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That is an AWESOME gif....... and now I'm seriously considering changing my avatar *lol*
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^^^ Wow, nice! What is it? Is it a costume design from a book or something?

**picks self up off of floor**

Anyone know what vid this is from (I couldn't see a vid source link on the tumblr post)??

Edit: Found it - for anyone else interested - it's from the 'Picnic' play he did before filming started on WS (which I figured, I just hadn't seen this particular vid before):

Perv. :o

Kidding but he did a great job as the character. When they first hired him, I was kind of doubting he could pull it off but man did he prove me wrong. He signed a 9 picture deal so I expect at some point he will take up Cap's shield.
Came across this really well-done comics-based Steve and Bucky video on YouTube, set to Celine Dion's 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now':

I thought it was a great overview of Steve and Bucky's journey in the comic books. It's not slash except for a few very brief unintentional moments that can put down to the fact that there wasn't much the video person could do about the romantic passages in the song.

Of course, it's very spoilery about possible future movie storylines! Just sayin'...
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Interestingly, I never really have problems differentiate Sebastian and his stunt double. I think it's the hair that always a giveaway for me.

Since the film's release this dude has been gaining so much fanbase over the internet. It is unreal and a bit disturbing.:wow:

Docker2.0 said:
Kidding but he did a great job as the character. When they first hired him, I was kind of doubting he could pull it off but man did he prove me wrong. He signed a 9 picture deal so I expect at some point he will take up Cap's shield.

When he was first cast, I thought he has very good look for Bucky but wasn't sure how he would play the character since most roles I had seen of him are nothing like Bucky. He proved me wrong after TFA. Then when I heard about Winter Soldier, I knew he would easily kill the torture/tragic side of WS since that seems to be his ammo but was worried that he might not resemble the WS look. He proved me wrong yet again after TWS. Basically, kudos to Marvel casting for finding an actor who manages to embody both sides this character :up:.
Really considering putting this movie as my favorite superhero film this year between this and Amazing Spiderman 2 I can't decide but imma wait to see DOFP & GOTG

It look like the googles from the film is making it's way into the comics
The Winter Soldier The Bitter March #2 Variant Cover by Agustin Alessio also incorporated the movie style mask as well
CA2's fight scenes are definitely more intense and shot in higher quality.

Nolan and Snyder should take notes on how to shoot hand-to-hand combat.

Batman was injured and Bane doesn't have to force tje issue to pound an injured opponent

Why would Nolan have them fight like Steve and Winter Soldier?
Video of Mackie's and Sebastian's Q&A at Wizard World Philly Con is available thanks to "The Nerd Element"

(still can't believe someone asked them about fanfiction :doh:)

Also, I don't know if this ever got posted (apologies if it has) Nice short little article mostly about the visual effects of Bucky's arm:

Luma Pictures Delivers VFX for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

One of the more challenging sequences involving the CG Arm was in the Lab, when after his first battle with Steve Rogers, The Winter Soldier retires for a series of painful repairs. During the scene, the actor sits in an operating chair, shirtless while his battle damage is repaired. To fully integrate the CG into the live performance, part of the upper torso had to be re-constructed to make the relationship between the metal arm and the live flesh realistic.


"It was interesting crafting a seamless coupling between the CG and the practical elements of the Winter Soldier plate. We had to create a scarred portion of Winter Soldier's chest that not only had to be perfectly photo-real, but also needed to remain interesting and not overly gruesome while making sense mechanically," said Pavel Pranevsky, Luma's Santa Monica based CG Supervisor on the project. "The CG extension then had to have a smooth connection to the actor's body as his chest heaved and shook during the performance. It was a challenging piece of development to ensure the look and movement felt as natural as possible while preserving the dynamics of the actors’ movements."

The close-up nature of many of these shots exposed much of the inner workings of The Winter Soldier's bionics. The inspiration for the interior mechanics of the arm ranged from aircraft engines to surgical equipment, with Luma referring to clean and elegant mechanical designs, to ground the look the arm and make it believable. "It's always a lot of fun to collaborate with the team at Marvel on these projects. The design we landed on had to work within the Marvel Universe, the story timeline, be visually striking and be intricate enough to work with the initial concept designs," said Founder and Executive Supervisor Payam Shohadai. "We pride ourselves in giving our clients the latitude to make adjustments throughout the show, as our pipeline is very modular, all things move in parallel."

From the video and some of the fan pics, it appears that Sebastian is growing out his hair again. :hmm
From the video and some of the fan pics, it appears that Sebastian is growing out his hair again. :hmm
And he's been hitting the gym really hard recently... which isn't unusual for actors but I think Sebastian has said he prefers being lean, like how he looked during the press tour, so there's a good chance he's putting on muscle for a work related reason. Who knows exactly what, though. :) There's like a month of filming left for AoU so in theory there's still time for a Bucky cameo to be made... if that's what the plan is.
Maybe a cameo in a post credits scene or flashback?

I don't think he'd actually show up anywhere in AoU. I think they'd save all of that stuff for CA3. Bucky will certainly be talked about, since Steve is actively searching for him, but I don't think he can show up without complicating things for CA3 where the main search will be happening.
Yeah, if it's anything at all, it'll be a brief cameo where Bucky doesn't actually appear in the flesh, in the present day. I keep thinking back to what Whedon said about Scarlet Witch "getting inside the Avengers' heads" and maybe she might try tormenting Steve with visions of Bucky (I think whatever 1940s scene he filmed with Hayley Atwell is going to be something like that). Or perhaps a post credit tease (but I would bet they'd try to promote Ant Man with a post credit tease over Cap 3).

My favorite theory that someone floated is that he could show up in whatever back story flashbacks they're doing for Black Widow, if any. I guess it depends on how much of her comics history they've decided to incorporate into the MCU. I'm not holding my breath on that, but I'd be really excited if they did it (it'd make sense for him to have the long hair for a scene like that, too).

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