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What's The Last Movie You Watched? - - - - Part 21

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Spider-Man 3

I'm generous because Spider-man 2 is loved too much :oldrazz:
And it is a fun movie
28 days later

Extremely good until the last part, which I didn't like it so much.
Seven Psychopath.

Very different than I was expecting but I loved it.
Lake Mungo.
Understated horror about a family's efforts to understand the death of a young girl ... and her continuing efforts to make them understand her. Scary without any jump scares or gorn.
Spider-Man 3

I'm generous because Spider-man 2 is loved too much :oldrazz:
And it is a fun movie

Agreed. People are just waaaay too harsh on that movie. Besides the **** story or goofy moments it's actually a pretty great movie. The fight scenes are magnificent especially Peter vs Harry. That scene is intense and for some odd reason I always got the feeling like that particular fight was just jumping off the comic book pages onto the screen. The editing and pacing all just top notch.

My favorite Bond Movie so far :woot:
Tucker And Dale Vs Evil. This movie! Haha! God I love Tyler Labine. Him and Alan Tudyk are great together plus this movie is just brilliantly crafted. This movie works a ton better as a horror satire than Cabin in The Woods I'll say. Just an awesome movie from start to finish and funny as hell
Sideways - 9 or 10 out of 10

Definitely my favorite Alexander Payne film thus far. I just love how Payne takes the middle class American and puts them in an environment where believable drama and humor can be seen. Nine years later and this film holds up. Not to mention a great screenplay and Giamatti and Church are absolutely terrific together. It was screened last night at the reopening of the Drydon theater in its original 35 mm print from its third run nine years ago. It looked pretty damn great for it being nine years old. But it was nice seeing a film print again.

Payne, author Rex Pickett and co-writer Jim Taylor were there for a Q&A. All three very nice and down to Earth guys. Guys you'd want to have a drink with. Got their autographs and a picture with them too. Got some cool stories out of them too like Jurassic Park 3. Not to mention I met Robert Forster, who was very nice and funny as well.

Man, what an awesome experience.

Joseph Gilgun is the best thing about this movie. Even better than Guy Pearce.

Rise of the Guardians

A pretty decent animated film, it didn't feel similar to the other recent CG films which is a good thing (probably because there wasn't a random dance number at the end). The voice cast was pretty good, Alec Baldwin as a badass Santa was probably my favorite out of the bunch. The CG itself is very cool, I wonder what it would look like if I saw this in 3D. Overall, it's alright.
Sideways - 9 or 10 out of 10

Sideways is, without a doubt, one of my favorite movies ever. I've seen it so many times and it always gets me. Is such a beautiful film, everything just clicks. The acting, the script, the music, the characters. Is one of the most complete and satisfying films I have ever seen.
Same here with Sideways I've always loved that movie. Kinda unrelated but have any of you guys ever seen Bottle Shock? Another movie about wine that I just loved. Totally different from Sideways but still a good movie with a great cast.
The Cabin in the Woods
Silver Linings Playbook
10 (fell in love with Jennifer all over again :hrt: )

8 (rock was surprisingly good in this)
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Takes it's influences and reworks them into a fresh and engaging slice of sci-fi. 8.5/10

A surprisingly good DTV movie with a good lead performance from Josh Duhamel, solid support from a quality cast and pretty good action. 7/10
saw it on netflix a few weeks ago good story great cast Vincent's role as the crime boss was great he can play a good villain when he wants to.
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