take a stand! new posters previewed at wondercon




4' x 6' each. yes, that's FEET.


Those look alot like comic book covers. Very nice.
now those are cool, but like always the better ones are on top :p
thats awesome! all the ladies lookin mighty fine. :up:
:p. wondercon attendees have a chance of winning one of 500 of these posters (the 4x6 ones) on saturday. which is why i'm going. BOOYAH!

I want the wolvie one pls.
I like them. They're different.

Beast looks odd. Must be the colors.

Once again....no sign........of..............C............Y.......C...........lops. :(
Looks like Rogue is one of the main 6 heroes? Nice...
I told you guys the Phoenix costume would make sense. It looks epic...all of it. I know we've always said that Brett likes to inject a lot of color into his films, but these posters really prove the point--and yet they still retain the darkness of the prior films.

Nicely done. :up:
HOLY CRAP!!!! those look AWESOME!!
I especially like Phoenix and Wolverine's poses.
really beautiful, i want a couple of those!!!!!!

Oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my...

But did you see the Rogue one??? incredible!! The best Anna/Rogue pic!!
Am I the only one to notice that our Warren is in FLIGHT!!!!!:up: :up: :eek:

It's not surprising he'd be flying, but still he's in FLIGHT!!!!!!!

HE'S FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLYING!!!!!!!!:eek: :eek:
:eek: :eek: OMGSOFREAKINAWESOME!!!!! :eek: :eek: This movie is gonna be Super Kinetic Epic!!!!:up: :up:And overall just baddass:)

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