The Brand New And Improved "Heroes vs. Villains: Marvel" RPG OOC/Sign-Up Thread

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Oh, and welcome back Electro! You've been missed!!
Just PMed my contribution to the big finale montage thing. Huzzah.
Aaand now I know 9x17's screenname. Now I have another person to torment with stupid jokes and ideas for over-complicated rpg arcs!
Nope; just means there's someone else experiencing the same torture.
Hulk's all done for the season, and now that he's got a good head on his shoulders for the first time in a while (at least that's how it appears :ninja:), perhaps an application for Avengers membership is in order for next season...
Aside from a short bit I intend to write for the ending montage, Spider-Man is done for the season aswell.

That was freaking excellent, man. Seriously, I got more than a little choked up for the poor guy. (Not to say I don't have plenty of horrific torments in store for Spidey now that Osborn has SHIELD as his own personal toybox) That post right there is the prime example of why it's such a damn shame that you haven't posted as him more often.

.....hold on, I've got a little brown on my nose now.
Okay, so we maybe a few post off from the ACTUAL finale, but here are my awards for the season.

Best Hero - Thor (Played by Bkhedr)

From the start, Bkhedr has proven that he is the definitive Thor in all of the basement. His knowledge and grasp of the character is unmatched and the season long quest that Thor has been on has really defined this season.

Whether it's working alongside Keysers Loki or taking on the Ifrit, Apocalypse, The Mandarin or others, Bkhedr has proven that his Thor is truly the Mightiest of the Avengers.

Best Villain - Norman Osborn (Played by Andy C)

Andy has a rare ability to take a character and weave an intristic season-long arc that is not only engaging but maintains a quality throughout each and every post rarely seen. From the Goblins early scheme with Octavius in the first act, through to his ascension as the Iron Patriot and right up to his public revelation as the new head of SHIELD, Andy has consistently delivered some of the best writing that this RPG has seen. Much like in the canon media,

I personally look forward to seeing how wielding such power will change the landscape of the universe in the coming season. Bravo Andy C. Bravo.

Best Story Arc - The Machinations of Loki

The God of mischief himself has been one of many very strong characters who have made a mark on this season. Keyser has managed to balance Lokis seemingly honest attempt to reform with his more natural calling to cause mischief. Even now, in the final endgame, as his true intentions are coming to the fore, Keysers excellent grasp of the characters motivations, combined with his amazing writing ability leaves the reader still not entirely certain that everything is as it seems.

Best Developed Character - Sabretooth (Played by Bkhedr)

Once more Bkhedr makes it to the front of the line. And in taking a B list villain traditionally associated with the X-Men, Bkhedr has created a criminal kingpin and a true threat to the city of New York. Whilst Sabretooth may not be taking over the world any time soon, he has undoubtedly changed the landscape for street-level heroes forever. His fights with The Punisher, Wolverine and Daredevil have all been standout and from the carnage, Sabretooth has emerged as a complex, menacing, ruthless leader.

Best Fight - Daredevil vs Sabretooth

Bkhedr and Byrd Man have brought us, excitement, violence, plot and overall excellence in their battles this season. With each clash building towards further plotting and bringing us closer to the climax of their tale, the writers have easily brought the best out of each other. And in amongst warring Gods, battling Avengers and evil schemes, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned bare knuckle knock-down, drag-out brawl and these two characters delivered it in spades!

MVP - Byrd Man

At one point this season, Byrdy was running this game on his own, as well as managing others around the board, running his characters frequently and consistently as well as maintaining an active presence in OOC interactions. Byrd is the true workhorse of this game. His knowledge of character histories is second to none and he works amazingly with writers of all levels of ability.

Hats off to you Byrd Man, for all your hard work and unerring dedication to Marvel 616.

Best Newcomer - J'Adore

Now this is a category that I'm throwing out there for you all to consider seeing as we've had a few new folks with us throughout thise season. People have come and gone, some good, some absolutely terrible. But one person who has truly stood out in my eyes is J'Adore.

