The Winter Soldier "Yeah, it's going to be fun"- The Black Widow/Scarlett Johansson Thread

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Well, if you want to look at it in that very narrow kind of way, then only Iron Man defeated the Chitauri.
His redirection of the missle took out the entire alien army. (and hey, it was SHIELD's missle, do they get credit?)
Black Widow just closed the door after it was over.

But really, they needed hawkeye's intel, cap's direction, Hulk's ass-kicking, and Thor single handedly stopping hundreds or thousands of more soldiers coming through
Point is, they all had their part to play

That's always been the point we've been trying to get across. Many continue to state that Black Widow didn't have enough to do in either of the films she appeared in when she played just as integral a part as everyone else. Favreau & Whedon didn't just throw her in there haphazardly & say "okay, now go look good."
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