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Jan 3, 2006
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[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica] The mystery of Psylocke’s return from death continues as she and the rest of the X-Men are forced to team up with the mad Jamie Braddock in Uncanny X-Men #473.

When the ultimate threat to the universe rears its head, even someone who can manipulate reality, such as Jamie Braddock, needs a little help. And you know the situation is grave anytime a Watcher shows up.

Pick up Part 2 of “The First Foursaken” as the Braddock family proves to be the universe’s best chance at survival in Uncanny X-Men #473.

UNCANNY X-MEN #473 (MAR062124)
Script by Tony Bedard
Plot by Chris Claremont
Pencils & Cover by Chris Bachalo
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC - 4/20, On Sale - 5/10/2006







This arc seems to have some serious potential. I'll be giving it a shot to see if its actually worth the read.
I'm actually not hating Bachalo's art there. But what's funny is that the first page there where thier all staring up at the watcher...the watcher looks kind of like Red Foreman.
See that as well. The guy with the star on his shoulder constantly reminds me of the Ultimates Nick Fury thanks to Bachalo's work on the Ultimate X-Men title.
Says its Bachalo's - looks way better with less inkers! I'd appreciate him being on the title if it stays this way
i think this will turn out as the best uncanny arc in a while----im so glad its with/about psylocke
chris moore said:
Says its Bachalo's - looks way better with less inkers! I'd appreciate him being on the title if it stays this way

I agree. Maybe the inkers were the problem causing his hectic scenes.
Hectic is definitely the word. I'm really enjoying the story, but the fight scenes are confusing as hell with the art the way it is.
I'm loving the focus on Psylocke's buttcheeks as always.
I like Bishop with hair...hell at least it shows they are at least TRYING to do something other than the cop outs: bald, dreadlocks, or long straight hair
I liked Bishop with dreadlocks. I like anybody with dreadlocks. They are cool.
^Also stereotypical and easy as hell to draw.

Bishop w/ hair = Luke Cage w/ an "M" on his face.
dude thats definately roger cruz. and its funny cuz in the first pic it looks like the watcher has hair.
It's not Roger Cruz. It's Chris Bachalo. Just like he penciled the issue out now, part one of this arc. Sheesh.
im tellin u. look at the cover and then look at the interiors, its definately cruz doin them.
Of course it's Bachalo. It only says so in the solicitation info, and will say so in the comic book, and says so in the first part of the arc.

That guy just thinks he knows what he's talking about. :D

You can tell it's Bachalo just by comparing Psylocke and Marvel Girl on the cover to the same drawings of them from the earlier Uncanny issues he penciled, during House of M. Oh, maybe that was Cruz too. :rolleyes: It's all one giant conspiracy to use Cruz to make us like Bachalo more!

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