Wow! The NEW (Hype!) TiVo Can Do So Much!

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Feb 16, 2003
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But, not really. But who needs to improve on perfection? This here thread is simply a new vessel for the awesomeness that is...

Hype! TiVo!

What is Hype! TiVo? Well, newb, maybe you should do your research before asking such stupid questions! :cmad:

I should probably also ditch the red name if I'm sick of answering stupid questions... so, the Hype! TiVo is - :o - a thread where you post hilarious quotes posted by none other than our very own Hypesters! Eventually it'll become a book full of laughter to relive beloved lols!

Funny posts are funnier when accompanied by funny responses!

Here's an example... is it worthy for the first post? No, but it gives you an idea.
If they were all-white, Michael Jackson would buy them.
Michael Jackson's dead.
Hence the past tense.
but that was present tense
"Would" is present tense?

Now bring in the funny!
And here is a link to the original, classic TIVO thread.
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I wanted to post that exact chain of posts^

And isn't it "Tivo The Hype!"?
You always need to be the one who makes the thread, huh?
Surprisingly enough Bamf that's one of my pick up lines.:awesome:
*bows* Thank you, thank you. Make sure to tip the veal, and try the waitress.:up:
can't wait to see how great this one will be, if the first example is any indictation, i can't wait
Discussing Our Favorite, And Not So Favorite, McDonald Characters

The Grimace deserved to die. I hated that bastard.

Mostly because I don't know what the **** he is :(

I'm pretty sure he is the physical embodiment of diabetes.

So after reading through this thread I did some research on the Grimace to answer the age-old question, "What the **** is the Grimace?" Apparently, he was originally a four-armed monster that stole milkshakes and sodas and was originally called "Evil Grimace." And then, somewhere along the line, he lost a pair of arms and became ******ed.
Talking about the Thor ComicCon Trailer Leak

(which was a copy leak not a cam leak)

This is the highest quality leak ever. These people were really, really close to the screen when they recorded this.
I love SpiderByte. These forums will be just slightly darker for the next couple of days while he's gone.:csad:
Anyone else think the actor playing Thor looks a bit like former NY Giants and current N.O. Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey?


Hemsworth looks just like Shockey minus the *****e

Did she eventually die from a venereal disease?

I have no idea. Maybe she's doing porn now.

You don't have to be very good to get a long line for free BJ's.

Agreed. That denotes quality of promotion moreso than quality of service...

A better test would be repeat customers... but even then how many people have better options lined up than free BJs... :awesome:

If your avatar is who I think it is, then you are officially awesome.

Yep. That's the Michael Weston 'Black Spies' avvy from the latest Survivor game. :up:

It's actually spelt Westen.

THIS is Michael Weston:

Who, ironically, actually appeared on Burn Notice.

Marx said:
I'm finding it ironic that you are correcting me on spelling.
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