to just take 3 minutes and add it in. And yes, it literally takes that long, I manage 3 sites myself.
It seriously needs a forum, but these mods are lazy I guess

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