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World The Fly and Spider-Man


Marvel Cinematic Universe
May 2, 2006
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I recently watched "The Fly" (1986) and realized that it could in a sense be considered a real-life, hyper-realistic interpretation of Spider-Man.

Seth Brundle becomes assimilated with the DNA of an insect throught scientific experimention, much as Peter Parker did. He then aquires increased agility and strength.

The difference is, much as would happen in real life, the combination of two very different types of organisms ins't going to result in some kind of flawless combination with superhero powers.

So, can The Fly be considered an unintentional realistic interpretation of the Spider-Man story?
Symbiotica said:
Yes it can; and a much more likely one, too. Because how often do fabulous accidents happen? Hardly ever.

How often do horrible accidents that wreck your life happen? They're a lot more common.

I've thought before that these two stories are in a way opposites of each other: Parker is empowered, while Brundle is destroyed, each by a similar scientific "accident."

It is also more realistic in that Cronenberg's version of Dr. Brundle adopts [from what I've heard, I have never seen the entire film] some of the actual, well... personality that would manifest in the average housefly; it totally distorts his thinking. Ugh. Its a good thing Peter's mind was never affected by that spider DNA, imagine the result!.... oh wait, that's happening in ASM right now. :(

I think they did a What If? issue where Peter was striken with a bit more of the spider's personality, and would actually go out and kill....

Can't remember the exact issue # off the top of my head though...

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