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I wanted to see something brighter in tone.

Does anyone think we'll get a shot of Zod before the trailers released?
lol I'm happy with the screen grab release. But I do find it funny they chose to hide the trunk area again. Trailer in two weeks :)
Meh on the poster, i like what they were going for, but it could be executed better.
Awful. Poster designs released by studios is completely dead. Looks like fanart.

Just release friggin stills of the movie !!! I bet the whole thing looks wonderful visually.

The same happened with Rises.
WHY IS IT BLURRY!!?!?!?!?!?

It would be fine, decent enough if it wasn't blurry. But that blur just makes it so much worse than it could be.
How is it not that?

It's shadowey, and is an image we pretty much already saw in the CC footage...

I meant that's not the reason it's such a disappointment. I wouldn't mind a shadowy poster of something we have already seen if it was actually a good looking poster.
At least they could have done something with him standing there with arms or fists clenched and head looking down, why use bootlegged footage? Or it appears to be bootlegged.
The motif is fine, but the grainy smartphone style is not too suitable for this I think. Should've toned down the gritty realism a big notch imo.
Doesn't really bother me, I really like the concept. If only it was a bit sharper.
this has to be fake. why is it blurry and why is there a blue light behind his neck?

no way this is a theatrical poster.
So am I the only one that likes it?
looks very suckerpunchy in tone........................
why oh why?
Unfortunately this is the state of modern movie posters. A sea of poorly trained Photoshop drones. There is no composition to this poster. It's just an image cropped poorly with a few basic filters added.
So am I the only one that likes it?

I don't mind it. I could of used a higher def picture but I see the grainy filter was used in some of the TDKR posters too.
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