Gotham The official David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne Thread

Yeah, I get more Bale off him than Keaton.
He looks like Bale after experiencing massive amounts of humidity. :o
You can see his intelligence. You can also see the change in him already. He's no longer the crying kid and will probably never cry again.

Like him.
I like the kid... hard to believe this is the kid from Touch...
This kid work as a young Bruce Wayne, if the series last long enough perhaps will see him as a teenager Bruce Wayne.
We could have a few seasons without him

At some point, Bruce will go abroad ... and it's gona be interesting to see how that will affect Gotham City
This kid work as a young Bruce Wayne, if the series last long enough perhaps will see him as a teenager Bruce Wayne.

Mazouz was incredible, seriously one of the best members of the cast. I 100% bought him as a young Bruce Wayne. Here's hoping he can continue to portray Bruce even as he ages.
I liked the kid. He was pretty good as far as child actors go. I can only see him getting better and better as time goes on.
Whenever people talk about a potential time jump with this show and getting an older actor for Bruce, the first thing that always comes to mind with me is that the only time I remember that being done successfully was in Rome, which just so happens to have been another Bruno Heller show. So I don't think it's out of the question, or necessarily a bad idea. That said, the actor who played young Octavian in that was amazing, and I still really missed him when they brought in the older actor. I'm not yet convinced that David is as good as he was, but I do like him already, so I'd love to see this show go on long enough for him to see it through.
I'd feel bad for the kid if they did a time jump, because then he'd be out of a job. I also doubt doing such a thing would really bring us closer to seeing Batman, because I can't imagine that they'd be allowed to use him in any relevant capacity, so why even bother?
Yeah but maybe they'll have him as a Darren Aronofsky Year One-type of pre-Batman, where he runs around fighting crime in a hockey mask and a cape.

I know I want to see that before I die.
I liked Mazouz when he had a role where he pretty much never talked on screen. I still like him now.
They should bring in Roman Sionis, Harvey Dent, Tommy Elliott and Ethan Bennett as Bruce's friends and schoolmates.
The actor playing Bruce is great. His material however is not. I think he needs to be involved more. I would have liked him to have gone after the Wayne's killer himself, meet Selina downtown and have them cross paths with Gordon somewhere down the line. I know he's a kid but can he's going to be Batman. I want him to be dazzling other with some intelligence. Selina is the same age and seems pretty savvy.

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