Rebels Star Wars: Rebels - Part 1

What they haven't shown you is that she has a couple freaky little half-human children running around.
Is inter-species breeding in Star Wars even possible?
Some interspecies couples probably cant procreate in a conventional way. Its a safe bet however that a society as advanced as the GFFA has some medical tech that can allow interspecies couples to have children. A galaxy of countless intelligent species would no doubt have to pursue interspecies procreation medical research. There would probably be billions or trillions of interspecies couples spread across the galaxy.
Yup. Certain near-human species can breed with each other, such as Twi'leks, Theelin and Espirions. We even saw Twi'lek-human children in The Clone Wars according to Pablo.
The episode "The Deserter" where Rex finds that a clone trooper has been living away from the war as a farmer, married to a Twi'lek woman and step-father to her two half-human children.
were they really crossbreeds or just children from another Twi'lek?
Pablo confirmed on twitter that they had a human father.
Beside the kids from TCW, we also had the Alder-Espirions in the Leia comic mini-series. A whole species who are a hybrid.

Also the adorable TCW kids:


Those kids are adorable.

I really need to watch TCW.
Been binge watching TCW but Rebels still remains my favorite SW show. I enjoyed the trailer they dropped for Season IV. I am not overly heartbroken that it will be the last season but the show itself has had a good run so far. It got better after the first season.
I gave up on TCW after the movie. I thought Ahsoka was terribly annoying, but seeing what she became makes me want to give it another chance.

I'm so excited for Rebels to return though, just to see my avatar play out. :funny:
I think Season 3 of Clone Wars was when it started getting really, really good. S5 & 6 were probably my favorites.

I'm rewatching Season 1 of Rebels right now. I'm liking it better this time around than the first time I watched it. I missed a few episodes I think. I don't remember Lando being in the first season at all.
I've finally decided that I'm going to complete my Star Wars Clone Wars blu ray collection. I've had the first two seasons and the film for years. So now when I get paid next month I'm going to buy seasons 3-5 and the lost missions. Can't wait.

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