Now whilst it's true that J'Adore isn't much of a participant in OOC shenanigans of even much co-op play IC, when you see a new post from J'Adore you know you're going to be in for a well written, delightful treat. I'm hoping that our newest member will come into season 2 with as much quality as he/she has already displayed and will find interactions with some of us old stalwarts.
Thanks for the nods, OP.

Let me just say this, also:

**** MB.

I played Spider-Man for almost two goddamn years and that last post was better than all my posts combined.

****. You. :csad:
So our contributions to the finale are just supposed to be miscellaneous scenarios for our characters that foreshadow events next season if we want? I take it that, because of the format of Keyser's example post that Byrd linked to before, our submissions should be written in third person?

It's my first time with something like this. Be gentle.

EDIT: Also, if anyone wants to do anything with the Red Hulk in the future, be my guest. Hopefully I made him different enough from his comic book counterpart to actually be appealing to at least someone out there.
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Yes, Spike, ideally your submission would be in 3rd person, just so it's immediately clear what character is being referred to in a particular sequence. With lots of different characters featured, there might be some ambiguity if someone is only referred to as "I".

As for the content, you can foreshadow next season if you wish, or just do a little paragraph to tie a bow on your arc for this season. Think of it like the montages they often have at the end of an episode/season of television, such as this:

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Thanks for the Best Villain nod, Op. With that, here are my own nominations:

Best Hero: Daredevil (Byrd Man)
I've never been a huge DD fan, but Byrd's take on Matt Murdock has really grown on me. He shows just how far a street-level hero has to push himself, how ballsy he has to be to take on folks like Sabretooth and Carnage, and what kind of sacrifices he'd have to make to keep his community safe. Now that he's locked up with Fisk, I can't wait to see where it goes.

Best Villain: Sabretooth (Bkhedr)
When most people think Sabretooth, they either think of a slightly more evil Wolverine, or the big dumb brute from the first movie that did nothing but follow Magneto around. Bk took a villain that gets tragically under-played and turned him into a cunning, ruthless, suave-but-still-recognizable Victor Creed, that makes perfect sense for someone who's been around for a good century or so and would know a thing or two about playing the long game.

Best Story Arc: Loki's Big Score (Keyser Soze and a bunch of others)
By far the farthest-reaching arc in the game, Keyser was able to craft an arc that was both grand in scale and intimate in characterization. Between Keys and Bk's portrayal of the dysfunctional Asgardian siblings, their quest for the Norn stones was always intriguing and entertaining, and everyone else who contributed brought their A-games to it.

Best Developed Character: Loki (Keyser Soze)
Is he a hero or a villain? Is he a he or a she? Just what the hell is Loki up to, and should we be worried? Keyser was awesome at playing things close to the chest, just like a true God of Mischief would. The character's secrecy and betrayal and ultimately redemption was absolutely fantastic.

Best Fight: Spider-Man (Byrd Man) vs. The Green Goblin (Andy C.)
I know you're not supposed to vote for yourself, but this was honestly one of my favorite fights I've ever had in any RPG ever. Byrd was right on the ball, and I had a blast ripping into the poor web-slinger.

Also, Wolverine vs. Sabretooth and the Avengers vs. Typhon deserve nominations.

Best Newcomer: J'Adore
We've had a nice little wave of newcomers to the basement recently, and out of all of them, J'Adore has really stood out. All of her stuff is very well-written and thought-out, her characterizations quite entertaining. I get the feeling that she (I'm assuming J'Adore is a she since so far all of the characters have been female) has the potential to be a real mainstay here in the RPGs, provided she sticks around.

MVP: Byrd Man
In what almost seems like a formality at this point, there are very few people who even come close to the amount of time and dedication that Byrd puts into the games. He is our rock, our foundation, and we hate him for it. We hate him like we hate poverty and disease. We hate him like we hate all that is wrong in this world, for he is all that is wrong in this world. And what's worse, we hate him because there is nothing we can do to stop him....
That's right! Your hatred and tears only gives me more power!!!! :cmad:

Thanks for the nods, I'll see if I can wrangle mine up sometime soon.
Did you get my PM, Keyser? The Hype's being kind of sketchy for me right now, so I don't know if it went through or not.
Thank you for best newcomer, quite honored again. Oh and yes, I am certainly a female. :yay:
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