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If only
-They fleshed out Dar-Benn.
-The aftermath of the two planets being destroyed (which according to Carol, were both her homes) should have had a big impact on Carol.
-They eXecuted the dramatic moments between Carol/Monica much better.

I can't think of an improvement for Nick Fury and Goose. Maybe Nick Fury should have been given more depth, playing as a voice of reason? He was just there for me.

I still don't know why Goose suddenly gave birth to many flerkens and why the spacestation suddenly collapsed. That entire segment didn't really have anything to do with the main conflict. The cat sequence was fun, but maybe if DarBenn attacked the space station and Goose didn't suddenly give birth to those flerkens/kittens, it would have been better. Earlier in the movie, Goose seemed to be having stomach problem. But the cat escape sequence felt like a plot convenience.

The Prince also should have been given more to do, as he just disappeared and was never seen again. I'm assuming he was killed.

Exactly. They made it to short and it hurt it since it didn't follow up on these things. Things happened just to give the characters a magical out even though it didn't make sense.

Its enjoyable enough for a rewatch and i like it way more than GotG 2 or L&T. But played way too safe.

I do think some on the internet are judging it way harder simply because its Captain Marvel and this is their revenge for the first film succeeding
The Marvels is an aggressively bland movie. It does strive to please a very specific audience, but I'm not sure if that audience is tuning in, at least enough to justify the ginormous budget. There's a wacky musical sequence, plenty of cute cats, a prince played by a Korean actor with the good looks of a K-pop idol, and allusions to a popular queer ship coming true... I like a lot of that (except for musicals and I'm not much of a shipper), but the movie is just too cutesy and inconsequential to have any staying power. It isn't funny enough either, even though the flerkens are equally hilarious and adorable, particularly in one scene that's almost shot as a horror film, but starring sweet fluffy animals and the stakes of a below-average Marvel movie. This doesn't look or feel like a Nia DaCosta film, that's for sure. Oh and the villain... What a waste, Dar-Benn goes down as one of the least interesting MCU villains ever, if not THE least interesting. The Marvels is certainly better than Quantumania, but at least Quantumania was so bad that there was something to latch onto. I don't think I'll remember anything about this film two weeks from now and that's a shame. I do love the Khans and I'd like to see more from them, Kamala and her family are super likable and there's potential for more.

The mid-credits scene though... I went to see this film for that scene and I'm not disappointed in the slightest. What a triumph, a dream come true even. Hopefully, Marvel can cash the check it's promising, after all, what really matters is the MOVIES and these little morsels of hope won't mean anything if the main events continue on such shaky and unsatisfying ground.
I quite enjoyed this, it certainly wasn’t amazing and some things needed fleshing out for sure. Dar-Benn wasn’t up to much but there were some really good sequences and the 3 leads were great. Vellani is a star and it’s damn shame this flopped for her alone.


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