The Dark Knight Rises The Official Nolan-Trilogy Nitpick thread!


Nov 19, 2011
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After Rises came out, I took a break from SHH. I had had enough of the nitpicking. By all means - dislike anything you like. Everyone may have an opinion...but nitpicking is something different. People go out of their way to find things they disliked..or things that ''don't make sense''..just say you didn't like it much and move on. But no!...

One member on here said when Dagget told Selina the clean-slate is fake that Ben Mendelsohn's acting was awful. This member obv doesn't know what sarcasm is..cos at that point Dagget actually didn't think it was real, so his delivery made total sense. Perhaps people just aren't that clever nowadays?

SO...this thread is for you all to post your favourite nitpicks that have been made over this fine trilogy over the years. I assume many will be along the lines of ''Nolan is meant to be realistic and _______ isn't realistic, bleh.''

Post away!
My personal number 1 favourite - "How is John Blake meant to fit in to the batsuit!?"
How does Ra's know the line "Why do we fall?" in Batman Begins
This has been bothering me for a while. In The Dark Knight after Joker blows up Gotham General, he climbs on a bus, right? I swear there were other people on the bus. How did anyone not get him the minute he climbed in?
This isn't an actual nitpick thread lol...

Cos he got in the back of the bus and he and his men took it over - at least one of his guys was already on the bus, cos he forced the newscaster on. Why turn around and look at who got on a bus when the hospital you just left is blowing up?
How did the Joker get barrels of explosives on to two ferries is a common one.

...because The Joker's skills of manipulation, threats, planting moles and disguise isn't all shown earlier on the film.... He obviously couldn't have threatened a worker's family, or got a plant to take them in or something.....
Lol. Why did Nolan let the studio force him into using Bane? You know he really wanted Riddler. You don't believe me? Why don't you believe me!
- Bane is too short
- Joker wears makeup and missing in TDKR
- Ra's isn't inmortal
- Scarecrow is wearing a suit? really?
- TwoFace died
- Catwoman doesn't have a cowl, no ponytail but wears high friggin heels?!
- Alfred is fat and shaved ... /facepalm
- Barbara Gordon is too young to be Batgirl
- Batmobile looks like a tank
- Batwing and no wings]/b]? you gotta be kidding me
- Christian Bale's chin is too pointy
- Cowl is too round, helmet-shaped and ears point inward
- No batarangs
- Batsuit is a bodyarmor...lame
- No Hulk
- No Venom
- Samuel L. Jackson should've played Lucius Fox
- "Batman Begins" not being "The Dark Knight Begins"
- Rachel not being called Clayface
- Mr. Reese not wearing green and not being The Riddler
- That the nitpick is not over, not yet...
Ah, but Scarecrow's suit was threadbare; the threads were sort of strawlike. He just didn't have the mask. Well played, Chris Trollan.

I'm certain we saw the batarangs used in here. Or at least we saw them.
This is probably my favorite:

The Catwoman I know doesn't cross her legs like that.

Those that go to the Anne/Catwoman thread will remember that. ;)
The Bruce I know wouldn't retire when talking about TDKR.

You've watched three films but only just realised this isn't the Bruce Wayne from the comics...
brb making every new incarnation and adaptation of the Bat-characters exactly the same cos its blasphemy to deviate from a certain run of comics..or just certain peoples opinions.

How boring :o

Oh and while im at it..brb making Bruce never retire cos he should never be happy.
This is probably my favorite:

The Catwoman I know doesn't cross her legs like that.

Those that go to the Anne/Catwoman thread will remember that. ;)

Must learn more lol..
It is hard to find dust on the Bat Suit. I would think a suit that black will have visible dust/dust marks.
Tom Hardy is too short and fat to play Bane, they should have got Dwayne Johnson!
Why do Bruce, Selina and Gordon listen to Talia's terrible last speech when a bomb is about to obliterate the city?
Why does JGL, playing a new and made up character, get more screentime than Bruce Wayne/Batman and Alfred? UGH.
Batman screaming too much when interrogating people.
Just a reminder - this is a parody thread to all who forgot :funny:

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