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I Salmon Peace for Pudding


Feb 7, 2006
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Not sure if there's a thread on this yet......... we now have a good number of teasers and a very good movie trailer that we've seen, also, we have only a few more days untill the X3 books are released upon us........ so my question is, what is your favorite line used in X3, there were memorable ones from the first two X-Men movies, my personal favorite is Rogue telling Wolverine to wear his seatbelt right before a tree hits their car and sends him through the windshield......... so again, what are your favorite lines from what we have seen so far........

if we get enough examples, I can start a poll on this.........
obviously, my favourite quote so far is "I salmon piece for pudding" :D :up:
"Don't get your panties in a bunch...."

"That was my last cigar...."

"Class dismissed....."

But yes, "I salmon piece for pudding" is by far the best...

I'm having a t-shirt made.
Can't pick just one, but I loved this one:

Xavier: "Sharing the world has never been humanity's defining attribute"
What is I Salmon Peace for Pudding????
Jan Irisi said:
That's what everyone thought Juggernaut was saying in the TV spot.
LOL It reminds me of Raiden scream in MK II (videogame) and people thinking he says "Get back in the car" :p
someones got a say "what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightening? the same thing that happens to everything else!"

Kanon said:
LOL It reminds me of Raiden scream in MK II (videogame) and people thinking he says "Get back in the car" :p

Storm: There's nothing to cure, there's nothing wrong with any of us for that matter.

There was a lot of emotion in that line.
what about, if I hear Yamo be there one more time, I'm going to yamo burn this place to the ground
Pyro: So, they say you're the bad guy?
Magento: Is that what they say?

Instant classic--one of the best villain lines ever.

Haha. On a side note, I have no idea how anyone could come up with "I salmon piece for pudding." WTF?
"Nice helmet"
"Keeps my face pretty"

Hmmm...Juggs I think you need a new helmet...
Dnsk said:
He meant favorite line for X3

My bad . . . lots of quotes running around from the previous two films on here . . . Uh . . . for X3? I don't really know yet. I like Iceman's, "Don't ever do that again."
Dnsk said:
He meant favorite line for X3
You are right. I though he asked for memorable ones from the first two. My mistake.

From X3, I'm sure is:
"They wish to cure us, but I say to you: we are the cure!"

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