Snake Eyes is being played by...

Perfect casting. Just like Christopher Reeve, Christian Bale, Brandon Lee and Ron Perlman. :woot:
I now have a reason to see this movie!

I mean, I'm sure I would have seen it anyway, even though I never watched G.I. Joe. Still, Ray Park? I'm so there.
Great news, but an annoying article. That reporter on IESB could sure use some writing lessons. Commas and periods aren't the same thing, buddy.
Interesting. If this is true, here's the thing.

What Snake Eyes will this be? Will this be the Snake Eyes fans really like? That is the tortured and scarred war veteran that loves Scarlett and has a past with Cobra Commander?

Or just basically the Darth Maul character who is just there to swing a sword in action scenes?

Of all Ray Park's roles before, his characters haven't had true emotional character arcs.

So I'm suspecting that Park is being hired to play Snakes Eyes as a minor character.
I think that the filmmakers have mentioned that the te a te between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow will be a large part of G.I. Joe (2009). While it is likely that if Snake Eyes does talk, it would be in the scenes that probably will flash back to before the loss of his voice, maybe even scenes of he an Scarlett before they joined the G.I. Joe team. I hope the filmmakers don't make my fave ninja a secondary character.
wow great cast, i hope they dye his hair blonde for the role and his mask gets slightly broken
I'm not going to do backflips over this casting, but we'll see.

I just don't want Snake Eyes to be a minor character who is just there to look cool.
i had been pulling for that ever since I heard this movie was being made. good call on the part of the casting department.
I remember Park was suggested for the role in an issue of Wizard in 2001.
Perfect casting in every sense of the world.
In a Sommers helmed G.I. Joe flick, Ray Park will do fine.

Good choice. :up:

For a second there I thought we were in trouble :D
Rock On!!

I really think casting directors read message boards because he was the Snake Eyes of choice by fans for a long time.
Great casting! They have to be really careful who they pick as Cobra Commander.....if he's cast right this movie will be amazing. I think its time for GI Joe to get is own forum!
Nice casting. Since I'm not a G.I. Joe fan, I am just happy that Ray Park has another role in a major blockbuster.
What's the big deal about Darth Maul? He was a total punk and he got Pwned by Obi-Wan Kenobi without even doing anything.

Will Snake Eyes get offed by a stray shot from Dreadnok Machete?
Darth Maul was badass, I'm pissed that he got Pwed by Obi wan so easily.

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