The "World of Heroes" DC RPG Season VI Signup/OOC Thread

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Two weeks is fine with me, but I certainly wouldn't object to cutting it down to a 1 week break.
I'd prefer a 1 week break, but that's just me begin excited for next season.

Also, Syn, I really liked the dinner scene. Wouldn't change a thing.

Aaaaand Zatara season ender in 3...2...1...
There's my finale for Connor. Considering that it took me forever to figure out how to start, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
And the Titans season finales prove why we got best team. :up:

Next season is going to be so friggin awesome. Nice work, EB and Sensei.
Two weeks is fine with me, but I certainly wouldn't object to cutting it down to a 1 week break.

I'd like two weeks. I could use a nice break to recharge the batteries and take care of other stuff.
That's my closing post for The Joker posted. And I am now ready for Season VII!
I'm okay with either one or two weeks. I'll be incommunicado for the 13th to the 17th either way and maybe for a bit after that as I'll be moving to Wales for four months.

And kudos to the latest season enders. Great work.
Awesome enders everyone. I can't wait for next season.:up:
Thanks, guys. So... who else has still to do their closing posts?
Really cool closing post, Byrd. Nicely done.

So, are we now just looking at wiegeabo getting up his closing posts, then Watchman's season-ender? Is twylight wanting to do anything?
Thanks, Soze. I was gonna do a wrap up with Bart, but screw it. I'm done for the season.
I wasn't sure if I never received the PM because I was brought up to speed via MSN...but did you ever PM everyone else about the JLA stuff, twy? I believe Andy C. and BL are most likely the ones who probably didn't find out via MSN.
Ok, that's the JSA memorial. If twy gets the chance, she may have me edit some more things into it.

So now, I just have to make my last Jay post.
Wiegeabo, great work on the Sinestro season ender and the JSA memorial. Twylight, that last Dinah post could very well be your best work of the whole season - well done!
Considering the rest of my work this season I can imagine, :csad: but thank you.
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